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Full text of "Letterpress Copies of Letters Sent by the Superintendent, 1899-1905. Letters Sent by the Superintendent of Construction Regarding the Construction of the New Denver Mint, 1897-1905."

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RG 104, 8SKRA-104-84-041 
Box 2 

Letterpress Copies of Letters Sent by the 
Superintendent, 1899-1905. Letters Sent by the 
Superintendent of Construction Regarding the 
Construction of the New Denver Mint, 

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gy ad ee ee : P ¥, 4 oe? . , “4 ~~” ~?e oe. oe i ww er * “a * > * it... - ! - 
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ore 7 ry a ° 4~* . =  ,* id - me . *, * - ei? a ee . “*« Lame Sete io a} > . 
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stats Cee 2 So piy so Sa alfier Ao a OO. SEAT ee > ge, a ae “= 8g FSR ae ee he eo 
: ’ > > as ‘ . “ + 5) . * « . —— 7 : “ é - om) . ert) 9 ¥ . 
J) i ) rsh pees al <= 7 +3, aS, “ en a on a) , > _* x “ ° « got. >. sats .*+* oe ys — San _ ba * ax oat" * . afl: , 
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ek hd ete a ogee me Ses oe sesie gee 4 - Ms rs \ oP ee . .* af os” ».? * e« oe ee s - > 
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>|. =e 9 > : y ‘ - a . 7 _ ~ 4. « . "FX , . _ . * a. -* 
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° > * PY «> ~~ "+ -- 
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_ « ~~ Sh ~ w* SE erin ss 
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oe A ut A, se iainiiatbies / 
he bald, ] it ph of trativctasn aa br dps: 3 
2 eB 2 ad Fe OS ay Se ae af 

a 0 papers, krecings, ote. prinu (ertmarter i 
Enedantmtn a wap plana aa 2 ” 
mirtaL, aa 12. 

Bi Laila yy, cakeaat oft met > oa 

eccpbarcee of wee igi Poon fe of 

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tc. iy ie Ast poe daite aia alin 
A d jaudtele te i i Dep 30.97 
hs: Ya y 
a By Pare “oe CL. 
HMM Avroreede « 
Ae purl Lorn ite dhin dale 

aes refpert for Beh 15" G7. 
ie Wr 

Seas OA, 5097 
Fie Laat oe vccrblorMateaaeacl of Bae ah lay 
a ms weg QJ 
phutfon 30’ an 
taeda ae 29. 
ae fe Poa - 

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Newry bo , aye , radr , 440 | 
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LAR bo—aeeepphaner of evtnunr crew pf 424 
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Aep vera fret, A ees TL ‘GE 432 | 
Tin! Cam, 56, 
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0 367.376, HOG. HAS 

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sea! { , f “ - fig {P Ih. } ‘4s. 1Bitsh ‘ - 
uc ee, 
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Pe ee AON ae wi te = * : 
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ae fee : 
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re ils 

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He , VXND.37 14 ; 
sam = eee - - 
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Weed {ee pee... >: 

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tytn - ened > aoa sy = - 
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has nl Sag Ia, ee ee a —— 
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4 _ H10,413.U27, yor HS ee Gy aga ti aati es s . 

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eS I oe NS ae 
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y a “ * é . % ie > o * F : . 
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’ » 4 “ 2 “A : ‘ 
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x TS bara! ~ wae - ™ oo" » 

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RRS ee eae 


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bee hs fock ea Stun 06 leo dekh Pe, a rp .t042 
bit, LS. nA [22.143 124, 127, p34 132.133, ]3S- 137, 

i. Minger 77 | 
| jpn, Z. 2k 
re er LF A/, 336, 

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es 12.206. 3q5- 

Mh. 166, 
i. 0. 1 250, 276. 

| 332.333, 385. 337, 338, 889,341. 342. 3 FY, SHS 347, 

P40. pees 1g 2. 92h 3, 14 1 SG, PH, 1p BASIN, ASS. SE 160, 

170 LJ! NTZATB. ND ANT SH SELAL%, 19 30 194.197 -39Q. 291, 

2 OB-4-S. 210; 2144 - WS-16-17- 19-2 O- 21-2 2-Aa So S- 2 6-28, 
2.20, 282,238. 240, 242, 243, 24-7, 28. 24G. 251, 254, 
ZS3. USE, 25qG. 261.263, 265, 266, 268, 270. 271,274 
277, 278. 280. 291. 292.253, 2 BY4,L55. 296,49 p 2 37. 27 
242.2G7.2Gq, 800,304. 308, 306.30G,. R090 Hi, Hy, 

B44, 34S. 346, 318, 320, 321, 322,328. 324. 826.326, 33 

S48, BUG. BS). 852.35S, BSF 6.357, 35G, 344 362.365 
368. 372.373, 37S; 397.374. 380. 381.382..3 OH, 395, 

388, 390, 3qi. 3q7. ogt, ‘too, 4ol, tor .4ort, HOS. 406 Ho 
ua, YD ISAT, U9 |. U9B, UPY, 4oG, 4-30. 324 
BG. 437, HSS. HUD UU. S145. 4ST, 450. 

467, USS, SG. 4G. 464, 465, 468, 480, 487.4 86 

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me ‘| P eae 1 ’™ gv «* > j xz ; fA : . rue 
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_ ; 3 ‘ 

se ae = nt aes 
on * 

° = 
- e 

¥ y PP %, _ 
"i > “= j = ~ ie a as - “ie q 
* 4 cass ' ?) a? = al ss ~~ , 4a ] ho 3 7 

a a , es \ * 7 <~ . 6 a a . 

> — g ting! " ff 

e v a - oc. *y - - [4 ing «: 

| 2 i -py ¥= 

TP) oe! 

w 4 

a. a/ 
obs .~i 4 . i 



+ mas 

J ' 



Lick — 

g fab 


: eo & 

— oo 


| | | w 

. ’ 
ca, 22° 
. “NAS. J ywrast 
- . 
; = 
; . 
' — . 
: ‘ : . 4 . , . 
* . | 
Sage ats 
Avie . 
. * ; , ‘ * Fd ? 
ay nc, \ 
p . 
. nS " 
’ ‘ * ‘ 
cs =p : ’ " a ; ; ; 

Mr .¢ —E.Koupor, 
Treasury Departugnt, Washington, D.C. 

br s~ 

_» Find enclosed official bond executed by ne in the sum of five 
usand dollars {$5000.00),. returned to you for approval and file,as 
quired by Department letter of the 50th ultino,addressed to me. 

. \ Respectfully yours, 

Mr. .8.Komber, i 
Acting Suporvistag A yal 

aaa wi es. 

the Supervising Architect relative t 
paring to to Denver. I now ataih to be in that ef 

sume my duties there on or about the 27th instant. 

Tashington, Dees July 10,1697, 

MrsJobn. B.Clark, 

Acting Chie? Ixccutive EA 
artinent., WasMingtor, DC. 

f? fy ’ 

SL t=, a ' reel eT © 

& anil receipt of. your tas os the oth instant. (amitial WFP) 
mi: hac. by me ter the faithful perrornance 

jont of Public Budlding,tndor arpoint- 
ed by the Secretary of the Treasury. | 

> ment dated June 31,1897, wes appro 

on the heh instant,end has been placed. on files 
| sesneeteD aT 

. ’ mw 

rh ie 

zs « ov Gig oe 
3 — 
» © 

July 16,1897. 

ifm .C.3.Kanper, 

Acting Supervising Architoct, | | 

| Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. 
Sirt~ ‘i 24 | Pt 
| Pind. enclosed vouchers for my traveling. exponuses rom Fashing- 

ton te this eity,as Superintendent of Construction, U.S qllint, in this city, 
arthorized by Department letter of the 30th ultimo making my appointment. 
As I have no typewriter I cannot Lorward such 2 copy of suid letter aa 
shouid atcompany this voucher. , | 

Trusting that copios of sud letter are how on Lule in your 

| gifice anf can be used in this cafio, I am snisins ieee 
Respectfully yours, | 

‘Paap 4 


duly 16,1807, 

ir .0.8.Keripor, | a ‘i 

Acting Supervising Avoht tert, 

om ats, *ronsury Departrent, Washington, DO, 

a Arc?:1 COB, 

< an in rocoipt of your (FL ire letter of the 10 th instant 
{initial gs.) informing | a: that the Postnester ia this city ‘has been request 

2d to transfer to ue copies oe drawings and Specifications Tor the work 
of general excavation and test pits forthe (‘UsS Mint dud idingsin this. 
| ai andor my chargey vhieh had bosn fowerdea to hin on the 15th wit, 

| ns " I’ have te inter you that T hap called upon the Postmster 
“* “and the “has: placed a at ‘” ‘dlanien all the ravings and Specifications 

Rete PPT Te or heel eeh hs 3 VOULRST . 
fer sata work, Ponatntng in hic possessia, 

irpet ior > . “be gate COP 

7 a ie 4 

mE, | 7? 

hayocteanyy yours, 

| o) | 
‘Ub ee 2 2. £ 

a euperdstentent 

«7 ry. 6" 13 ie. is 


-- ae y Heed we 
tise gm a COR bd the | 

~ * ¥ 

uP iG1eo7. 
' duly 17, 10976 

su : vi Se APGReeSet , ; 
(Pla a . x or | | is 
Honorable L.J Gages ~T SUEY De yasetion.t , Washington, Tet. 
Secretary of the | 

GFo-1 yf) FOUTS» 

“fr RW Watson, 
ton p "96 » 28th Street, Denver, Colorads. 
Dear Sir: i ‘ 
0. 0 sTOREUP Ts 

7 au in receipt..of your letter of evan dato asking if in uy 
PAA on the Supervising Architeot will appoint a foreman of construction 
for the U.S .Mint building to be erected inthis city. In meply tiawiad . - 
say that T was told before leaving — it was, not tha seabemes 
tion te appoent One. in , lve 
Be I had a ‘nee ‘Aiahititieasmens told him that 
while I would bo glad to favor you and at the samo dime seauro the — 
vantage of your operionces the matter of appointment rests with tite. 

+ ft the treasury who is governed by the Civil Service Comnis~ 
sion, ewmrything,a yon pronably alread knomén the aasure ef a Govern- 
ment } Lion boing within the classified Berridge. 

t treat I shall soe you occasionally attes the new building 

= >. 

July 19,1997. 

vst yy 

| a 

Anorican Hotst and Derrick Company y 

‘St.Paul, Mines sig 
t, “Donver. DOlcragc » 

Your favor of the 9th nt, relative to tho prospect of 

supplying machinery’ for aad tn constructing “the -U.S.Mint building in a 
city ,under ny charge, vis” eived ine | , The eatalogue.and. sketc 

‘book referred to ‘by you in said 
Tn this connection T must state that all machinery 

required in construct ing ban er mn be ft 

the contractors. I sliadt ond thatmachinery ¢to+ | 
ana suitable for ‘the rarer Seat e nave nothing to ate : 

> ee rian & a ; 
’ . es es > } > ; ~~. es "OS a 7 

vhe same. [si | ; Pi i reseus hun Jhb 
vor oY Lar iV Sgr 92 me 22 poe 
ment “sae nt srt I trust we may yet 

| Wag 300, BoM. G008 Si og) 5. 


iF » 

ve bs 

J tht Vig de 

“ | ae oe eI he 4 sh; 3 


My Michael Howard) SS O¥%8 » 
Fort Logan, saline? 


p Hoel sbexe + eerd x1 

yi fue. any Fee 

July 21 ,1B97 6 ‘ 07. 

Endorsenent on application of Ernest Brauer 
Rospectfully referred to the Acting Supervising Architect,Treasury 
Denartnent, Washington, with a nde se 

the rogulatfons of the sere pts. ppo 
carmot be made without Civil Servico examination, ter I ask that ho te 
appointed temporarily,say for sixty days; and do nails eo 
soon as active operationseat the ‘building Readies, > tillod ty cartigee 
2 ask that action de taken at this time so viainaaiaal able 

sitions that thors are no vor 

ates the numerous g eee for 

Service o- ’ 

| ; 

- . 


o> « 
r > 

‘rue l= 

\ . 
cuby @., 1697. 
ou see oy : . ; tl vs P 
Alwar Veda Prue BNE , = 
te Svar 7 
Aesayer Lil Charge, 368elint 
Lonve;'. Colerades 4 : | ake | oe 
; F te: “Ga. iM; aw : = Betts 4,i-4e LUetae db Uaeser ead 5 
sa en : : é 
~ Dasar 2'8 ebri- ‘ra Jee ® BTUs Bare | Sicuni 
. $ «* . 5 a ’ a) 9 
JI az in receiot of your Lotter the. Oe), instant relative. to 
: - Cg eA hes Sy: 4 ie 

ingtructions, from the. Sesretery OF, 7he tregeury that fous ourtodian of 

, ‘© « - ey ar ; , ‘0 Be 5 vse : j 

m Sen othe tuyy . ¢ 21] docwne: in y r a : 
the Mixct.gite,in baie ¢2ny pure gve: tOme al], coc i i On he . 

qy i (yt) ; 

oe ° a * 



~ A 1 = ww Of. fh } € - . 
‘dow, refativg fo. she same ond gbapangs Eaes ae" BEY) PROE $ooduby cs 
| uch documents turned, evor to 

_ a n g emt sa " ; a ee S 
jap reqmizod £9 receape Por ast. 
mt as there we, none. in your, posseasionsmp Feces Ph 2 peeGep Ty; . 
‘ase is e% a, te pe / , : 5 ». 
‘ienmbe vor ROSPOPMED*Y, TORRE a, che noza- 

ih soy £6 Bite’ suame:'o 

In€ 5 


4% &<% >, in y te me’ 

. cantien om tho co ——_—~- = | ¥ 

FURo Ts riuste! 10728 » 

' .  o , . 
cep 213 Pct te tc arg’. -@ tet 
. o* a e ‘ w 1 5 
4 “#64 2? b A) >» ae ume o- © 
’ ~« ? ‘ . - *% ed . a“ ; S32 
e : he wes ee > @ & of «et* | + »@ 
. * abe se “oy Ds. LP) woe Peepesst? mB SO Hwee 
a 4 of & 
" ‘ 4 >»? = ‘ ° 
. y > — » . ‘sé ¢ aed @ co Te ad 

wes) Li thy, " ie 

Bis ™ & i? “t ‘ © 

" n~ 
| - | ed 
JULY 50,1897, 
1 E ? 
t _* ? 
7 = R : 
= os hom } Gl’. : : : } > 5 ~~ 7 ‘> ie ty re e {} % 
: ) * | bd . 7. i ee - ; a _ : ve 
ul) be nae Am ee cee SS Soe A. Ie Z ‘ : 
> LY UL DigpaenVI Ss its. Afr3dn3 teot., rye" : . 
ry c 2.4 = s* - =9 + 4 _ et ¥ . x : ; " - 
sreasury Departaert, Washington, D.C. Spay. oC 1th. 
XS my « 
LF pee os” ' , . . * é 
5 * fe e* ° bs ae! > es ~ 3 ~ 7 — =~ 4 ~~ ¢ s 
4 yy jap he & As a 2 ‘ ¢ a YW ECR _ ec £7 an oT P iD es Gy & ip yn Ts Os “Uns t efi ons 00 
‘ - S ’ 4 as | - —~ r ka oa a 7 ur 7 
eb wits ena em . #8 Pent Oct ie8 ii L>ter (dnitial S550) O7 the wrt. in Stant , Me 

~~ 3 —— x “Xue dine ” al : Ss P ‘ ‘ aoa ‘ : Su 
have investigatod the matter ef renting office quarters aud cererkimg -. 
+Annovarsy attTiea bvil iin . Tor fice rm durin mstruction of the UsSe 
vee poy chs 4 As Lce “wig ae iO? 0 Le CC use LB ge al EA CoO we ue U V8 - usl e 
in this city,under my charges 
7 ot 

T} appears that there is met a recom or suite of rooms convenient 

e aise SS ae | ot Tne 7, ay} ” “ 
located ubar the site of the. proposed building that could be rented 


economical to erect 

for cfftee ase: at rens ona ble vates,and I consider | 

5 Batt fries belkding gnd have prepared Qyawing and speciztic catiton for the 
erection of sueb e built iding,copies of whieh are herewith encloseé, in ac 


AIT, pamyeresh 3 of "Instructions te Superintendents", 

truct 2 

‘temporary fence onclosing the site 

“de eagh a of the work and have therefore 

a the construction of a suitable 

of the work named which 

° ‘ aA 4 


*5 & Tollows: . oF 
het gS. e he 

Yor the offire building complete -~ 


oneloss herewith a Copy of BY estimate in detail. Inorder 
to avoig ielat in transmi tting drawing and Specification to your office, 

2 -Ghe mat, I have asked for and 

“or approval ang returning some throug, 
Obtaineg Proposnls from parties in this city by Cireular letter,a copy of 


which i8 enclosed. Seven biah were recei Ved.2n" tesponge to the invitation 

e o 
; y i DT iw , 

Wich were opened at 1 Dem. this day ty :the ‘pmesence oP the Postmaster, 
I, J -H.Jordan, and nyself,as will be seen; et 

7 , Hee 3.9 
herewith enclosed, | An) eadadeti or oS tie Molle 

ia * 

T res poetfully | reque 

st that my action in preparing trawiy 
=_ ead ~ ie bs ary _w @ ; ea “ui yk 3 cj HT _ P 
bpecification Poy the work and obtaining Proposals for the “sane be @pproved, 
es, hk “Some . | yeh | 

+ = 7 : ~ AO doe ie i . : é a ee oe tf 
mam the Seceptance ofthe propese1 at wie e 

~ ter? 

* <3 ee ES 

although incorrectly datede 
nded to. me by. parties 

poe. 6: aie ‘ yore 
here who have used its It. (18. a conent plaster and -is 2 locak product. 
The office building is max nooded at once whith makes it inadvi agple bd aa 3 
use slow setting lime mortar ple stor: besides several bidders, pve told a 

ey tAg line mortar bap laster 

herewith seven ‘eortified checks pwhich ace 

me thit on aecount of the sand “gonorally used hor 

usually crumbles. I enclose 32 Copy cof 
m Wed i127 
compa anted thie bids,amounting to $104.65 26 invita tio: 
: vol T am 
| vy meet with your appro *~ 
ims J . Heed at Pls matter may Post tor 
Srusting tha . | fOr, 
d rsa if ; » } ' Respectfully: MOUES nD s.LS ‘“ 4° tha iA 
~A J OU “ a wat 
, fe, tA ‘the 
i rosp ¥r raa) : 4, — ” 
ss | eS) TOMA A AK echoes 4: “superintendent. 
“POC i lication. pm- ; ia peso CROW Mg vend 
— hie i s r 
If so . , 6 lor. % the fy 
fr wV>, Bi TeCoOLrs end three uC, » : 3 vo. ' rover 
‘ Cu. iG ( ; . 
s =x 7 t , 
. anount ten erri : ; Sros., in 
4 buildin; n@ ; . *- 
‘ = ra* eC Ce eh an = 
§ The Pace 2 re LUckhorn 21 ~ i tu ge 
rnount Hii Yithen ny esti ait plaster. 
- > os eS Vs t > oe 
~tiu. | ~ } + ; 7 
oan bidders a SSE CGREER SRE? tag 
se . | - ets tx ame re Ons } Wee pc 
a $04 eS be in wety UID hay ing. Seer 
? . =o ‘ Si * . a rh "6s ; : its enong P F fa } r e~ 4 . . 
ome | ie OESt 1 bone city, rreviscus to my 
ae F? 99 or ag - | oda tes) : = ; 
ae Othe hs, By Vetey are personally SR own to the 

cor favors Able recommending 

‘ RRL ON,and menbore of 

é is 

: ree 
& PW Corvtesay Ry 
sae ois 

met by ietako as 1 also the 

ri - NS y. Pivin re 


duly 51,1897 « 

Me, G -BeKompory 

98 LOR a5 mee yere Bi 
rohite % wt oun 2.c ed vO WMS vy pe rP¢t1es 

ores Lning £6 2s > aa ef cS Oneo Ti 

TH aecdrdnce ‘with request contained 4 
\ ghd instant (inttial si) | that T prepare ‘gnt't ii 

‘Month a’répért on the page mie'tn ba work the U.S. 
” tT have to advise you that as 

t hice a of ~~ 

i‘ow the 25th and last 

“°"any oF eae 
> CLONE pitdladngoew this oity,under 'my’e 
yot active operations at the building nave ne ve 
proval af contract and bond of fossrs.gohn D.MeGi 
this city, has not been received. 
I wish to state, however, that I have reoparad and roeet ved bids 

ae for the erection of the. tanporary office building and fonce,which dids 

Decca — and forwarded to your office on the 30th i 
R sspectr re YOurs y . 

sian intendent e 

July 31,1897. 

7 faye ~D Cc “~ pees - 3s“ 
bil oa @ i G2 r’} AL SCT» 

Acting Chief Bxecutive Officer, souls iditer ef th 
ar "3 O27) i, we v « ‘ =* ; 
Office of the supgry! sing ArchAteghs and lust 

ee: & 
Treasury ; Dopartzent, Mamituatcn, 9.0. 
' TOT 2 $ ‘ ow? 

rie er mg ee SE ee 

by : ' Y gues . be “ . . . a “ 

~~ - J am in receipt of a rarer of the ofth Pipestone osing re 
d in preparing and 

+ n +. : ” 

the U.8.Mint 

7 am 


visea bdi tion 


t Sale ry Tables" to be wu 

> \ 


of "Governne: 
cor titying vouchers ‘as Superintendent ¢ > Construction af 
if cet : | ik 
pudlding,in this ‘city, for which peenne eal yong seced red bide 
| ee Respectfully yours, 


section cf the Seagarar a Tes At dis ki GAnstoxt. 

Poewnmcod toe YOu 
Super intendént . 
oe ‘eae : 

m thé 29th, gpd, Poewar: 


b ¥ : 
| | be. 
August 2,1897. 
Mitel. 3  Garrevson, 
Actiue Chief Executive Officer, aos vl 
office supervising Architect, froasury Department, 
Washington, D.C. 
week OT — = io . : > 7 . 2 
yor of the 50th instant {in} tia2 FAV.) 

7 4 —a _s oa ~ J 
I aw in receipt, of you: £ 

cdvising me ef the formal ap provg-. ¢ of the contract ond bond iv) ee ay 

copy of the samey Zor" the genex 
t building 


Jonny D.MeGilvray and Company, enclosing a 

nd prolininary praging at the U.S Min 

end test pit. excavation an 

inthis city,under zy sisbain. re iE Mea 
. | TGov ere & x Wear Les” 4 in preparing 
:. Respoetsully yours = ie 
5 _* 4 

ee Ubon: pv f 

iiding, th sacs iw, CEE es | miTebed <. 
superintendent . 

. -« roy 


August 2,1897, 

August 4y 1897. 

Mr. P.S.Garretsony, 4108 Bite rvieiius Architect, Treasury Departmer:, 

Acting Chief Execugive @itteemy«:, D.C, 
Office of the Supervising’ Architect, 
ene Sapa Mashingtors, ASe i.) 5, 

Sir #1 of sho Perma epareier yee the eontrict and bond of Meosars. . 
Zins san” | | of the dist 
So 9 .Tcnereby acknowLe the segeipt, EMG: cleger,.of tne. Ste gener. 

pea: lows: 
vltiao (iitidled @.DsEs) enclosing |two.¢! necks dygvet 60 5 ny a Neti ea 
and the other as 

One ‘dn Speymdat. of Mtraveling expenses ,in amount $20.10; 
ay salary for the month of Juby,as.5 Sener" beDeaS” of Construction 

balance of j 

of the U.S .Mint £ Widing,in this city, in amount 894.29. Please aceept 

' a ak Superintendent ¢ 7 
j for saue. , - 
. oan Respectfully yours, 
3 ‘ 


. > 
. . . « . 
¢ Tso? Pre. 
ch rer , aaee 1 ’ | . 

pete @hs segtPad Trea; 

> ~o AbD ge bees fers ‘eee 1 _ 

? rare to tae Beet! Beret 
ert appetaty. © t 

ce we Pe 

‘maperttye : 

~mog op eee elatolgjed wrther, re ..r &. 


- ss, a . ‘ yt 
> © o- om a 

4 a 

- | e 
»' 2 taee i. @2 
* } < 

a © 

at < «)6%= 

‘@e ws? 64 Oe Raei * 

/ ; ; ; 
‘ { . 
Cony of let . i 
DY Ot Letter sent to * 
Hushes and Stewart , 
1655 Curtis aden os tase 
Pa J McNulty, « : 
1514 Stout Street, vive’ 
Schultz and Royer, | ) 
#182 Stout Streot,City; — | 
Hart and Cocimell, . 
577 Clark Street, City; 
ZL eMoncriefrt, 
¢ 1119 16th Orr OMe City; and = 
c{.Corrin, ve 
-1658 Stout Street, City. a 
August 9,1897. — * Meee 
. » 7 * vr 

you that the Seeretary of tn. reas 7 as ae ee 
shing ell the rabor me? {sari route fr 

August 9,1897. 

wSorent on letter of John D.McGilvray and Company, August 86,1897. 


3 . 

> * ? 
spectfLully referred to the Supervising Architect,Treasury Depart~ 
statemnont giving dete of termination of the thirty 
uays tine Tor completion of contract of Messrs.John D.MeGilvray and Co., 

for genéerah and teek-mit excavation and preLini nary grading at the U.S. 


luint building,in this city »under nny Shier ae Specification page 4 requires 

completion of work within thirty, days; from date of approval of bond by 
cne Secretary of the Treasury. Said bend was approvaed July 29. I have 

stated to the contractors that the work must be completed not later than 

August 29,. Contractor received notice of approval .of bond August 2, 


began work August 5, was delayed some yhat by heavy rains on the 2,3 and 

4th instantss fn early reply is respectfully desired. .In the meantime . 
3 ‘ ; < 9 ~ > 4? } 24 VEN a | 
¥ wi Li have t} 18, work pushed as rapidly as PCs gi ble 2.» +. tt +o 
an: 8 “Ry re ea ee cs es th , 35% : 
=> § % *' » ~ i > ee) ‘ | ; t as 
oh GEO utet dy. ee in eine | \ Super tytendent . 



he egpeb tor ar CON TREE AY > h Teeaer- O gid: fonev 
: 7 a =a A * 

’ > *% 

R av 


7 isc 
J = ids | ioe Pa 4 PP on -* 


hdgus* 9 ,2697. 
August 9,1897. 

Miva gad Coupagy, sucus 
Mr .P.S.Garretson, 

i Chicf Bxocu td wy ObEheehs gro tet yTre 

Cc oe 

a\es -. it a 3 _- 

Office of: the Supervising Architect», i 
epantment, Washington, Dye 

> ' ) ts , ¥) : , the 
Sirt- | | | “1. 

“ 7Ff ~ 

J an in receipt of your andi of thie. 5th. instant, (antes saled 
d2p.Re) stating that a request hasybeen made for a renittance. of fifteen 

thousand dollars ($1500000) to: the Disbursing Agent of tho U.S.Hint - 

gat ims 

Seepage 4hvecéfty, under my changes © bo .ccapleto 


bay ea] 

Criterion reten ver tod ide _nospeottulay yr mati wat 
id y 7 a» 5 
exwh- Ans —\ 

york August Sy wer Gebayod pbhimq Wrest OY 2 s-4P Wen | or nies 
tembek Ab oti y, Teyity 2= FRepestfulty “er-ses. 

vii Sus 'e fee ory yaa & mis. i a 

a * 

n ( . , 
; rk . ma ‘ p ® : 
io ; ‘ . 2 ty 1 »' 
~~" a’ x ra 
| ¢ \ eee. | 
| md 

i \ a 
a 4 yet A 
‘4 ay > _ a p Bs a 
. : | 7 > 

= f 


¥ i 

— : 


¥ . ty 

a * 

_ Dy | 
, ee 
‘ 6 % b —s . A ‘ im 
Ay ' ' nA Vs S| oe 
¥ ’ Td a ) 
- - “ by ete 
‘ ‘ 



ea: y - 
a od Rls 
ore ee ae 
~ a. ¥ 
‘ i 4 ~~. a 
i ‘ 
Fy . 

% Yeo 

b fs 
. | 
| ; 
‘August 10,1897. 
Auzuct 92697 

iir Cc -EeKempet » 
Acting, Supe 

Siri= f 
‘ PpaweurTy 
I am in receipt of your letter 

rn.) enclosing Department . letter 0 oF bit Be a a p “4 

Brose, £0F furnishing : ail bys 't ns 
plete the temporary | off hee pudadine 4 

this: city suncer my ¢! TEMS oe 
s of the acceptance 
your snetructions OLA ynsucces 

to Fleming Proses 4 11 be complied with. 

and ¢ ertifyine vouchers t 

pidader ‘i 

Saar in dk mee 
er intorde: 

_ August 16,1997, 
AW “i. a ~Wag Ao * 

Mr .C EB .Kemp QT, 

Acting Supervising Architect, 

ee i So 
“ ~ i 

wo 4 ax 3 F “ 
43 Treasury Department, Washington, D.0, 
ee Mge tire Nn, els 
olr i= re SPR e * y 

tan in receipt of your letter of the 13th insta te 

the time of completion of contract by ‘ossrs.John D 

fir Ae 

for, general: and test pit excavation and preliminary grading 
aA YER ITO Se. Ls : 

Mint. building,in this ety under” my “charge. : Mace tate 

I -haye hotified tho contractors of your decision in tho mttor. 

: : + — AG Y 4 Bh Y- we 
= yoo 

_ r uv .cherses, Dal | Respectfully yours, 


Mr .P.SGarretson, 

he ting ( chi er eS 


Disbursing Clerk George 745 apes sie io 92 
se traveliug expetisés trom Washington, Dat to D 
vy Mr.Oscar Hinrichs,clerk to “suporintende 

Building,in this city,undef my mi & 
I have deliver the check to Mr .Hinrichs ail have his. recoipt. 

Respectfully YOurss CL PTUB.€ 

@ ” 
at » 

* . al ' 
ry . - . 7 -». ~ss% 

Supervising, Are i a lieiaaall that: sien of sens dal + eee a 

‘tract.for..genoral and test, pit excavation and preliminary ‘greding for tho 

U.S.Mint buildingsin this oity,wnder wy Charge,is thirty days trom July 
| 9t: 1,the date of approval of your bond ,and is inélusive of Sundays, and Oo. 

at due consideration will be given at tho time of) final | setthanent te the 

ion of Fe unavoidable pM ie may oceur beyond contras a) 
“Qrusting that the # will be completed within the me agrecd 

Respectfully yours, 

aL gx) CLLensy 




Mat 1652009 August 18,1897. 


Mr. George Simonds, 


Acting Chief Division »Stationory,Printing and Blanks, 

Troasury Department, Washington, D.C. 

c ® 
hy 3 « 

Referring to stationery invoice dated July 13,1897, shipping 
stationery Tor use at ‘the U.9 Mint building,in this city sunder, ay charg 
I wish to staté that the stationery was received some days ago,but I was 
unible t+@ open and check samo with invoice until nov. | tag 

{lot bo ife@ind that the items "J packing case", 1 copying book; tap size", 

and '’S pounds Sealing wax" were not enclosed. ~~ ys, soul 

I @422 hold the stationery invoice and receipt until 7 have re- 

eatvod the articles hanod . As I need the eépying book at the present time 

T would be pleased if you could have it sent at once by mail. 


ete ‘> 


Ree spectfully yours, 

lon, Qbban 
~ ie. 


x ” 

August 19,1897. . ) : a 

. Y= - e 

aw ga 

My .C.H.Kemper, 
Acting Supervising Architect, 
. 2 | 2% i. ‘ y 
: Treasury Te aati Washi 1Ngvon, D.C. 
| In accordance with SectionIX,paragraph 1, of “ins tructions ba 
) cuponinteéndents", I have now to report that the work under ‘contract with 

Mossrs..dahn D.McGilvray and Co., for general and test pit excavation and 
= ‘ . cy afie - - 

‘ prelininary grading for the U.S.Mint building,in this city,under my charge, 

is nearing completion. the grading has been completed and the general 
| / r | ae”, nf. DOCK, tep sige 

excay ‘ation is Peg ees Ly half done and will ye finished prior to Thurs- 

day the <6th instant. ‘The test pits wad be completed by Saturday, the 

& ea 

28th instant. if, inspection of the work and the nature of the soil for 

"A.s @° a 4 4 

foundation is desired,it would be advisable to nak the same about the 

26th instant. 


rill say in (ite connection that it: appears that the lower 
0% Bo general « 

) 8 
ont a. Wee discover jaa sik by digccing at various points in the : 
>_” | we al 

reavation will be SRROB ES coarse gravel = sand con- 

PTL e 

reneral exteava’ ¥ 
a. yours y 
"a ‘ 7 Supérint endont ’ 


ci lacys Or . 
“Mie am S € 

*Vilicial Bus Siness, iene August 20,1897,' 
; Government rates. ge id ’ » 
MOns FeA.Y derlip, 

ASsistant Secretary, Preasury Department, ? 
Was shington, D.C. 

wir _ 

uve post office Department telegraph postmaster here. deliver. 

appointment to me, Will. report by letter. 

oT: COASESCT whith 
| | Superintendent of Constructi LOM a0 
; - nm r cha r J | 
Ln@ oneray 
: ‘ ire » TAS 
August 20,1897, . S 
g> & ' 3 ; : | 
? “Me 0.RaKeuper, a ; | | | > oddt Siig 4 r* ‘ 
a Acting Supervising irchitect, Treasury Depertment, , J 
x 2.6 of ]ne GOAWTEL © ny 
Ea - | | Mashington, Dal. ; Tarbes vointy in the 
i eset A . : | 
is Re Suk 1h. best pits will be forwarded 28th samocdai See letter 
terda Le LY ° . if) Be, in, , dle ND Se 4 dae: rs y ; 
a porl ntende: mt of Construction, 

y 5 » b= 
> -\" 2 
ca Ps 7 
a ‘ _ 

Sur CP a 
5 | 

4 ak . 
a 2 : 
_ ’ 
August 23,1897, -_ 
* \ 
Mr .P.S.Garrets on, . 
Acting Chief. Execthive Officer, ’ 
Office & the Supervising Architect, 
\ & 
Treasury Department, Washington, BsC. 
biT:- : 

I am in receint of pur circular letter of August 20(Initial 
JB.C.jauthoriging the Aimed bs: of an amount not exceeding, $158.00 
for furniture and other artiabs Zor use in connection with the tempor- 

ary office building at the U.&Mint,in this city,;under my charge. I -algo 

4 > 7 : vel 5 . a 
note that I am authorized to @rtify and issue vouchers for payment on 


f “+ 

5 ~ i ’ $2 : = : : : ’ 
ia. account of the abov®, the sumto be paid from the appropriation for the .* 

" U.S .Mint , ‘Denver » Colorado" , 

Respectfully yours, 

Pe A) 


& August 23,1697. 

Mr.C .E.Komper, 

Acting Suporvigiup Architect, 

Treasy Departnomt, Washington, D.C. 

eo Be 
oly fa 

Tan in receipt @& your létter of August 19 (inittAled J.B.¢), 

in regard te supplying flag for the Suparintondent 's office at the U.S. 

Mint building,in this cityander my charfe, Statins that the matter 

has been referred. to the Chef of the Revezme Cutter Service in order 
that the flaggmay be suprled. 

Réspectfully yours, 

Lew | llr, 

which I now held Ssudject toyour orders, 

— tt 


Puodlo, Colo., August 24,1897, 

Honorahb? 6 ¥.AVanderlip, 

“ecrejaty of treasury, 

Washiagton, D.C . 


Sir t= ; 
“elerring to matte o# appointment of Ernest Brauer to 

Watchman at U,S.Mint b 



uifiing at Denver, Colorado, wnd your telogram 
of the 20th instant relative to Sane, i wish to s+ 

ace that the Postmaster 
at Denver finally decid 

letter containing appointment, 
i vrote you on the 20th instant 

at the building named. 

4waiting your dedsion and instructidns in 

ed ta deliver me the 

stating why a watchman willbe required 

\ Respectfully yours, 

af «GI 2 , ‘ 
) ol a 34 

August 26,1897 

Mr.dames P.Low, 
Acting Supervising Anhitect, 
Treasury Department , er Te 
Siri- | 
G ath instant, addressed to me in care of Mr. 

onstruction,Pueblo,Colorado, gineat~ 

Your latter of th 

T. HeForoman,clerk to Sup orintendnt af C 
and submit information regarding test 

Yyation of further drawings for work * 

ing me to return to. Denver gatl 

plits,etce, necessary for tho p 
charge ,»Was received yaaver sey 

U.S dint Building,in that city, maer my 
yestorday after 

In coupliance therewif I roturned to- this city 
noone | 

The information conce® ing test pits,otc., will form the sub- 

joct oF another communication. 

I will state in re 
| tho U.«5-ePost Office in that 
from be of am physicin 

{ bd oe 

wing ie he yature of the work sneer course of cs ata 

ie T 
| |} superintendent. Bosides this the physician 

oe tandent's pean ony wilt be more rapid 

to the nonditions existing at Pueblo at 
ry that the work is progressing nicely, but 

1 attending the Superintendent, ! am confi- 

} 0 atiend to, his dutios there for at least 


eg nae 

[ee | 
a) oo 
’ w 

about the first instant,my stay there to be determined by the superintend- 

> s + 
s Ney 

ent's condition and the progress 

building in this city. 

Mr.James P.Low, a 2 
Acting Supervising Architect, : 

Treasury Department, Washing 

Sirs- | | | 


As roquired by paragrap and test — 

who certifies thereon that tle 

contract by Messrs.John D.MckHlvray 

according to office drawing —s 
trusting that the same will be satisfactory and awaiting further 

Respectfully y 

é ’ : 
¢ 7 ‘ 7 , 2 . 
; a £f y os : a 
‘'* . . me a ff } : 
al ; ) | | | 
» A > 
| P 
: ’ 

instructions, I am é 


August 30,1897. 

Mr.James P.Low, 

/ , 

Acting Supervising Archi Vpcthiy 


re saieats ‘nadia bment, Washington, DC. 

Complying with réqniremonts of Section XL of "Instructions to 

Superinte idents",prior to +4 tate final payment to Messrs.John D.McGilvray 

ind Company, contractors for genoral and test pit excava tion and prelini- 
nary grading at the U.SeMin building,in this city,under my charge, x 

Will state that 1 have this day eertified and issued a voucher in pays ment 

: to them as follows: | | 

Total amount of contr ji duly 12 ABO F ee ee ee 6 3594.00 
Less 1¢> eotained percentage=e<----e Kerr: 359 .40 
Anount of voucher No.t,this day COPUILIGE cece yaar reer 9 On £660 

This leaves, amount +o be paid in final payment $359 40 which 

ble ome retained ost as shown above. 
ie tia the co: néract was thirty days 

As stated in ny let- 


goa of bond, or August’ 29,1897. 

re contract Was coupleted by said date, hence 

lasted erik the contractors. ; 

» ce ortify é and i S5ue voucher in final pey- 

ae ; 
ea he S A 

,- ae a » 4, : ea - © 4. a 

_. ~~ 

Mr tp ‘Foreman, 

ClerksSuperintenient of Constm 

to telegraph me at onee 

Tf it shonla not be ne oceascry and if Mr.Rogs Candition its such that he 

Will ba able to attend to Hs iutios as Superintendent within & few days, 
Please Write tO me at 

CORD ¢ | 
“elegraph ne at of oxponse oF write a5 above ‘request tod. 

o- e- ee 

Septomber 2,1897. 
Mr. T.P.Poreman, 
Clerk, Superintoudent of Syor pM yin Office, 
, Pueblo, SoLlorac " 
Sir:+ ; a o 

Your telegram stating that my services are needed to prepare 
monthly report,has just been received, In regard to this matter I think 

you ean prepare the monthly report satisfactorily. You can obtain from 
lir Keighan the arniount of work done in Aug 

gust in each of the separate | 
pranches,and with your experismee as clerk I believe the report would be 
acceptable to the De 

{gather than havo ne come for that purpose. 
This would involve an expense of ten or fifteen dollars to the Department 

as well as to myself. If wore is progressing satisfactorily I do not 
think it advisable for me toreturn at this time.” 

If work on hs bull ing requires my presence wire me again to- 

it necessary for me to assist you on the 

tfully yours, 

d Wd 7, a“ 
— , a 4, 
Fae) ALS ~ ‘‘ . 

Suporintondent : 

2 : Sentember 3, 1697. 
Saptain S6FyShoobakar, F ; \ ¥ 
ChLer lass yee cutter @ | 
retary of the Treasury ’ 
_ Singe - 
T am in zeseipt of one Matsonn: Ensigny5 1/4 x 10 feet, Tor- 

warded by you a: yer letter of the 30th wltine for display over tempor 
ary pemees RL Sake 

ie eiint wileing in this city,under my charge. 


Baptonhor 7,1297. 

Messrs John Db Mel vray end Conpany, 

Denver, Goloratia. 

T enetose herewith yougher in duplicate in final payment for 
vork under your contract for general amd test plt excavation and prelini- 
sary grading at the U.SJdmt Sulldingsyin this city sider ay charge, whieh 
fins paywont was authoriaed by office letter af the 46h tnotant recotved 
this day. | | 

Respectfully yours, 



‘ Ss aa 

Saptanbor 9,269, 

Ur. LE. Kemper, 
Aeting Supervising Architect, 
Treasury Departniont, Washington, D.d. 

Test pits per vennmels telogranm one hundred oighty-four dol- 
latSevonty-five cente,ineluding curbing. Pleasus authorize acceptance, 
Wiiteport Saturday. 

Supebintondont Ulery. 


nn ~—i-ie Si 

lr CR. Romper, 

Acting Supervising Architeat, 
Sagi Treasury Dopartmont, Washington D.C. 

Sin : | 

Referring to your telegran of the sth duptant and Depattnent 

Ylegram of the 9th dustayt, directing that test pite at the U.9.iMink 

Sc extanded te elevation $4 Me until they extend 4 foot thto gravel 

nave now to atabe that yout directions pave been complied with and that 

T requarkd the contructogte oxtavate uni) they passed through at least 
four Feet of gravel. I mow veport in wlting as directed by your tele- 
gre and @¢ promised jn uy telegran of the eth instant. ‘he report cor 

, ers al} eidavation in dy¢h test pit old and new to miko it more eanplete. - 

; ss Res pit No.k (near W.Wearner of general excayation.) gravel from 

49-78 to 45.76; Loony clay fros 48.75 ty 89; gravel fron 38 to AS2 

. sata .2 (near &.W.carner of general axcgavation) loose sand 

1 49.78 wag ine poor gravel from 27.85 to 45.75; loamy clay fram 

ae gravel from ay to 33, 
| t Vos : oe anagaigenneiy pits pisiss aa weadetdien eeten 

ven) Hog wo.1 


a neg * Pa 
x & Be 

PAS B (nGay tmaegdrh of pongral vxcavatd ongigde middie pdt) gravel and 
Sad Tron 48.73 $9 49.26) stay trot 46.85 bd 4, %hs eand from 41.76 to 
S$; gravel oto ar te 43. | 

Pit C (nodrx morgizt of Soneral wtoavatien South of middle pit) gravel 
Tran 49.76 td 46.7Bjaand from 44.98 to. 44.80; clay from 44,50 to 42,255 
‘sand fom 42.98 $0 37.88; aruvel fron SY.88 BOBB.RB. 

Pit € (near i .N.corhey of gendral exeayation) gravel from 49.74 to 
47.255 sand from 47.26 to 46.204 pravol From 44,25 to 44.754 elay from 
44.75 to 48.753 sand Crom 42.75 to $¥.753 grayed from 37.75 to 36.75} 

Pit BD (nody margin of gondral exeavdtionseant of middle pit) gravel 
from 49.76 to 463 send from 46 to 44.78; wate from 40.75 th 41.76) sang 
fron 41,75 to $4675; gravel from 66,75 to $4.78} 

Pit No.5 (ear S.B.corner of general oxeavetion) gravel from 49.75 
tp 45.25; «lay ans 45.85 tio 42,26; sand fron 42.25 to 36, gravel from 
$8 to 34, 

To samd met with dimwdiately below stratam of clay is fine buy 
yoceubs coarse as thd dapth inordaeps aud edrituins frequent stratu of grar- 
el, the strata of graval ami sand afte nlsotmting about 4 to 6 inches 
ew dé QLovyativn 3Y to B9 the sand bicombs cohrse Snough 
tbo Taree aan. 
of aot 2 of the fee sige of x man's fist mre plentjrid. 
ae w G¥y 18 sonavhat pokot oi Fonsmmbly eon 
edema Mae yaneens, qcnerabtcn 

ond mse. the gravel Fours 
af the bed of 
sat #6 ane Satie 


= - aie Hz 



—" * 
{f- > 

‘ > 
“ pes 
. = iy 
’ , ‘i pe 



tion of thea work, I am 


eb PO Re a ow, ~ 



Septoubor 11,1697, 

The Honorable Led Gaga, 

Secretary of ae 48) ‘ + | g | 
\ p ; | a 4 ‘? 


I havo the honor to ale that “ Lotter of the 8th —i 
concerning letter of Augast 18,897, appointing My Ernest Brauer wat nll 
at the U.S.Mint tilding,in ne olty,under ny charge, has been one 
and contenonts noted. 

I was directed in telogram of Ansust 19, from Honoranhe F.A. a | 
Voriterlip,Assi stant Speedie to Secure ond hold letter addressed te 4 
Mr.Ernest Brauer containing his appointnont to the above position, As | | | 


it appears ‘for me to hold this letter Loxger, tetera t2 ol 
ve te 
SS \ ae Respactfuliy yours , f 

| er 

d “7 
~~: : 
4 « < 
> > , 
te s 
> ae - r a 
. ¢ ¢ 
¢ = r 

Seytombor 2)yLBvy. 

, ra f ; wr ~—S 
MtS eX eu‘: ec\GlIIPS I", 
x ¢ 

Acting Supervising Architect, 


Treasury Department , Washington, D.C. 


I forward herewith the proposal of Fleming Bros of September 9, 

VF Ge 

Le97%,3n amount $2184.75, for sinking five old tess pits to elevation 54 

sing 4 additional pits to samo depth at tho U.S Mint 
tolegran of the | 

fect and for digi 
bpuiiding,in this city,undor my Charge » 2s directed in your 
to expend for said work by De= 


Oth tant 9’ which anount 1 was authorized 

Oeil 4ns \ 
—s partment telegram of the oth instant. 

ri wish to st kato that 1 pndoavored 

to get competitive bids for 

this work and two partios promised to make bids by 9 a» which time only 
ore proposal Was in Bemisand the work being urgent ; ft waited only until 
ou to avtborize a acceptance of 

the sited. of Fleming 
ity ostamate for the salle olla. 

10 me and asked 
Brot re boing d2o110d roe,sonahle . 
> RBs as herewith enclosed. 
‘ nakos it proper that we allow 

The difficulties aucountered in excavating 
— m at sarod depth sun a prise for exe 
tion é as i 8 honed in the estimate « ' 
ty y vaport oF | tho test ti me eearem. SYP nGheys 
7 : Respac at Qn sisi j years 

‘ eo * ie, 4 © 
sd - ! é “ rT 
>» - m 

al | 

ly Kampen, 

Aoting Supervising hens toot, 
Tvogsury Depart 

» Mralnston, Des 

3:\T i= | ¢ 

| In coupltance vith section 1X, paracraph 1,"Instructions to Su- 
porintendents",I wish to state: tua the work of constructing the tempor 
uuy office puilding and fone dl U.9.Mint ,in this city, under ay charges 
o mirach of Auguet 6th, 1697 wit firos., to be completed within 
crenty days from completion of genera expavation,et¢., will be finished 
yy the 1eth ingtant whieh is a the Limit of time stated above. 

on etthes ot 
b, 5 hs et —__——— + ee 
Ditty 0.0 tnd 

iy 0S Renip er, 
Acting Supwvising Architect, 
creasury Department, Washington, D.C. 

ts", I 

ks reqired by Section XL, "Instructions to superintenden 
now report that the work of erection and complgtion of temporary office 

building ont fore under contract with Mesers Fleming Hrop.,of this colts 
\tas completed on the 16th snitent, ghigh was within the time allowed by 
the toms of their contract, nanoly,within twenty days from ante of Com 
sletion of grading and general excavation,ete+s ‘iler soutract with 

xy and Opapany, nenoa ho forfeiture 4+ $a exaoted 
said Mieuins Bros-; on 


ne se eve aetna chrome say Megamart AUTTTS REY 

oi a po ee A 

Lin .P.S .Garretson, | 
Acting Chie? Ikeoutive Officer, 
| Office Swesvieing Architest, | 
| | Tremury Departuent, Washington, D.C. 


Xam this day fn receipt of your letter of the 
(initial S.) authorizing me to incur an expenditure not exceading eight 
déllers ($8.00) for water rent for use in office of superintendent of 

Construction at the U.S Mint building sin this city,under ay oharge ,for 
As the water company gollects seni~ 

17th instant 

twolve months fromthe 20th instant. 
anqually, they interned ne that thoy yould rendér their first bit. about 

May lst, next, at which time TI will dertify and issue 4 voucher for the 
portion of the gmoint aythorizodgdue at thot time, A aubsaquent voucher 
) z6a by the 

oa atl be issued ea at the expiration of tho twolve nonths ag, authort 
By ke o in | 1et tor. | 

a ee, | Reapectfully yourss 

superintendent . 

4 ¢ 
c-otdry of the Treasury, 

Ve the noner de applgetor leat, of ah vey) Ta 289s 
. 7 ; 
- - 
, 20% inetant € Or Ser 18,20" Aarti, ROS 

Beh sAe 


, Office of 

OTtixc ot 
Superiutenient of Comstriuc ti an 
as .——— ot... Menetrre lon... 7 

idiot 4897 

fie DP 
4 aad el 5s a Le "9" © S bine 
- rm | 
. =~ J Lae “F.. ~ «ee . 7 
~~" WIGS erecutive Officer 
" =a 
wi ZAC "wv ‘a } ’ . | 
e Super i sinig arciitect,?reasury Department 
=< Loa wel 
ag = bs 
~-e> % 
 Wa'sh os ate Os uk » 
~ —_ 6° 
La ©? 1 ene 3. ‘ 
~ we 6415 ; oT + tad tn y . > 
' nerewith reccinted bills for furniture,ete -or the 
-_ — ~~ * 5 - Wee 
=~ ae 7 © =e ~-* . 2 2 ' — y { 
” rl tee ¢ ; nae at the ra - s I ~ . . » ~ 
: a J eS Mi nt Ouildine 2 Ww +i, do a dus 
= ——— dl —aim i ad wie f eae mv r 
- oe | is Cu vy ,under 4 char Pipe» 
=| 7. - | Z 4 4 
cn ‘ a Ze $ “py -—2 a’ t + 
ia wt} r yr {initialed J. f 
etter {initialed J.3.c.) oz August 20, as follows: 
- ~  « 
ee we) ~~ ve 
2 = =. oF ing 

> Bce of S Sori ntanath $16.00; ‘ 
| ri one desk for use of clerk $18, 00; 
| tvo ofri chairs at 53. 50,3500; four arm chairs at $2.25 &9 06 
ypayzaent Dr which Was made on youchor Wo.13. — 

Lent eat | tuchfisld,in amount §10. 75, for one Nowll Red Oak 
glove, $7.50; one Six Bas Ton water cooler, $3.25: pay en 
} Made on ye ucher NH 1B. ‘icine 


ocr << ~ +. =e _ . = - | 
i “ enount $1.25, for six $lasses .25; one lamp and 03} 
= > .. . im? * - Re 1 dbiah 
i two towels, eaD > Da VME {or Wi hich Wiis Ine Be Ov) voucher 

a@mmns ami Benodict, in amount $90.00, one No.6 Reming - 
; ‘ter a 5 es De ie Pe say shi 
ter a metal cover Soo. 00; payment for which was 

Ps. er att er “August 20,1897, ° eo he OS Oe OO Oe oe ex ee $158.00 
dir a Me vpaghl an the lth instant,furni ture 

. 8 444 W el 
te ad - 

d iy. ee Bretare hereafter 



* 37 | a 
ck Purnit ire Co., in amount $56.00, one de sk for *$* 

ir. Jumes P Lowy, 
Acting Supdrvising Architects 
Treasury Do nt 

Referring to your telograu of the first instant, directing ne 
So return to Puabdle if necessary, I wish to state that upon receipt of 
save, not being better informed than yoursolf as to the conditions exist~- 
ing at Pueblo and the nacessity for my return,t wrote the Suporintendest'« 
clerk regarding the matter. On the following day I regeived his telegran 
stating that my assistance was needed to make out t20 monthly reports 
Whinking it inadvisable to 4mewr expense simply to prepere monthly re~ . 

port, I again wrote him suggesting method of ohtsining data for the vo- 
graph me if the condition of the work and 

I veceived his re= 

SiY f~ 

port and asking hin to tele 

Surorintendent wegjpuch as to require my presence. 
oly this morning stating that the Superintena*ent © vill probably be able 

to atterd to his duties next Beek ane that uy presence will not be ueaese- 

| oe OME a 
sary there unless something nnforseen occurs. J dscided therefore not | 

this tines: n@ I trust ry action in this mtter t 

«9 return to Pueblo at 

moets with yor upproval. | “a 
Respectfully Fours, | % 

Rs @.E.Kemper's » ) ‘iia whe of E 
Anting Supervising svendtnets 5 &.. 
Treasury Depaxtute wit i: 

Sir s- 
t an in waasdpt of your Lotter of the 10th, instant aainetal 
® ) confirming Department telegram of the pth tnabant aubsverizdr 
iuour liability not ecxontds neff.04.678 for extending ponetratic: pf five test 
pits te olevation 34 or until they go four feos into gravet and sinking 

four adtiltional pits to tno sane depth at the U.S.Mizt buildingstn this 

cityysumder my charges 

In this eon setion I wish to state that 

| Eas 

san on the 9th tnetent under their proposal previeus~ 

sro finished end 1 made repart on the 120) 
he the work tne town eniier 


a v4 ~~ x § 4 
a wigs, 
: Aa . % . 
‘ “ ® 
oy & 

ry L : | | | 56 
> “ by 
| - Soptombor 15,109". 
My.? .B.Komper, ts 

Acting Supervising Architect, 
| Treasury Basat rant Washing ton D.c. 
Siri~ ; 

gp et npeteasth-etrheee Ostteine Buty jle97, (intial s.), 1 
now subait my seni-nonthly report on work ian 4 ae bri raing az this 
city, under ay. charges § . » * ten | 02 

-«* he excavation and test pits navé-been deimisted ns previousty 
reportody{neleaing the extra depth of. five original pits and tiie di geing 
of four additional vung 2s authorized by offico lotster on the Sth instant. | 

git he wok an the te: r offiee building and fonce 18° nearing comple= 
on, everything having been finished excopt the painting, No satiated 
ee stor erat att en tho present timt, © 
a ee es | ae 
"ee ‘ a Syne thi. Pe 16 is 

Peonsag MH 

September 17,1897. 
. oe 

ir .P.S.Garrétson, 
Acting Chief Uxecutive Officer, 
Office Supervising Architoct, Treasury Dopurtuont 
Washington, D.C. 

' 1 2 9Renatey aeemmaaiiatea diidalias of. Seeedtan’ Ceri Thoieis J.Hobbs! 
chock,No.114440,1n amount §25.26,in payucnt for expanses incurred While 
travelling Wlex Dopartment orders from. this. city to Pueblo and return 
on decount of Post Office tuilding in courso of construction in ene ty. 


Mr.C .E.Kemper, 
Acting Supervising Argnitest, 
Treasury al Washington, D.C. 
siri= | 
I an in receipt of your lettor (initial §.} of the 15th instant 
ming proposal for addition- 

relative to my letter of the, llth instant conee 
al penetration of test pits and, for puking. other ipits:at: tho st 
> 9.Mint building in this eity,under my.chargo. 2 10 wah 
In reply I wish to state that my estimate yoo prepared to show 
ng the same,in amount ($184.75, for test pits 
and the statement in the concluding paragraph 
cavetion in lower 

te of the 

that the proposal acconpan 

und curbing, W2s reasonablv, 
neant to show why I estimated the ex: 
yard,which price would be con~ 

si¢ered too high for ordinary excavation. Jt was not imtended as a re- 

4 for anshority to pay an amount in excess of tihat of the proposal. 

- the test pits were pempleted on the 12th ilustant as stated in 

er of that t date. The curbing was placed aftcrvard,and on the 14th 
genta ried and issued a voucher to Fleming Bros-, in anount 

6 in full for the work in test pit 9 which had been som 

oft mv Let .er We 

plts at $1.00 per cubic 

norsion of test 

Ly James P. Lov, ¢ 

Acting Supervising Aronitect, . 

| Treasury a $: Maningtony 1 hin 

| , I enclose nerewtth statenent of ess ohm D.MeGilvray and Cos, 
as required by the Sth paragraph on page 4 of Spock cats on for gexeral - 
excavation, ot¢e., for the U.SMint bok LANG 9 this clty der my chorge, 
for which work Messrs John D.MeGlvray wad Cony are cont ter ors, 

Tn this conneetion I wish to state that I was brea when data 
for the snelosed statonent % was ditainod and consiser it a fair _~ of tm 
soil in the test pits, 

; I wish ta. say also that | qnaeyt the contrecters to dig pee, ' 
depth in tas pits to ascertain the nature of the soil debe ei ro~ 

— by the eontracts awe in addition." in S.Wepit found 3 feet sand 
Ander ones. in 5 feet additional in W.Wepit,found 1 ft olay, 
ad idte pit found 3 feet clay and sinehes gaily in 

a foot olay end 1 foot sandy in: 5 

| “ela reid, 6 taohee sand. , 
fe of ‘lays gravel and sand in 
to sete. at what depts Sti 
| a ee ; and better 


and in extra depths of 


mount of gravel found near the botton of test pits 

same, and would serve better as a tt undation for the Mint 1fvnot roaded 

greater than 2 couple of tons ety, cit va Loote The sand neat 

and about 100 fect alons South 

1 would require the founda 

d of founda~ 

of excavation(about 60 feot Long alle’ 
13th Street), begins at potton of oxcuvak ign aon 
n thoagh the remaine 

stons to be carried to suitable depth avs 
of general excavations 

‘ ion of basement begins on gravel near bottom 
The civil engineer empls/ed bY tho contra 

ond Lever® 325 requir 

tes that he will deliver 1% to me on Monday,and f 

etors has not yet pre- 

pared his certificate as to lines ed by paragreph 5 of 

specification, but st@ 
will forward it irmediately upon its receipt. 

‘osers.Tohn pelieGivrey and company pave completed the work 

y days Limit 2s required,and I ask 

2c % art the = 
Ww in sina — 

Yaw Utley 

~ guperintondent - 

: aoe Septonber . 

Mr. C.E.Kemper, oil ‘ 
Aqting Supervising Aenttect, , oe 
ana Depantnont, Washington, Det ‘ 

In vlew of the Tact that the bamp orary office building at the 
—~*U.8.Mint,in this ety, is nearing completion and that water will be needed 
for sink and closet, T vesnectfully roquest that pormission be given to 
_ have the city authorities turn on the water supply. The rate will be 
92.00 for each of the ‘tare fixtures overs six npnthe « The first bill 

| will be rondered nevbener Tot, tn anount abont $1400. 
* Tee | “pospact fully yours, 

ie + | ry, 
~ “‘e@- * C 7 ; , : 2} if 


oa La 

=. f t 
{ - ; 
. , —} | 
~ ’ 
Gifice of 
. hon phwiue PS. capa 
Supertatendent of 2 on dewNe =p | 
Z : ae , 4 ‘ 
Es, nd ——— kD ST enemas es a 
. % 
'* Denvelie Co) gregOe 
At LS ; 
és - ar jf O47? 
a4 Ayre 1 S as Sain | Bi OF" «649. y OF pie 
wi & *#% é - —————— 
a a cat sad - c * 
. y ye - : iG v } . 
*, . 
Oo [ & ° S ° 5 

r} a ‘Mi: 
ij e' See 

Uy. .5.Keuper, 
—— A8 ALrogtod An pfhtee Ipvtay of Iuly Ordo LeF [instar g-), 
t now submis sty sent-nonthly peport of tho work nt the Uel.Mint bnildings 
in this elty,pnder my charge. | | 
completed as have also the tomporary offiec building aud force. 
Réeapectiully yours, 

waadasce: | 

ine of 
Super ontendent ot _Donatrue tion, ——_— 

FF r* bet r 7 rs 
fol wk. 6 Sauk’ ‘ HOV, 

Acting Supervising Arohitast, 
Treasury Departnont , Washington, D.0. 

As directed in your letter of tho lst instant (initial .) re-: 
‘ive to “he peegress of the work im ednnection with the DeSaint build- 
jro,in this cit? under By charge sat the present date, I have to state 

shot the cenaral and test pit excavetion and proliminary grading of the 
7, with Messrs .Joln D.Megilvray and 

ay has also the erection and. 
lding and Toneo und oy’ contract 

tn ae ghis city, Final pay 
if by office Letters of Sept: 

Fot.rnder centract dated July Le 
Pes, of this citys tave been ne ges 

owpletion of (¢ 
d:to@ Anne’ Gp OO¥ewath Mes s1's «Fle: 
ses LE ited sade in exch (ease os authorizes 

. Kemper, 

Acting Supervising Architect, 

Treasury Depo ror tushingonsD.C- 

directing me gt prouee 
Lananit - eorstruction th 
ahsence 1 leave which 


ur directions will x 
4£7<h 1 ie and assume 

a P, 
Superintendent of 
2, 489 
Portland Cement 09. | | 
sth South and 5th West streets, 4 ue. ‘a 
Seal aay ies © f 
Salt Lake Citys Utah mY | 
on 27 4 fe i, 4 “ pa ; 
Replying, to ‘ge favor of tne | bt will state that the ‘ 

ss of tho Us 8. tat ‘Building 
i ven this office ,but 
or the work wil? be 


specification tor foudatt© 
ak samy 8 

drawiniis ani 
oy under my eharge ak not 

$n this ¢e2' 
saQor, at which time adver 



T expect tree , 
insertsa in the Local papers of this ih r . the “yar ious technical pa« z 
at will, 1 trust, be prought ; 

ovghout the country. whicn auvertle 

pors tne 
to your wos tee | Es 4 ; 
the “inagi@l gnve vejove enclosed with your: etter 1s norewith returned. 
ee te a repre to your letyer was oc sioned by BY absence 

2 man dins + ut Puebie, Colorady 

Mr.P.S.Garretson, — 
Acting Chef Executive Officer, 
Office of the Supervising Architect, 

. 7 a yi Department ie Washingt on, D.¢ © 

| Ssir?s= . 
T am in at. of your letter of the 30th ultimo (initials @.D.E) 

enclosing check Yo .239 in favor of Fleming Brothers, for the sum of $17.50 

anying their bid for office building and 

the amount of the cheek 
o at the U.S-Mint build 

ing ix Denver, Colorado. . 
now state fat I have delivored the check to Messrs “Bien 


thers and Lesa their sd for the same. 


Superintendent of 
Str reti on,U.S 5 Mint ee 
ver, Colorado. 

My .0 oi eKOrip 62", . 
seting Supervising Arvhi tect, 

girs | eee 
| I enclosé herewith vouchtrs for expanses nea heh while se 
ing from this city to Puodlo, Colorado, and return,s 

in said city, in accordance with ons in er Aptaer of t 

rage, Ostoosr 22,7557. 

os pre Acta ny ruven’ taene Arehi teet wi asl 

Stein duc ver. et Retober etanedl . 

ae . 
Lt a oes } , 
oe lets t 4 i J TREC ry -_ Const ruction, —___ | 

(oe cs Pe Ve 

_. Denver, Colo 

iy .0 of Kemp Ot, 

Actilus Supervising Architect, 

Urgasu vy Department 4 “ 
| Washington, D.C. 
fn, coupilance with instructions contained in your Letter "gs" of 
the aSth us ino,ané in accordance with my letter of the 2nd instant, I 

went to Pucblo, Colorado, om the worming of the 4th instant to represent 


Mr.Goeorge W.Rce xs Suvsrintendent of Construction of the U.S.Post Office 
building in that ottye My Roe returned to his duties yesterday; 60 I 
returned tc this cit last night. ; 

I wish to state that the progress of work on the U.S.Post Office 
buiiding in waid eity Ls very slow, very little work haying been done since 
my vasit #3 +ii0r0 in “— Lasts The building is not yet moro than half 
under roof and * ne terre. Ce +. partitions in the second story and about 

- = “Was ine set tory onlyyhavs beon placed, the aolay having | - 
: | | 2 the part of the material men +o furnish , | 

_- ae hy 6 ¢ 
mee “a ro a boo! tile? ‘ws: and terra cotta partitions as need ae 
P< 7 eee 

im, * AF enn a 
oe howe: h band So te iy ieee ( . showed | 

ud. 9 'z on 7 

ag . | prostteia ey a nas’ te t mo tu mish liad ag 7. 

mainder of tho material, whieh lstters show thet the costrasteré have been 
MALLING an artert to hurry them. | | 

If would appear that the delay might have been avoided by the 
contructcrs as azple time has Qlapsed since awarding the contract to 
Messrsel)....ue,ch ard Son. and they by placing their sub-contracts a year 
or more azo might have had all the tatherbate on hand by this time. 

Me nwaber of men oriployed at the building is not more than one 
third or « half the foree that might be at work if materials wero on hand. 
While it is possible tiat this budlddmg may be completed by the last of 
January next, 14 is not at all Likely that it will be. The contractors, 
however, cGluin that they have an additional sixty days time after January 
SO0th begausoe of york in Jibrary rooms which was recontly made an addition 
to their sontraat. 

Concerning the character of work being done, I will state that 
I concider it very good and Mr.Kaighin is, I bolleve, miking an honest 

atfort te oxecute the work in accordance with the letter and spirit of 

Ge kanes on. Ina fow instances, howover, thoy have de- 

ie piremonts and specification. J called lir .Keighin's attention 

: es assured mo that changes would be made 60 as to 
I also called the at 

epee 7 

‘supe rin ntondh 

itr o& ot: . Ke’ = bs 

Acting Supervising Architect, 
Trersury Department, 
Washington, D.C. 


Ss cirected im office letter of July 35,1897, (initial S.),1 now 
-rmeathly regen eee ivan building,in this — 

subti~ =y seat 
. { 

city, unier my charge. 

~ this connection I wish to state that the otteatiien ebiint 
+ sxscvatios and prelinfnuary grading of the site have been ¢ 

ané ios temporary Ofciée bulllding end fence :have pee arent amt e6hr 

owl tim a poeecantte each case. 
isIE CULE OF ix ae. a os = 

ufveme: tag ata specific tion 


On he ee ae ed mo thet. OF 

Iv: tn HS eg =< 
7 a toe 

~~ ff ae 2 eee 

. ‘.' yr 

— a 

iY" ] o Amn, 4 
Leting Supervising Architect, 
“Treasury Department, 

yy a authority" 
1 hé¥eby reques 
Of, Pomone’ ie the temporary “orfice 
Li py paket ny Ehargs- 

; wish 
his conmeey: 7 I Bones 
liminary evading % 
copeng ding and fence Any 

.eo bid 

mofie it. coach * ; 
©: Reseretiu.)° Fes: 

. at weary of: 


Sot erintends. * 

, M69 7. 
a2 ’ — he | . 
> 0.8 Kemper, % 
Acting Supervising Architect, . 

Treasury Department, 
Washington, D.C. 

Concerning the natter,of appreaches:at the U.S.Mint building, in 
this. city,wmier my char I wish to state that the: Board of Public Works, 
of this citit, contemplates the asphalting of Colfax Avenue from Broadway, 
weet, ta South Sth Street, which passes along ‘the north line of the mint 
site. A cranite curbing will be placed by the city at the time of asphalt- 
tug the street. E 

} have conferred with the secretary of the Board of Public Works 
and he inufderms ma that this work is contingent upon the action of the City 
ont waiech has been asked to pass an ordinance for said napeepyeent yeitch 
att oe is expected within a few weeks. 

as ' tine -ag ail shether it is the apewntaon of the office to in~ 
; — for the stone and Berex work,etc., for 

_ re 

‘J or ¢ efor ae {1 the | —_— pet on ahe interior finish,ete., 

& : \ ‘ rl 

act a of the Board of Pub- 


i Re ee 

an -~ 
va . 


G a. at 

Sit wiatenfeat of _ fen.: 

tba ktd. Whe, ) 4 4 

lie Works w Pe ee pee EE . eV ar. Tin} . ds 
7 . L . > % ‘J 6 ~ V ml pat be WELL = ai deter the approac! 

; & va. - ; z 
UNntIL the contract fer iat ee ee << 72). aa o' 
ae walks : i a =n Ww \ riz tinisazA, stc., is fa Se. Bi J 
‘ ‘ 
Ai te 5 034 * wnoodtiemia Anacia in os - 
ite L as positively decided to perform this work, 
T Wil o~ ~ «a & « 7; _ _“4 * . 
a] _ whe ~~ og ’ 4 ie & a ne kate ia i? + be 3 t 
ser : henge will vé made in the grades of street 
: me =" eSt ’ 
vv; ri a ee 7 ee s ‘ cr » 5 . , « rf 4 * ad te . +s . =} — 4 a od 5 4 
and sice-walk, o the dimensions of street curbinggand other information 
R » LA2 DE Lig it, 
which may be considered useiul to your oifice ana inform you regarding the 
me & re & \ . _ 
e . 4 “ e . is 2 4’ 
Same o 
etfoliv woure 
: ‘eS DectLu : yor TS, 
% : ; : * of , + { 
« Vo. - : oS w - a « 
WY Ge a 4 
, eo OWA Ay 
: . ‘ = > . S2en * bs ye be t : : i Gq! [ , 
Supe rint @3 ated 
* dh = 4 - P ~ 5 ~— 
2  S oa ew & % S ‘ iu ' «/ 4 . ; : e 
a Pr 4 ° . > - ~ ¢ 
4 A . P t : 7 SAS ws ; > : ‘ _< r ij 
. >, BR — *? et? ¥ v e@ 7 7 3 ‘2 “> r , 
“ . iv 7 ~ i. 
> 2 Qeu a 
> é ; 
% a, y \ * % al rr i & ie a* 
* 4 mee peiiter ; rita ‘ne Se va & UTED J : —' 7 i 
ie » 

7) sae Smee work ip contirgent weor the « + 
Sime 26 656 am crditanco or 

Shim a iow weeks. . 
A? hey . : 

ether 3% fastheé fritont ic 


Mr. C.8.Komper, 

Acting Supervising Architect, ay 
Troapury Department, Washington, D.C. 
Sirie vr | 
In agcordance with inatruetions contained in office letter of 
July $,1697 (indtial So)y T now gubmit my sei-monthly report on the 
vork at tho US Mint boiddingsin tii eityyunder ny oharge. 

Tho gonoral und test pit excavation and proliminary grading of 
the site have bean competed, and the temporary pffice building and fonce 
have beon completed nd final payment had boon made in ench case. 

| Roppactfully yours, 




RVisane Arehitecy. 

TOUS Y Lepaytoent maahinatens Pst. 
Agting Chief Exeeutdse ofrieer, 

Virice of the Supervising Architect, 
with inetruetians comtained Th, ot 
r Treasury bosartwenty Washington, D D.C. 
ni‘ oo Jy I new gtittmid my seah aint WLY Ppenert . 
6 wily ‘dnoetn Chip Gi tysunder ar charge, 
in accordance with authority in your nat otter ‘of the 20th ultimo 
y Z nn Sent mth excevation _ Pemiwars tre 
{initial 06. B ), I have purchased oke tow of coal for fuel in office 
bean cb! ted, ang the tempera 66. Huiloiry, 
‘uperinbendent of Construction of U.3.M lding in this city,under 
Pleten are final pa tt Hae Hoar Y AGino 
ny chavee, and ah oa herewi S baneleves dill frox the Capitol Fuel anc 
Resveotfnt ie SmIps ¢ 

¥oac Company for the sahes 

Pt "4 
— : - at “ay 

7 = Tat -_ a 4 . a 

’ Ae +4 ; 

¥ a 7c v <i 

we TR 

The Honorable led sGage, 
Seoretary of the Treasurys 

Washington, Dyls | 

I am in receipt of your Letter (initial S.) of the 5th Instant, 
calling uy attention te the concluding pan 

AE avagraph of circular Letter of 

March 24th, 1895, being part of Addenda to “Instructions to Superintendents" 
vogarding the mmber of hours of service per day of Government employees: 
including Superintendents of Constructions — | 
Regarding the climes % win to epetn that T tad noted said pare” . 

graph and have to comply with its requirements and that 

not engaged e any other 1 irsuit or business whieh Will prevent my eom- 
pliance with the sanee | 

: ie d 


q A ’ . we : 7 
Vee bs oc 
AY ; 2s a Mess 

fie fa 5 ' 
ey) Pat * hs 
# 7 a - 
~ rag A 
v: . . 2 >. y 
pea yy ec ed , 

ly .C .o.Kenper, 
Acting Supervising Arohitéct, 

Treasury Dopartment , Vashington, B.d. 

About December, 189 5, 0r January 1696, Mir. David Kelley, of this 
city, representing the Colorado Producers‘ Marble Company and the Beulah 
Marble Company, of this city, visited the Releerehains architest's office 
and presented written statements regarding the marble of this State in 
quarries owned by said companies,with a view to the use of their marble in 
the U.S.Mint builéing,in this city, painting very clowing pictures of the 
present and future of their marble, ranking their stone with the marble 

= t and Ttaly, and stating that it had been accepted by a ecommis~ 
| 2. am . the. State Capitol building,in this city, after the closest 
nd most careful scrutiny as to pieces, color,quelity,ete. Cop 
te no doubt on file in your office. | 
aie » via: sight he indueed by these statements 

re N 

m inna « and spe Lise it for use to a considerable oxtent in 

2 « ¥ 

o } unt wt en Baa walk: as in the interior 
abe . il ain - conaider 


it proper to state to you that from what I 6an learn from pédple here an 
the Work now being done by said marble compariiot, the prospects of getting 
out this material in suffietent quant ities ‘and of a stitable quality for 

this work,without involving graat delay in the equtnien of the build< 
ing, do not appear to be very promial 

Mr.Geddes, of the firm of yddes and Seeres, granite dealers 
and quarry owners, of thie city, stated that the companies tamed have been 
several years furnishing and placing the marble in the Oapitol here which 
should have been completed lomg age, the detay being due to the fact 

that the quarries wére not well openod, 

Mr McIntire, formerly city building inspector and at one time 
city engineer here, states that the watbhe in said companies’ quarries 
is broken in very small pieces and that he thinks the quarries cannat. be 
depended upon to furnish any great amount of marble in such dimensions 
as would be desired for exterior facing, atc.s of the Mint building and 
that the quality generally is not the best. 

I have visited the Capitol and consulted with the oem 

ent, who is an architect, and he informs me that the above, named marble 

ee than two years at work on the marble for that 
Lp aciing asihipr Brogressing vory oicehy with the wry Shah 60 

Ree ON the marble in suitable question ent that they 
arihot ae ee ee 
e now in place, whieh I saw, does not show 
: Th epenetanpta 
: nee tT. 

% "they 
=e i ' 
py $ 
e ,? 
4 ’ a. * 


varying in quality from fine oilése sYained, to eoar 

50 » flaky yporous slabs, 
the two extremes being often met 

With in the Same slah, The porous por~« 

tions ate absorhent and not suitable for floor tiling as 
Stain rrom nb 

they ibdcte 

Sorbing the water and dirtsand will soon show wear. 
I mike this statement to prevent the possibility of specifying 
that local marble must be used in tho Mint building,in this 

ity, as } 

it appears from the progress of tho work in the Capitol that it 


Pes St, . 
Would at least require several years to furnish the stone necessary for 

che Mint of suitable Colorado marble. The above named companies ares, I 

understand, the best and most capable marble companies of this State, al~ 
though I learn that there is & white marble quarried in the northern part 
of the State of which I have been unable to learm a great doal as to the 
quality er quantity. None of the marble quarries.have, I ap told, been 
sufficiently Opsned up at the present time to show definitely the quality 

| or quantity of the marble they may produee. 

ii ) The parties whom I have consulted concerning this matter are 

| very santove that Colorado material shall be usad,3f possible, but none 

|  gonfidence in the ability of the above named firms ‘te 

a i 
: tw nish the araline ere material. | | | 

y ie itn 

4 | | Respectfully yours, 

| No “ye a > ms # ae 
> i ad he ak ) " 
} Suparintendsnt. 

& & o a.) c r ; 
mparvVising Architect, 
Treasury Department, Washingt 

lowplying with requirements of office letter of July 53,1697 
initial @.), titeZ prepare and forward on the fifteenth and last day 
earth mon . written raion * the dha va made in the work at those 

to the, be 

ya ‘ 
= ‘ 

liv. .E.Kemper, 
Chief Executive Officer, 
| Office of the Supervising Architect, 
! 7 Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. 

= > . oie iy) 



fan in receipt of your letter of the 15th instant (initial G,} 
enclosing Disbursing Clerk Thomas J.Hobbs check,No.115831,in amount 
#29.45,in payment of expenses incurred by me while traveling from this 
city to Pueblo, Colorado,and returnjin connection with the U.8.Post office 
building erecting in the last named city. | . . 

date a0. Gee y oo Wraith: oud Laie, 25s 

- a 

od} 8K. AML . 
Wiverviging Architeet, \ 
Treasury Departm ent; Washingten,.-D.G. 
’ ona ttt . = mie | 
Orly. ng With requirements ofaeffice etter of, Tuly) 3, 1897 
ited »} hereby. make report &Siut 

bo. the progress of wo 

jork,to this 
1 this oy sunder my chargejvas follows: 
Phe; generad ond twist pit excavation, preliminary grading and 

oa y- OE ot Sas Sia vy 0 my 1 ite nuilding aia fense have be gy completed and final 
emt made dr each case. 


Respectfully YOUrS, 


to the President of the 
Board of Public Works, 
Denver, Colorado. 
Sirt- . | 

In a conversation which I had with officials in your offiee 
some time in Ogtober, the secretary, I believe, stated that it was the 
intention of the Board of Public Works (the City Counci concurring) 
pave and eurb Colfax Avenue from Broadway as far west atin e.. 
which would inelude paving and curbing the | street wlong said Avenue in 
front of the J.8.Mint building under my charge. 

I have today noticed advertisements for bids for street improve- 
nents whigh, on Colfax amen will include paving and eas as far weet 
as Bvans Street only | 

bi | i will he pleased to have a statement as to whether paving of 
a 4d Aver will stop on the east side of Evans Street or extend ta west 
: 2 : the he gel any streot curb be put in place along either 
oe ans goes 7 oF Ootax promis § side of ‘the Mint site? Also, will 


: ed ic at 
7 va & 


L? | ; 
Se! , - & ‘sae * 
. ' > oe 
> . ; 
" ue » oo ‘ a ie . ae ; 
4 - 1 4 - . L. - 4.y* _—_~ — a 

(On Colfax Avenue-to South 15th street: 
Will you further state the dimensions and kind of street curbing require. 
by the sity regulationscand the kind .of base upon which it mst be set. 
80 that I may inform the Supervisi:. 
of the intentions of the city i: 

Years contine the improvement vest. 

his information is desi: 

Architect of the U.3.Treasury Depa: 
order that work on the drawings for approaches,ete., at the U.S.Mint 

building may progress without possibility of future conflict or delay in 
completion of the approaches to conform to city grades, regulations, etc. 


M " | RG Eee. 
ly ye \eTaylor, 


Sup ervis ing Architect, 

Ae 4 

Treasury Department, Washington, B.c. 


Reforring to my letter of calle 25 21697, relative to the in 
provement of Golfax Avenue in front of the U.S Mint buiiding,in this 
Cit nder my charge, I wish to state that the city has ererrery for 

for improving said @olfak Avenue from Broadway as far west as the 

side of Evans Street, only, he streot in front of the Mint build- 
ing will not at present be improved by the city owing to the fact,as the 
Board of Public Works informs me, that stroet improvements are made in 
response to petitions, and, as tho Government is exempt from assessment, 
a #a)} ord ty of sigwatiures could not be obtained among residents shee 

Colfax Avenue fro BYans Streot to Bouth 18th Stroet, 

Phe Board of Public Works ntates that thers will be ho change | 
race of grate « on goltex avenue in front of the Mint. Wo street curb is in « 
1 eel hoe ’ t o ia int A si on dither Ryans Strest, Colfax Avenue or South, 

| an ut gt be put in place by the city as 
e nt - mproved ee ane hy ‘a ee Sandstone tlag- 

4 r... 
a % MI ut 
a - Gen 

hs Pal Se . , te ; a : 5 Ve, 
‘ 7 x - - a “Ni P 
cr — nae yo ath is bers Ik: | q * 7 1 

a's oe’ 4 

— ¥ LA 
Lane: = 

‘ _< Ree". ere 
. : . ey u ; 
:" y ~~ i - : > 
a) . © - . - € _ 
‘ :. aa - tr of & . » s > ‘ 
> ? ~" at mY : ‘ fom 
’ _“ « 

> as 


ity 3, 3? 
"Rie i \% a4 me | 
6ing,in good condition, 16 an place on ‘the three street sides of the site. 

The curb whieh Will be put in place along ¢ Colfax Avenue east of 

vans Street will be of gHant#e '6xub inches set oo bod of conerote 6 

sled aah ey 0 : 
inches deep and 6 inches thiek at back to within 6 inehés of top and jJoin~ 
ed to the 6 inch eonenote base of the treet paving. 

It will bo soon froi this statonent that the improvement now te 
be made by the aity will not dn anywlae ingarfore with tho work on ap- 

proaches contemplated by the Governmont,as, at the time of my praviovs 
commnivation regarding this matter, 

J cousidered would bo the case. 
Respectfully yours, 

Len) Mibtiae 

| Supervising Architect, 

Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. 
Sir}- 7 | 

Complying with instructions contained in office letter of July 
3,1897 {initial $1}, I will state that the progress of work at the U.& 

Mint building,in this city,under my charge, at this time, consists in 

the general and test pit excavation and preliminary grading of the site, 

and the erection and completion of the temporary office building and 
fence on same. 

Respectfully yours, 

Mae Leet 


¥ a 

| 7 

r | 



uy. TE Taylor, 
Supervising Architect, 


irchase one ton of coal for 
fuel in office of Superintendent at the U,S.Mint building,in this etty, 
under my charge, The price is $3.75 per ton, there having been an ad- 
vanee of $5 per ton ginee my previous purchase under office letter of 
October 20,1897, | 

Meas Pe 


i hereby requast authority to 


? w. 
> o Ke be VEtGOD, 

Denver, Cold. | OA | a i 
he 29th instant 

~ au in receipt. 9 your yuan of | 
Lication fer the pops bapy of wetehinan at ‘the U. ¥ Mint build 
ine in this Cagy under my ChAT G@e 
iu reply d-heve. tG, state that in all probability the 
be o watchman appodgted -by_ the, Goverment, for anty a“ this” us ding for 
Least. 2 a contractor ai p agers to pretest ‘the work un- 

der-his contrags sy tihe ae ts gomplete and | turned over to the Gov 
cide “te arpotmt a watehman the ap- 

e “Comssion,the position be- 

) will not 

ing within the clussitied) civil 50 “ico @ 

I am very ‘ve isha I cm n nt usstet you an securing a position. 

Ur. J KeTaylor, 
Supervising Architect, y 
Treasury Department, saci DG. 


Soneibing vith aie e tae {inttial 8.) of July 3,1097, F- 
with to state that the progret . f work on the V-Balfint buildingstn 
this city,under ny charge, ‘const at im the completion of the general anid 
test pit excavation and pred Amtnary gradings and the erection and 7 
pletion of temporary office oublatng and fence, . | 
| P Respect sully YOUPS | 
¥. s Wa) ¥ 



Office uf | 
Sy pevintendieut af Bons teiiathia, —_— % 
uy ?  ~Ado 3 
___ Monvo 14 Bol oradoy — 
face 2rd ae 8 7 &« 

Mr ..M.R.FanderKlost, ' 
Secretary, South Nalsted St reet Lron Works, 
Mhicage, Illinois. 

Your letter of the 29th wltime,addressed to Captain J.Asawyers 

: | ot » PO: ; etc. 
Quartermaster's office, Var Hepartisent,this city,asking for plans ° 

enabtle you $0 bid on the work at the U.S/Mint building,in this city,undsr 

my charges has been referred tO me. 

in reply I wish to state ¢ hat the work referred to has not yet 

been placed upon the market, and gen it isgadvertisements for bids will 
ptar in the oral papars of this city and the various technical papers 
appta A ye: : | 

througneut the County » 
qn this gon mneetion I will add that ifowk for whigh bids will 

big be Lavited wild probably’ consist of fou 
ivon franing of floors and root an a che 

ndation, atone andl priok work of 

base enent « nd superst ructupe, 
eo “ 

= ying é ya v gor interior 
9 tt ‘da ee a: ee arthes veda 


finish, Plans and specifications will 
ring te submit bids on the entire 
ee SS rd 7 - onl ane 8. ma He el By | + cats aoe ha be ¥ 

= ae 
Ot 1 

ehy Meer nwe 6 PlUG = 
‘ : ae *, er tt “oh oe . a ae 

t q ¥ 
. ow 7 F vet . i ace a 
‘ ? ay %’ 
a ‘ ~~ ahs m eRe yo 
/ ‘ os } i] A 
rT. . 5 7 ay a) ‘ rh 
| oo 2 e + 
* | 
™~\a a : 

2 ne aie, ik 
ee 4 

g ar 




‘he market, you appl} to the ng drentbest of tin: temor? we~ 

partnont, Washington, DsQ., for plana wae Gwen a bid upon the 
ontire work. | 



\ -§ beg | ‘g 

R a : wt . or 
: wcrk 3. “i 5 Ot 


Captain J.B,Sawyer, 

Assistant Quartermaster, Department tadiieted. 
War Dopartzent, Denver, Colorado. 
Sir 3~ 
1 an in recelpt, by reference Pon you, of aw letter of the 29th 
-om the South Halsted Street, tron Forks, Chicago, Illinois, 

asking for plens and for work on the U.Si}int Miltinis 
in this city, under my charge, 


in this commection { will state that 1 have this day mde a reply 
to the same and forwarded 1t to the above naned fira,direct- 

RR oe 

i am ‘oo ae 

a ay 489 8. 

ys SRR oe ly = 
te, 3 

el ee YF + 3a ‘ 

om CaaS ¥ oy VARA Ve AA UF 5 

Ol’ ide ot as Super vibing AreMitect; Gy 
Tea stiny Di parodnt pwasn ngton, Des 
at a Pete it Our etree (Qhi¢ied Pe} of the | 

MEPS A, Ll orbC Sk POR serene. aver¢isements tin’ the 
Sod "Kepu bl feaQ eal Mm Sewspapkes of thisveity, for the 

> Fe GPS USNS Tr e Raid Bier CBvering of the U.S.Mint building,in 
| k- us? ee) Arzee >" ty 4 i OF 7 i 1 S1 ‘ ae 2 y > < - bd - a 5 


2G, o- Ae | i VEY aieths Maho rte orients With avbhorities’ for the same 
of. i “ws papers nana es | 5 : 
- ? a 
Siveusetic. of the crews ings wed specifications Tor the work were 
‘Oo we bye fra express: comnany yesterday afternoon, "he One set 

aS amy aM. oe, spect 

leat: on, Torwarded by mailparrt ved in this 

being $> tHe Tact that Only vie deliveries 

7S > L¢ a | u 

See ' ce Me, ra ~ bity, the drawi igs, together witn auth: ci 

Lek: | j Me r ‘ | ie ei ; ¥ ase P + 

a hy “e "& 2 Ra a. $26. x - Lok ates ot oh UMS, oY rihey I calp ed fér Rem ry 
2 | 5 . * | | ‘Ss Tl it a | 

- eee Sey a Aly orti ' ge 2» 28 — shou ld 
vere m~N 
aa th 1% ea be de- 






» 3 

< r « me 
, 2} 
c é > 
“ 2 Ss 2208 C) as 
‘ “='s @ 
Rae wat } 9 
- «@ eo ™ > 
' ‘o, 
J . ; s fy if 
: A a / y 
Gr! a A 4 ? , 
aati a er . : 
mw me ied are 4 a ae ; 
wp et iby 5) 1 OTIC oi. 6 
; ; 
‘ - 
- * 
- 2° 
; > 
> - % e 

Superintendent of —Boistiriction, — 
SS. a TC ae 
—Danvers Colorado, 

TOMMARY Athy 439 Be 

Honorable Postmaster-Goneral, 

Washington, Dt. 

Sir j- | 
i have ‘ 

the honor to address you 
in connection with the postoffice in this 
Superintendent of Construction of the now 
rives in thts city at 

concerning the carrier service 
eity,in relation to my werk as 

UsSMint building in thts city. 
my officiel gail from the haiti Department ar 
5 ofclock awms, bud it ic frequontly delayed en 
route and etbes the postoriice at 2.0 ateloeik PMs, in which case a 
is not delivered until the next day adout 16.50 a.m, In other words, it 
dees not reach me until about twonty hours after its arrival at the post~ 
office in this city, which condition of affairs W411. in all probability 
oom arte come — the two ‘or three years the Mint building is in 

: a unless the Peery soes fit to st sone change 


t, — has just occurred, nanely The drawi and 
on ‘sa ie ui Ta ica for caepning 


P+; ne sold no th 

- i. 4 

i ae 
Starday but werg not delivered to me until this mo rningy * thus efering 
susertion pf the advertisements in tlie thor dng papers witd] jomorror, 
on the 

ut four weeks, a conpiderable por¢ion of which is none in 

trunsumitting the dmwinge and epecifications t asough the aails te this 


and ‘ding bids from this ei hy to the Department at Wasi ng Zt Oy 

We Ne 1ory" WAY 

it is apparent thet overy dey lost jn this matier is of consi derbi aui~ 


Purthermorey my instruct idKs from bhes Recratary of the Treasury 
that I shall gnswér all letter ‘6 On the day ‘6f their recoipt, s yos= 
sidered inport ant that no delays occur in mling @ 

reply, J am sure you wilt read §ly ander stand the importance of my receiving 

the mail in less vane then twenty hours ‘tron the time of its arfival in this 

2 ae (4) Wa L : 
a €%). 4 

There are but two olive ride of the met 1 per day at this office, 

but the portion of the city within a. stones throw of the Mint has five 

pday. The superintendent ar the chty Aplivery informs ne 

$11 00 imposerbla to give: the Govormmont bdrvice: at the Hint an 

Celi veri es 

that it 1 

increased mamber of madd felivertos cunleas the Post Office 

211078 the eifice im ess sty an ‘gadi tional nupber of Letter-oarviers » 

dt aot eh to mkso the request Yor then. | 

ee | ai ing ee het th ‘e ie may ‘be rectified and that proper ac~ 
| ngure ‘prompt delivery of my Gover ‘anent 

4 2h ar ie a.) ’ We 

> | 

The Dearborn Foundry Comany, ad 
| Chicea, Type 
Gent lenen t- \ 

; : 

, udiad of the dacs altine — to 

Oaptain J t.Babewyer, Quarternast& of War Department, asking Tor plas ete. 
UsB.Mint building, in this we 

fam in'receipt of 3 
to enable yon to subtiit a bid 
der my chargé. 

Referring to the sane Tt diate © 
specifications feeehe ae As hae bit refer you to the ‘supervis- 
washdacton, DeCo»who may ‘pe able to 

Captain J.B.Bawyer, 
Quartermaster, UG Aey ‘Department of core, 
Denver, Colorado. 

I am in roceiptyby reference rom you,of a letter of 
vitime from the ‘Dearborn Foundry Company of Chicago, 11linois, 
plans,ets, to sonable them to bid upon the work on the U.S,Mint 

this city,under my charge, 
Referring to the sam@gI will state that I have made a al 
forwarded it to the above named firm direct. 
, ae ee 


Superintendent of —Monatsuds 

y __diamary 7th, 499 & 

er” “4 6 ib men IPs 

Chief Bxecutive OfTicer, ex 
Oftice of the Supervising Wreliitect, 
Treasury Dopertuent , Washington, De. 


‘In accordance with authority in ma letter of the Srd instant 
{initial 2.4, - rok ced purchased one ton of coal for fuel in office of mer 
intendent of Gonstruction of the U.#altint bnilding,in this oifty,under my 
sharge, and enelose here swith vecotpted bill for the sane from the Capitol 


fuel and Poed Company. ee. 

Respectfully yours, 

~ & x Bx 
Gio Wl 

eh: ‘guporintondent : 

<4 Ae) 

‘Mr. Bli Ackroyd, 

13th Street néar Wazeo Street, 

Donver, Colorado. 
Sir te | | 
Referring to your request to be furnish with plans and 
specification to enable you to submit a wid for tha stone work,etce. 
on the U.S.Mint building,in this eity,under my charges I will say 
that as I cannot supply the sae and specifications to sub-bidders, 

I mention below the nanes of parties who intend to bid on the whole 

work now on the narket,in accordance with your request. 

Respectfully yours, 


.. Superintendent. 
Le eee, d.WiAtkinson and Son, | 
Inds AMET Cath oth Streot, Qty. ee eado Springs, Cols 

ae ao 

>» £ 
; FF 

The Honorable Lyman JeGages 
Secretary of the Tres.sury, 

Washington, DeCy 

Sirs- . | is 
I hereby acknowledge the. receipt of $ 

of the Slst witimo, referring to nodi fications of I 

intendents of Construction on public puddings undor the control of the 

Supervising Archi 

mé, and will be cortt Gd 4 
with the U.Ssilint batldings4 


arewlar letter (initial S.} 
netructions to aiecinitl 

uh, J K.Paylo OF, | 
supervising Architect, * 
treasury Dopartment , Washington, D. c. 






I hereby acknowledge the receipt of a package containing 

blank forms,ete., as per my requisition of, the 29th ultimo, for 

vouchers and reports for use in connection with work on the Ushi. 

Mint bullding, in this indian my charge. 
Respectfully yours, 

> « i 
* ? ; 7 Y 
a9 ie & 
| ‘. P| ae hi . 

+ pH  Ottice ot 2 
Supevinteident of — Construct 
i & 

, 489% 

ir. Saved N.Wood, 


President, Bogs of Public Works, ., 
Denver, Cabomgde. 


" In connection wi th the ‘eppeeeevat sidewa: 

Colfax Avenue front of the new U.S.litnt building, in this ¢ityy I } 
wish to eald your at tention to the presgnt official grade along said 
sidewalk between the corner: of olfa: “Avenue and Evans Streot and the 

corner of Colfax Avenue ancl South. 13th Street and the ‘desired grade 
at present, J understand, are 

for the same. The established ; 

57.50% above city datum at the comer, ‘of’ Colfax “Avenue and Evans 
Street, 52.20% at the corner of Mol. ax Avenue and South 13th Street 
and at bia - anes west Mnprere Street it is 55.90! ahove city 
Gov ff'icials would be pleased to have the grace 
# vento lowered so that {allowing the grades 

in i He at ater’ ead the slope from 
i ied ne ais: dowalk, will bo uni~- 

gt Te the i ule an oe! oe 
shthoriging this chang ye of we would be 


f said change ot 
ding same, Tt 

tro ndar my Shag Vise ene that Ay 
Ppyraten gg rith & set of ‘the, game. as J; have not enongh mapa % 
of you, If it will be of any ade st 

te oper you with «sot 

“ty podes of pant week ee 

‘ , $+ ape 46 
co oe 


‘ | 3 
Mfr , 76K Baylor, t 
te: Svporvising Architect, "oT 
‘ . wy 
i Treasury Department, Mashington, D.C, 
, Sire . ‘ Med 


/ oxXea vation ad preliminary grading, and tho 
mi “of tho, tompobitry office building and fonce, 

combar 31st yl697 (initial 8,), T wish to state that, 

the above named buliding. 

bis | 
Mesias with roqut renal Ye Departnont? diane of ail 

work on the U,$,Mint bujlding,in this’ city, ube 
| Prespnt os consists in the completion of the | oneyal 

Nojecntracts exist pat the p 

res SR Bt (FF #; 

fo be beinry  iendey oateck 

a ae 





i. 4 ‘110 


ie 2 eee. 

A E11 Ackroyd, $ 

-. 13th Sroot near Wazee Stroot, 

; ; Denver, Colorado. J 
iy 3 yA, 
Doar Sirty Ree! x , 
Retor}ing again to your desive to bo supplied © th Fi set of 
avawengs and specification to enable you to sun t a bid nthe work mm, " Ned 
the her aN. enge in this city,under ny charge, <r 2a 

bo ¢ ee 6 2 eee 

Sup ovinteadout of: oom ; 
U.S, a oe ae | 

g a 189 6. 



* edt ni el W.Cx wpe) 
Wie | WaAA!l y' . s 7 | | 
: nibadsasi of Public Works, | \ 
| ¢ 
' ; 
Denver, Coloradb, | , ht 
iA 9 y m3 “* . | 
witya™ } 

J am in reap: af van: “a | 
pt of your letter of the 1 f ine 
ie er | , i Sth instant enclosing | 
EE SS EE SOOSSE OrMnancé whieh wou heave prepared and submitted to the 
Board of Public ¥ ive 
C fUbl1C Yorks »Praiding for the. whenge, of grade on Colfax Avenue 
minate £ 
che break in gradle akong the sidewalk in front of the 
U.S.Mint building, 
i have examingd said proposed: ond! mance and find that it pro- 
vides fer the change of rate necessary tomoet the desires of the Super- 
vising drchitect,as shown by tle pling Forwarded to thks offices } think 

2 Le) pedestrians, as ie slid of side~ 

the change will be nore omvontine 


walk will be uniform and mt so yoiat in any portion as the west end of 

s1dewnlk would bo it compl ed 1 
wild 0 enadlo us to he pte ouy 
F pee te = a vory pl Ag sg to the ae and I hope the ors 
once 11 bo ac ud opt at fe es ad ee arid naan by the mayor in 

ried ss LL ie 
we With - yt Ov ir > hon Oran: 

. scordance with existing grade; and 

work according to present plans wnich 

aia sap: wi ry 

4 — 
oy per int 

| ee 4 112 

Ortic: at 
ae. . 7 
Aiperiniondem of done aneaail —_ = 

enAeys oF .. 
t/, S, aro ey oe Se ro a 

——ddanvor, Colorado, 
——~ i iid 5 : 4” 
, denier y. O0thi er 435Gb 

a eLunial Wd; mpbeli, 

Rngineer, Board of Public Works, 

Denver, Colorado. 

i am in | Pesety of your lether of the 19th instant relative 
to the storm sewer to be constructed on Colfax Avenue in crane of th 
UsSsiMint pil ding, in this ity, and- note ‘your reference te the size of 
colmestion desired by the Governient and that only storm waters ard te be 

7 + 4 

provided for by the proposed storm sewer. ah 

In bhis connection r wis h to state that it is desired that the 
storm sewer from the building will provide not only for stoma water fron 
the roof but also receive all waste waver ‘trom Lnboratorios,etes, thronci~ 
out the bul Laing whieh, for the pur'pes T: ‘of Sn ing an port: ons of faluadlo 

mish contained in the washings, * are ‘Bsctarged save wots inside the 

A 6 m 

| ea aa to the storm sever. This waste water “systemwith the 

42 = 2 dae mu ‘osama ‘understand ,cannot properly be connected wit? 

bing dratight snen in tho office of the Supervis~ 

-_*? hig 

. ay wad ot drainage, al for our buildings, 
Dy ‘and | 1: a autte: sure that they consider- 

re mh mur ene a the butid- 

a 113 


| Sieger! af . a | 
ametOr, ts an smal) as pVbediesiaa the Fequirquents, You w£1t 
UMNO rsta nd from thie the rbot red sdzo of the storn Sevor On Colfax Avenue 
“0 recedve the yo Inch séwer tom th buidding, pur orrice evidently he 
Smid Inforins ¢4 on that the proposed Storm sewor to be constructed on Gel~ 

HEAVEN , dy the oity, woule bo 18 itehes in diameter as they have so 
noted if o» thi 

Camodate us, 7 am 

Mred «KR .TLaylor, 
Supervising Architey, ; 
Treasury Department, Was 
é ; .. % 5 

Sir i-~ a 
i am in receipt of cop? of drewing #3, boing pasement plan for 
che UsSeMint buflding,in this cltysuM@, my sailsien. showing in red thes 
the run of soil pipe, etC», to sewer in aii ng anit manhole on said run 
not to be ineluded in work now on the market, | I nave also received your 
letter of January elst 1898, relative to the samegand have noted what you 
any. wenerdiue cleanout on 4 inch rum of pipe in- eanout manhole beloy 
floor west of locker rogmy"to be furnished and manhole built as show en 

the drawing" s 

Re'spectfully ye 


Saporter’ a at ‘pt oon uot SS 

U. Steen tee 
"asm dorado, 

/. sae , 199% 


: iY. 2 is Taylor, i | 1 


Suvervi sing dronstball 4 . 

 Prensuity ah Washington, D.c. 
Sit ge | 

rements contained in Departuent ciret= 
j abit with to state that progress of 
»under my jae ST 

grading +o ane the erection ant ¢ 
off ive pugiding and fences ~ 
anagare no teiatitig condiucts at this time for work %8 Slt 
areas MEN RRE: hanes “ne vouchers have been dasued on account of 

in connectio ‘with the sane within the current month. 
"aa oo proviious vouchers dened on account of con 
ling Apt Fg ies erate he $4436 . 00 

Office of 

Superintendent of —Ronstryotion, 

id. a S) ee - : 
__Danver, Colorado. 
__Hebruary 5th, _—_—, #7 8. 

Ur od Metd 
ok I Aor, : ' 
Pts sing Architect, 

\ TY sasury Department ; Washingt On, DC. 

Sir:- \ 
Referring te your letter (initial P.) of tho Sst ultimo, making =~ 
inquiry conserning the Prancial standing, business responsibility, etc<, 
of Lir.J A.MecIntyr®, 1305 Seng) Sth Strect,this eity, who has submitted a 
scropesal to furnish labor and teterials for the foundation, superstructure 
and root-covering of the new U.Saynt building, in this city, I have te 
make the following report; \ =) 
Financially, Mr. ie Intyre a & poor man, owning a Tew smatt g 

— SS 

resifence properties — in all proability, an 1 ameunt not excood- 

ing wie fact I learn from Ur .MeIntive personally. le states that 

he isia midi wright by profession and served e\even years with a Mr,Jdohn 
Tebster, mil ie. and edydl engineor of Detroit, Wichigan. 
states | thet heh ms rae st st ras } pam and superintended the construct- 


“a mt es ber a of he ng Ou Tt 

He further 

Oi > coun se anong which ” those of 

— x ad Ge eer 1linois : 
| ein’ ‘ale hd for lir.J.Ke 

re pvator ’ Company of 

e* ra ; 
(KT eweB, | : é 

which Mr.Mullan 18 presidents... at af ; as 
I visited Mr.itllen rogarding the hatter and was by hin shown 
‘ivouch tho mill whieh he states was planned in every detail end the work 
suporintended by My MoIntyre,ineluding not only. the building, but the 
placing of all line shafts, mathineyy,; oto. The bul ding is six atocies 
high; of brjiek with rubble foundation: cost, completo, $128000. ; has a 
tall stack at the corner} appears to bée in every respect a first class 
building of its kimd and is in perfect rm ng shaees Mr.Mullen said 
thot the building was constructed about 1864,the foundation being earrted 
through clay and sand until a sdnitable gravel bed was reached; that there 
were no errors or mistakes oy the part of My .MéIntyre in building and 
placing machinory,line shafts,bolting étc., either in tho plens or in the : 
suporintendened of the vonk. Mr Mullen states that his company owns a= ’ 
bout twenty mills throughout ‘the country and that | this ono is as goed 
ag any of them ard that he considers Mr.dcIntyre a very competent engineer — 
and draught sian and says that he cannot me Es too favorably ef hin is 

this respect. The building is 4n perfect ‘gondition at this time and no . 
sottlement is roable curred iat’ be apparent in the 
ion states has never been 

vails and Line sy a the ~" ery ,lir Jullien s 
Se ae ae! ecard g io ir. Mullen added further — 

ae md i ma for a church in this 
— } ‘the sah om. e er: 
F = ts, re : 


a: oe p ans com ttoc, and £2 
3 i “repable and all s 




J KK, Ty HH oud, 

business Sospons|bility saying. that he goneu 
Sottlanionts and that na doos not consider +42 ereens aia: its 
“man. I asked Mr. Mi¢caell if be Was | ) ‘meaneinted 4o ay 
lullon, velorrad to abeve, ang 1° Poplied that he was end that Lir hit lom 

WS dn evony way gbsolutezy rolistie and that any statenonts ade by him 

PT 4 ra 

could be doponded upone | 
Contractors conerally speak of a eo as did Mr,Mitchoell, 

< yot I fing that the oeMtractors here usually have a poor opinion of oach 
Others | | . 

7 also vicited Mr.RwW.Terry,of 19th and Blake Street, this citys 
who stated that he furnished Mr.McIntyre with cement and other materials 
when tha latter hada contract for street paving here apd that in all hie 
transactions amounting 2 several thousand dollars, he had no trouble in 
miking settlements. He also said that so far as he mew, Mr.MoIntire is 
a very competent man and very) trust-worthy and that he has never known 
him te haye trouble in settling efphor with his eepliyoes. or with naterial 

3 | ae - oar: re VAllen, judge. of the <seoiahdall. court hore, says that 

-_— ° rs, asxtoon rOATBy that he has known him 

| + for strect paving, etc., amd las 

Zo in settlements, and af such 

= ry vould haye kaiown of it. 
ea furnishing the proper 
ho necassary mongy to carry 




re iy 

ote 1 @ 60 wi ne ee ee she 

city, says that he has had business relationa.with MyMeintyre and always 
Lound him straight in their dealings, but he Mies not. Igjew whether it 
Would bo possiblo for him to furnish bond. or wadieo money sufficient to car- 

Se a id , aS : 
. ( ) : 7, he 
= . 7 “* \F ea th © 


lir.McPhee, of the firm of MePhoe and MoGimity, lumber doalers 
in this cf{tv, states that he does not think Mr.MeIntyre can furnish a hone 
raise money to perform tho work; that his firma would met bo willing to: | 

trust him in any financial transaction end that he does not consider Ur. 

McIntyre o reliable Dusiness man, He says that Mr McIntyre has traded 
‘onie with them but has abwayais citled pati sfactorily. -- 

Mir A.M-Stevenson, attorney forthe elty tramay. companys BLYS 
eikd | % 

eae o* 

that his company has g given My McIntyre a yautber of contracts, siwoteel tea to 

and that everything, was: satisfactory and that ; 

seyornl thousand dollar, 
trouble in his settlemonts, Cte, and bf any dif- 

he, as atvorney for the company, would have known it. 

ficulties had aris@ty, 

ss ciao ReRhodes, secretary and treasurer of the Colorado 

a e } a. % 
aving Company (the Barber Asphalt Co. } “3 this city, states that ih lic 

with their company in charge ot sevoral pioces 

Intyre has been connected 
that ho knows hin personally, eonsiders him a compatent man and 
me satisfied shat. My.McIntyre could furnish bond 

mit he afterward reconsidorad his | 

of work, 
at firet atatod that he 
»for iasan sd —. 

stat on n 

yt) ni a of the wort 
inquiry ho was convinootl My .MoIntyre wotld 

ag vem thet the necessary 

sag ro mes : 
> ‘a>- .“ ‘si 4 ing ee | fl i he oF * 

.. A by go a] ‘ 4 ™~ — an at. r | P a 
ae, mi rene ac — i ~~ art erye7 ~f , 34) 0. bond 4 
53 -4 ic eas iy : « a : : , ¥ 2 - _ - | : : B * ae ¥ ? 7 a > 
= a x4 8 on l ¥ ., wis ° 

by iis le al fe 
ey By —" ea, 

7 rm ‘¢ 


+ y e 
‘i eo. M am awh, 

“8 Considering then nis friends and belisving that l.Rhodes would give 
tm all the finaneial Support he might need, Mr ,iitchell and Sy,Nevhee ant 
others were visited upon my own responsi bility, although Mr.McIntyre said he 
veuld rely upon MrsrcPheo's statement. Several others have made state~ 
ments to ne in the matter, generally unfavorable to the extont that they 
did not consider him a builder such as we desire. and that he had trouble in 
making sottlemonts, but I could not find any parties with whoa he has hed 
such difficulty. 1 — | | 

[an reliably informed that Mr.MeIntyre is not regularly and 
practically ongaged in the class of work required on the Mint building 
and for which he submitted 2 proposal, and I de oat know hin to possess 
ample facilities for doing the work. 

Summing up viet I have Learned about Mr.Melntyre, T think 3 eam 
safely say that he is euply competent to execute the work at the mdnt 
building as a contractor and fully as capable,in ny arene ** alneat 
bs any other bidder from this State who bid on the work; but as to his businass 
‘Pasponsibility and capacity to oxooute the contract ant bond, 7 an vory 
Sacco as some of tho parties to whom he has referred mo as hie 

ts and in whom he places most reliance, do not give him the credit 
have, In order to have hin Bottle the matter more 

a “Mr.McIntyre to furnish ue with a written 

a y em» a feel safe in ae 

a = or this work, and that he must 
Tae ay Be fs ‘grag e 


ee $0 as to 
Vice VY &w 


avold delay Y and pr 

event an ungatisf | act hefore 
its COMP Lotion. ath actory termination of his centract 

Bu | 
than M nC? @ statengut he lag agreed to furnish me not ter 

helt ard ‘Ondary 10 cs at 5 
Xt, and when fecatwea I will inves : regarding 

and forward it to you 

Me | 
at once with nny opi ad 

i mist account for the delay a a 

Slst u oe 
ltino,re ard at there be so much dif- 

ling this etihests by saying t 
: ; 
erence of opinion among business men eee roganding the above named bid- 

der that imation and it has 

have endeavored to mike a Chener rr invest P1G 
been with creat wifficulty and loss of time that t have found the paws 16s 
named, and T truss that my roport in connocti on with the SapwsemRD pp + al 
port to be forwarded on Monday next will perheuh the information necessary 


+O Onable you to reach ea decision in the 1 

— ‘ ry ' a ; i ‘ p< = = 
4 “~¥ - . Or, 4 . 
5. Ms ny js 
> ; 7 
- ; w , (A C od ’, 
; aus 
So OLA, ” 7 a: 
tate 7 g ' , he 

Ke -  Superintentent. 

; Pe 

Liv .J K,Taylor, — oe :. | ir 
Supervising Architect, | cn 

| Trewsury “Department y wanton DiGe 
Referring to the statement contain 

instant that I would this dey nmi 6 t 
the finaneial standing, 8te+, of Mr John 
submitted a bid for work on the ty ; i : 

Wr. 2K. Taylor, 
Supervising Architects 
Treasury 6 nN Washington, D.C: 

Sirit- Cy 
) of the 51st ultines 
of Mr. dohn A.e~ 

— for 

Referring again to your letter (ani tial P. 
naking inquiry concerning the finaneial standing, ete: 

Intyre, whe has submitted a bid to furnish the 1abor and 
ring of the new UsS.ARRE 
ntyre's pusiness — 
¢ he has handed me 

- pant om 

she foundation, superstructure and roof~cove 

ing,in this citys ! I wish to state regardins My MoT 

sponsibidity and capacity 40 execute the contract the 

the enclosed latter from the cashier of 1 

Mr se Tat yee also promised +0 furnish 
execute } 


no First Nath 

surety sew @ 8 as to his ability +9 

nas Seiten 4 soe ay an nin to supply Pe 

My ® A! K Taylor, 

Supervising Architect, 

"rensury Departnent, Washinton x. 
A Partuent, Washington, p.c, 

tO qualify on a bond for Mr. 

your letter of the S1lst ultimo (initial P.)ym ie: 


him as one of the bidders for work on. the U.S Mint 

In my letter of the Sth. Witiend 

I stated that I doubt 
MeIntyre's financial Standing and hat ™ : 

myself I had asked him to Supply me with a ners 

ly that he could Turnish a bond anq also the necessary manag, 
‘ to carry on | 
hould be weal to him, and that when 

. _— o> . 
«such statener ee ee 
= Ge i ne 
= ; le ; a 
. rt > oT : 
: . = « * A =, 
» ; d » ‘r* - 
2: } nh ral 
Ss! a WS er = Pre Oe : 
: ‘ uu. t gt A eS hy s6 
» i ~ at — bens, < A o ei i =m 
F 4 
a -_ 4 "4 ‘ < e 4 a t 
J ’ “ i a - Tt: D 
a ; - od ¥ 
& ® = a bd 7 ° 
4 ‘ : : 
— > 2 ‘ t > ho = : 7 . : 
PECL CLS on. i at ee ete “sw « f a sr : 
* : - S , 
= Bt ’ > Ag WG A : ; “e ¥ ; 
a + , ' Pel 3 v. 
4 ba ‘ | al ‘ : 
+ 7] J 
~ ¥ 
} ry > e » | nf 7 ' 

regarding Mr 

9 ee 
the work, in case the contr e 

> ke 
Showing eonely | 
ala — 


bond, J WL11 stato th 

Obtain a favorable 
City, a) ivor a} th 

7, and delive: the sane to me not later than the Pollowing Monday, 
0 he inforned neo that h p 

9 must have nti. Tuesday. The 
but the enclosed letter Was 

afternoon ag & Substitute, | 

e ma : | 

n which dayyhoweyor, 
Statemant has not yet been delivered to Tey 
ded to me lato yesterd 

han ay - 
ay This morning | 
made further 

harlton, local 
New York, that Mr.MeIne 
Secure the best men here as hig financial 
ariton told hin to present Some of them to 

ment to him so that the surety 

inquiries in th tter and learn fron Mr .0 
representative of the Anerican 

tyre told him tha: he could 

Surety Company of 

backing. Mr. ch 

make a states 
company Could Safely Promise him a bond 

in case he should secure the contract} 

Parti eS were Presented, but s upon 
nanied by Mr 

had no property not encunberea by nortgare, ‘Mr.J.HsDean, 

Was among the number, and 

investigation by a 

disinterested party, ‘licIntyre, it was do- 

cided that they 

whose name appears on the enclosed statenent, 
‘ir Charlton states that after spending three days in trying te fix the 
matter uy, he now thinks that it cannot be done to the Satisfaction of his 





my, showed the enclosed statement to Mr John C.Mitchell, cashier of 
<- ome Petia mr”, - a nt 7 ’ . 

a, os ove. ies es bg Ce ae ney N . 
rox National Be nk, who pronounced it almost worthless; that he knew 
~~ oe rs oat | Av — - 4 | dah by * 2 ' , : I - 

7 ; r X ~ cia eee _— - 5a 7 a Ae la ‘ge ca ; ; 3 ‘ d 
r Mes appear t nerxye. and woul 1 NOt, accept them for a bon 
k ee ce aa ees i ae ¥ © i i. 
be ( , bee i or ae c! E ee se a 7 a 5 ry 
ugh he had no prejud +08 iy the matte * and that he wish- 
fair. eet 
7 at = > i — 

a a wh fae i tee. | 

wougany, cashier of the 

-_ 4 


ba ce UP Mer, ‘ITC subsites _ . weer etand cert) o) os 
| me: 2 su ited Tith ble a 
M2 5AS i op vith — | . cated, 
Mer thie ance. ie tutes 
: ~* See ib toe ws « / | -\ 26s 
7% Sa De knew 
| | *th mA os he Mr Mekstates, but Cid nop Koy 
ou bat i¢ | 
et c. oDoer's Cinenss sad . Fey MAY? 8 very high opinion or 
; ene Te ages hat he was . 
8CEre the « treet, ins nd SXKicus to 
" . | "8 th > 
n. ving, ta thay ne had wide 

lear t¢ mm the 
© 60. AS he me. ‘ © they wonte 
hae bac: 8@V ern) Gaya Securing the mo) osee . , 
statenent, | a2 comelies - MEST ionidis 

| : i: * Respectful), yours, 

Superintengéns , 

= 127 

Nr 7 K Taylor, | . b i . 
Supervising Architeet, Bi... ie Oe hia 
Treasury Department, 

Complying with reqirenonts in Departnont Sireular of Dreeat 
Slst,1897 (initial 8.), 7 wish to ested Progress of 
U.SMint buildimgyin this city,under: my ghayse 

sists in the completien of the general and 
liminary grading of the site. 
porary offita “ 

No contracts exist, sh penne mm, a f + 
above named building. . 

My Perry..§ ‘Heath, 
Fineh, Apaistant, Postmeber de 
Washington, Die. len! 

i ‘> Wahinev ono. 


the 14th 4 
ae r on a 
) a 

Tyam in receipt. of your letter eat “3) of | 
relative to the delivery of official madd to ne as 

me Pi, 
Construetion of the new, U.S.Mint sin EBM oy 09 
94% 4 . pate « te ‘Ye 

Th, thka conndation 7 mh Pee! at 
made for the we siasyory delivery “ pikes eG 

om Sn 

LeTH g& ane i 


“as OF Pork w tro 

SE Oe Oe 

oY ‘ 

lr Otis B, Spencay | 

Disbursing igont, v. Stine, re 
Denver | 
Dear ‘Sirs 
I an in receipt of sou Tew or soils 

the ton \ef eoal” purchased trom the Capitol Aig 

der ilastip “for use as fuel in the: Yenporary 7 ice 
duilding,in this city, and dekins whether the ton 

4a FE ey c* | Hi i 
or 2240 pounds. ys | 

have striae ial do now, that it 1s eustomapy in rhden city to sell 

coal by the ton of 2000 pounds, and upon inquiry have been informed that 4 

none of the coal dealers —: more cee 2000 pounds ag | a ton, . 


’ Py i ’ 
P j - ah ( 
au + : 
K és 1 7 ’ | 
7 i! : or | 
§ Cy r ; 
p ; 
‘et yt 
q ud ae 
‘ . L 
4A ee 
— ) ; 

as ae r ; . . ox 
aylor, , a 
. ne 

“HRGFYASING Arch tage, 

ie | Dehartnent, Washington, Dt, 

of. Work on the 

U.S Mint. | 

in. t} ¥. 
f te one _ cite, and he > arectiten nm to 
ice meting | comple ree 
A» ) 
meek fence sisi sia 

eis have doen issued Pieces of 

Ns einbale month. 

Us Yeah issted on account of 
pat Prone | 
tyP Pt ar te pe ins 94436.00.., 
Dhoni nests yours, 

* ‘ 
* NY ea 
ae .. 7 a .4 ‘ * 

a ; © Wate Ka 
a ‘ E os * a 
m ; : > : 
Sn “2 = 
»-* a | a: 7 A 
4 = s 


i - 
. a 

6 Ta 
is A 


‘ wh? 
"] ee md 
ian Gl 
: eiraur 
>) Be we ‘8 
. a" vs 
4 ; {9 
a > tis 2c PF Jf ’ 
ag bwtty Valibietes, ily 
VEart quarry gatur- 
% v * ah a! 

as = Ty . 
Gas As 


PARIS Plt bon. 

i — 


ri ‘ ey 
5) +a 

cS > Y 


ya )* 

>) + ae » 2 a . | + 
pervising Architect, - Tee 

Trax ur : 
GAs ry Depart went 3 Washingt aa 2.0. } : 
Ty WX) Sranit 

© quarries néar Cotopaxi. Wetted both Saturday. Con- 

Grays quarry, ge ; 
ample ae by fescithadl shas only 

not used in any build’ 

thousand leet Sy; 3 Ovi te sy ¢ bes 
net. Spalis fo sxhn ey! See 
Hi ttod show & @at va Satay of — and 

aces of different boulders, thterray unknown. Believe 
quantity obtainable, Think color and fineness wrt tari 
Gilman’s Vakdale quarry ,ne 


$3 oS + “ft 

28t of boulders. 

Tineness at surf 

7 considerably. 
aror Cotopaxi, sampled ‘submtttea by oreentad 

Thomas Hays,lare 
y8,larger boulders,lightor color, coarser grainymora bould~ 

ors opened . permitting better exami nation, appears plentifur. Think 

satistacory na ova ty’ of color and finenass obtainable by careful se- 

sone traces of iron. Think 
7 tron Alscotorattion on wal using eithor stone can be avolded * * ee 

exposed two years tio not show ‘distolor~ 
OL1man's grantte stile used oxoept in Capital steps here and 

Ne x F he Pe . 
e oe > two P 00 - ‘chia i eae en said star 
2b e tose on pastas on. : | 

| y 
-. ie A Laie r : 
A rie gl 
a is ; 
° Pd 

rae [ uh a 

Leetion of boniders, Both granites show 

oy a — ug conch quarry roported 



Supervising Architeet, 


Treasury Department, 

seals’ light eray Granite Ys is: 
Cpened except for the Sample, 

tion show Tine crain and wil hai | Whether sutrietent of uni- 
(etermined. under existing, ‘conditions, ‘but appears 
No indications of. tron. Noticeable, Omer proposes blasting 
if desired so that examination may —— ee nore definite 

‘ . 7 » Pees y 
5 i+ Ge a. S ) 
‘ACL wl 
o » v] 
| +)" . - * “~—" 

form color Cannot be 

information obtained. 



Please return to 
cation for the 

iy. J K. taylor, 
Supervising Architect, 

Treasury Department, feito De. 
SLY s= 
Complying with requirenents vanlil in Dopartnent circular 

of December 31st, 1897 (initial Sed, I > ie de the pragress 
of work on the U.8.Mint bublding,in this city,und 

presemy date consists in the completion of +! | 

cavation and preliminary grading of the site, and the biedteen and oom= 

pletion of the temporary office building and nails 
York on tho foundation and superstructur 

building has not yot begun. 

‘ be \ 
4 a 
Office ot 

SupevintenMeut of — construe 

U.S. —La Waa 
_. Denver 

3 | | 2th, _, 189 Ge 

MY Po Ga . 
Agting Chief Brécutive Ocbider, 
oes ' 7 Oy b, or & ¢ C 
Office of tha Supervising Ardii tees . 
Treastiry Departrient , Washington, D.C. 




an in receipt of your letter of the 16th instant (initial 

at ; . : we , . 
G-Dehe)y Onelosing voucher in duplisate for ‘traveling expenses from thi 

Cotopuxt and td Aiking} colorado, with inétructions to present 
seid voucher to the Disiursing Agents for paycient. ai 

T will state in this connection that T noted on the vouchers 
“unable to abtain receipted bills" yor Livery hiro, in accordance with 

vour suggestion, and presented then to the Disbursing Agent. 
Respoctg@ully youre, 
4 uf %y aes 
wg “ A s: Ri bila nin 
: ; Tks | “8 



7 , -—s i | 7 aye din ty 
: te) om a a . 
. =, 

Oflice af 

Superintendent af —Copstetdtion, 
U, §. nen. 

-~—Renver, tolorada, 
————MaPtD Beth, 489 8, 

Superv4 sing Architest " 

Treasury Departnent, Washingt on, Ds 

Referring te the Schedule of brickwork on page “A* of spectti~ 
Tor foundat Lion, superstructure and roof-covering of the new U.S, 
sunt ouildine, 4n this city, under my charge, I am undecided as to the 
thicknesses of 

ses of brick : walis not ineluded in said schedule and request ~~ 

information as to the desired thickness in brick of walls nore than 
thirteen inehos, | 
| & * 
1 find upon exasination of the drawings that various ficures % 
have been used in noting thicknesses of brick walls as follows: * 
a { : J 

Basking of stone faving of veut shaft, Drawing #4, 
Portions of chimney wal, Drang #6 

Portions of al oo al 
Ss Rete 2 onte nlaat ae | 

eckd p ro area, ¢ y ny ry 4” 

vig ay 



“Oi «ht Bt Oi ny up) 

Vi eee 6 vw ¢ Drawi Tig fy 8, 

Me ot: hoe cheer 
+P es Ne] yOTA Uno § da 7 
Ue» YVUSOMOnt Vindow 8 " 
feo. "GmDM, ey, Mio * 
7) ‘ ’ 1 ~ * e 

LC -MAtLon,Tront Stops, Drawing iat ( | 
sur ¢7, 7hO » Rae x 
Brick Walle or 


reahy % O. ‘ 
*- VoUlt (below fucing)s Soe ."BoBe b 

oe ee ee WAingi5,2-4" * 
rawr VOAL9 OF Boal vaunk} Gea * " 
. 128. Amd a Fis, i Moe i) 
srick attic. wn } 
. “SiO Walls, at poor » Drawing #5 1/2 ) Fc ° 
Pr A ~~) + i: 
rviee On OF ehimugy wall, Drawing + 2.5 of ® 
f af T 
Bric Is of . 
“ Aet5S Of Coal vault, B8erc n "Aju : Lor 
pvection "A-sA » Drawing, #15, it gr ° 
bas 4 + 
ndati LO, 2ront “4 buttresse 05, Drawing #3, +) go” % 
Brick walls of 4601 vante ck | 
oF 20al vault sf0¢ ."A+A" Drawing 3, gon 4 
Backing of 2.7" rhea, | 
¢king Of 1f-1" stone facing of Lasonont ,Draring ey, 5" J 
1 - 
Th» wt Aw : | 
wali er Bp walls be lov if grade, Drawing #10, | Aen * F 

I also Wish to mow whether it is dlotsied " brick walls 
pt be bLAt to the exact thicknesses Sidencde in eaok case or to the 
Rearvest additional thiekmess which the brick to be Vsor #123 tay on, if 
not ywhother the following echedule of thieknesses of walls in feet and 

inches will answer: 
f ‘ : 
oe ania be 1 brick thiok. _ o” 

yon. rt 


The avoye i 

ins truest the, Sontract 

Sbout to begin, 


> \ : 

> ia 14 

a ol Const nestaiy 
U, S. — SE i, 
my ok wR 
~~ —-{llarth 26th, _, 489 8, 

al » J KeTayl Or, | s 6 

supervising Architect : 


+ Freasury Department, Washington, dt, 

sY ery e¢s Ti ae 

‘6 tO page F of Specification for the Foundation,Super- 
strwr hire I Roof-covering of the —U,S.Mint bullding,in this city, under 

» n}2 a4 
my Sites 

» the Lorruet window grills are ealled for but. no mention is 

made 1 gclll at baaiwere accor; and under "Werk not included", page & 

of specification, vhe ee iron frill work above: basenent is not in- 

cluced. I would like to Siew cic ther the ertli at basement door is to 

be put in place unde= «c catract for Foundation, i nts and R 


- = 

| Supevinteugent gf 
U. & aes 

i, 489 6. 

Supervising Are Chiteot, 

: Ore, B.C. 
iréasury Department; Washington, D.C. 

On fldor py} ir the 
cor ‘plans for the U.§ itis building, ts this iditisaine 
uy charge, no rag 

Sisters are age ind the 6! x ‘a | Had. flue whieh 

i 1 
rst floor to second ‘story eetling,mieway | betwoon columns 

I would like to b> informed whether tuts flue is te be 
lined with galveniaed fron ‘and have" Yeateter 

size of said openitnes. 

— —e, : 
xXtenas Tron f 

~~ .: “ . 

openings, and, if $0, the 
tee Syke I at . 
ae | *: 

mk t 
Also, drawing 10.11 shows “taro hort er 

2ontal vont dings 16x a 
ct second story ceiling noar the Lifts. I wowld like to know tf the 

‘tO do put da place by the ‘elite or for the 
terra cotta partitions and vertical vent duets: 


horizontal vent duets ara 

and further, whether the 
10" sect in térra Gotta partition adjoining lifts, shown on. aravt od 

: behtek if i 5 are te be Lined with galvanized iron, and if 80, to what height 
| os ® bove at aaa into vids 

Ket? Ree are to be the onglets of the same 

r pee © ; 
ay: ae 


f ; 7 ; ’ : 
~— i ¥ ; — rn _ ae a 
et —~— : r 

ALLS int ‘orn aati di 4 

~\ & — 





__..Makeh 29th, , 1097 6. 

> 7 ry - 
- ». » ethe La rlor 


TV a» 

: uy 8) rvis jing Are) hiteet, 

wean ty bes 
‘reasury Department, Weshin 


oD. | 7** ph T t? a] 
rarapraph IV of j trex} 
: faph of Department circular of Decenber 3ist,28e7, 
nouitying Instruetions to si in 
- : am & ’ ous 44 2 0 DD 2) t 
to Superiiutondonts, Qte., direats that a®diarr 
Vy : a ? ’ » FS 
‘ ——a >= WoO ‘ O20 §} v3 Tuer * 24 ole ao } ~~ 
| form, showing: briefly the extent of work porformed Qn— 
gor Ct 1 ATAU VE } ‘ innna+ ry Ir rc -a01 % 1 
ON GeSignated days, and with Senaral remarks indicating 
the character of the weatherferte, 
Ty sad ad +" - . « . } 4 - 
In order that I may be @nablé to comply with said instrueticns 
2 &s> —« 

in making reedrd and roport of the vork-wt “the U U. Sitlint building, mn thts 
city,umer my charge, I POT UOM , that T be furnished with @ suitable 

ik book Tor the purpose a 4 


i} Respectfully yours, — 

i% 143 

Office of 
Superiutentlent ot - Construntion, —=— 4 


r* . Ve 7 *% ) 
( ] S, ote, : 

eared ae 

Ly ev BH TRL OT, 
Supervising Architect, 

Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. 

Conplying with the réqtlwvenents contained in Department cireu— | 
lar of Decehber Sst, 1RO7 (initiel 8. Ye 1 wish to state that the progres: ba 
of work on the U.S dtint pul dadhe an this cityyunder my charge, consists 
in the coniplotion bf the péneral and test pit excavation and preliminary 
cruding bf the site, ama the eréétion and completion of the temporary 
office building and fences, | . 

Wo vouchers have peon issued on agcount of contracts during 
the cvrrent month. | 

The totoal aniount of previ ous youchers issved on account of 
contracts for the BuLlling 1a} eedewencerperrrererenenerers= $4436.00 

Work on ee and superstructure of the above nenotl 
building nas not 3 et begun, henge m1 recommendation | has been made for 

Mf ~~ : al 
| bd on a) ond 
i ee 
sil Las 

- seh ne — : ae : eh " 

ae. vue 

be es Ate 

ie» anes, ? 

Mr. J.K.Taphon, = | | 

Supervi “ae Avehitect, 


‘Sent, BS 
T am gn receipt oy your bef te 

vitimo, enclosing ‘dopy of a Letters 3 
eT ae 

MeIntyre,9f this city, te ewe 24 
for the foundation - } 

building,in this aa silted tier 
have been noted, ied 3 nee. 
hav. ‘stn laste? a 

aitas a a ad 

et V4 ae: girs as 
| | ‘vent > PF 
Ya. | 
7) ¢.¢ 7 
tte “ A Maperst ure 

me Tyger a. th on, 


Mr.J.K.Taylor, ” c PSggR, | 

Supervisiog APOnt@OB yp: et, wy yo aon, 2.¢ 

~ : 

, ireasury ae sailed Did, 

8i>+= , "S10 )y | ‘Se: 2 

C 4 * Ie . Le ~ : & ) . 3 we q 

T . 49 retied pti of poiiit lie {ameter 8.) of Maren 9th, Lass, 
ercton. wee a vier $0) Custodian off the; Court House and Post Or tice butlen 
ing ir ‘i> 74°: 96g to tho proposed cleaning, renovating ave 

~& ¥T..7 "Oreo? See@es saat, the interior of ‘Said buslding, and direct= re 

4}, mo ty ade "st the Custodian in ma kine exanination and vieeatten 7. Y. j :| 
simata at spe@itaution for said Mere ao. wn ty a  —— x 

| : stite in this. connestion that your instruetion will be 
Ching Joe ah > yon i 49 called upon by the Custodian . to idaho him in § 

ts)! foe, Hae, be 

Respectfully yours, 

: : ’ ' 
ia zz | | te 
< PY ‘ 
hanna GehbHMe, 
ol * HQ PAUTEMY >) 
? a ' . 

Ch paul dar ee 96 

| t ‘; a & - ‘as < 
J ‘ ah « ee ‘ ad = — ep 
*% . we 

D> aan} av. Tay or") Te 
N92 MEL oe don 

Superv siny Arond batty ca 

til pr oH lant. 

Troasury Departient; Washingtor Wy D.C, 

1 am receipt of yisur etter (initial HPP.) of the Stat 
ultina, containkig Lastrudtion 48 Us te the thickness of brick walls or tha: 
ee Oe me f od a 

b ~~ Aen 5 

Oo .Mint tulid@ing\in this sthy, under my ohireey and vt state in thie eo 

. - y * . ’ 
curmechion that the instruct: oni wild be Tollowed +, the construet fon 2 
| at he ee Sy) Gi Jat: oO PPT 
of the work, a 
5 t 1%) ‘ve : ; : , -* » t< \ ret ils FE. P, Yas Poe es ’ ; ) r : 
; Respectfully rears 

i Lu We tO Wout ys oh ICE OC. Gy ft ee 

Oe: Cape J veeelirr of and . y 

, ‘ ' = , ° . . 
BY ~~ -eateeian «1 Resin, Waris 

¢ ' Fy vin fer sic en’, 4 . 3 
ay a 
~ ‘ : ~ It, aa bs! SAgs bs i 3 = St as rie" ‘ yous MET Ties et , : : | 

u, ce hes Gites wok 4) Wha Cot oii mr dante Ute 4 
: ed. a. % ‘ 
x ee i Pn. 
Ty " i Re 

re <<, 


V oF Taylor, 

i e.3 —— A l ‘ 
| veal : , -.  hi% ; CY a | 

Supervi sing Architect, “ 
fPeasury Departnent > tears ribrd: on, D a! 
t tk | » ind sense T ariGs 
. , ; : 
Bs ype tm TMCes Pt of Your Let tay Ginstaay Wie, j 
1 NOy in vatorgne, $0, tiie cHinie aie Gebbaith dee wee ele 

mihi, 8 16 New U.S.Mine ») 



Elio gg 

Superint ondent of Dba nae Loi 
Ch. See ee) 3 | 

ik 2a a 

Duy or. renee 
|  doebhd _  —_—_—e , IEGR, 


4 s 

od oli KeTay: 1 ui» 

* — e ms F ar v4 a > 

<< sUupoar : 2 i . i tS, sO | taet, 
> ihe ~ , fee 5 - “ qn @.. ie ie > he tee, > _s : 
aoe SOR aa] DOPAP Limo gby Was hduct ony De. 
, . od . ; oi -@ 

Ad. ' 
OLY ss 

Fan in poeeip 


ultimo. plving 2 
construetet, Ae 


-10 contractor 

wii be Anstru rebed ascerdiugly 

Ges Lpt or your Lat 3OFr AYA te ai Agta? ity) ae the. Stet 
inetendt ‘lone eanpeitng hot Als anet and Kent duets 
The usy 0 «8 dine Dud Leidaag Mis. eityginder ey sharg a 2 

© be 

Bo Prone v t3 

s5i 0H, Ser >! 4 . 
Reapovefully yours, 
= | \ fi 
thy 1a ¢ Os TNA: ayeuy 





lr. John A.MéIntyre, * 
Denver, Colorado. . RSS ila. | 

Doar Sirs 

Referring to schedule oif thickness of te al oon. i 
fart on page "AY of Speottteutibom for Pouiatsony Sunerstrustare and 
Roof covering, U.S. Mint. Building, du thi eity , I have to say that the 
supervising Architect by Lester ef the 30th ultimo inforus. ne that said 

schedule in full is as follows: — | 7 
thick mle to be 1 brick thick. 

8" and 9" 
w " " " 112 ft ub 

120" & 1'a3* ) 
1'-BO,L tad", 1166" & 16" a. 2 " ‘ 
- 11-9" & 1'-10" " , ¢ B32 — 
ft " 3 " " 

Bta3™ & Othe 


; a 
: A 
S \paes 4 - , “4 
SPELL Neat of, Con ction, 
OSS wart eee: 
wand e Denyvo M+ Se orado ae 
«ig . ‘ & % { 
— > Aprile; “3 , 4596, 
4 ~*~ \ 
si >] Wood ; 
President of the Board of Public Works, 
Nanw Se) « 0 7 YT } 
par t= 
Will you pléaseo: tatoern rio “by Letter of the required -~ridths of 
sidewalk, from lot Line Yo cuter face of strect carta! omg Uvans Stre@, 

uth 13th Street 4% Prot ox the U.SiMint sitesi® this 

- | oo”. ~_ Pes “94 % sa? 5 cy 
Colfax Aveme cxnd Sont? 

city. Also whether the entire space of sidewalk of said widths must 

not, whether the city regula 


or flarfing, ané if 

tions determine the width of pavihg and 6f grabs plots within’ the aice~ 

" ir ’ : f ; : 


walk of the wittl. you mention. 

7a s : 

‘Ploigo sttite further tive required er to whieh She street 

curd at the coyners must “be out give Location of storm sewer catch 
bash mags” th ver ‘erence to the two stroo: corners at the mint si tegand di- 

a ~f & 

on “gtones of ola ‘oa.tieh basing | ‘ 
hate © your Manone 4 teonpring Seasine of grade 12 


Me 7 ss ee ae yC +e in adva pec » for the. Anformm tion horern 

sontigons of 6 
ae Oa nppre 

rapoot ! Tone yours 

lir.J K.Taylor, 
Supervising Architect, 
‘Treasury Department, Washington, D D.C. 

T have this day received “your letter er (initial S.) dated March 
dank book for on purpose of maintaining 

Ath, relative to securing a blanl 
a diary of the work performed at tho U.Saltint 1 ‘euniedl this city, 

der mr charges 
When I wrote you on “the 29th ultisios requesting that a sult 

able ‘book be sont me, I premmed that you had ‘some prepared for the pure 
pose me tioned. I heve made an of fort to find a suitable book in the 
stores of thts o1ty Bt on none such covld be found, and as we can, with 

of the pidoks now in the office whi 
Donat sina einewlar making changes tn in~ 


i. | | 

I S¢ , 

lirn.C .8.Wileon, 
Superintendent of Units, 
le “OFfLce, Deriver, Colopade. ' 


T am in pevetpt of your letter of the 9th instant, relative 
elterations in your building, and will state sai I was recently inform 

od by thé Supervising Architect ,of tho it, that the Cl 
todian of the. Post 0ffiee acting outs wall tone © nO 

erence. to cleaning, renovating and painting bho apie sansisilae the _ oe 
said building. J was instructed te, prepare 2 8. Rae Rn re ee ee 
at thet tim. Nothing was aint a in th 

“il an soa 8 aoe. paeagat 8 
One GM: | eee wo yee ae at ee 

thé Honorabhe Lyman J.Gage, 
Segretary of tho Tréasur’y,. 

Washington, D.C. ee 
Sir s+ | | gh), te 
JT am in receipt of your Lotter (ininian J ies of the Petar, 
inferning me of the transfer and appointment, en that day, of ‘Uy MLhAe? 

Sullivan as watehman at the ae U.S. | nt 

mnt Suna this eity,under my 
charge, at the compensation of eight hund? ed nd forty dollars ($84a) 
por annum,from date ? onthe and ule “dy 

a ore pas . > = 

I? .$.W.Wood, | 
President of the Roarg of Public Works, 
| Denver, Colorado, 

Six to : 
I wish to acknowledge thy Pacaipt of your letter of April ya, 
1898, enclosing letter fron Engineqr D.W.Camphell and blue prints rela-< 
‘ive to sidevelk,curb and e&tch basdna. I sinceroly thank you for your 
Kindness and promptness in forwarding the seme whieh wf21 be of men 
valuo to the Supervising Architeet in preparing plans,et¢.,for the ap~ 
proaches to the new U.S.Mint Building and W421 avoid @play in the work, 


Nil ane 


Supervising Architect ; , 

Traasury Dojpartmont, Washington, Df. 

As grade elevation noted on Drawing No.2 { Location plan) fer 
sidewalk af Colfax Avenue entrace to the Uii.Mint Bulld@ing,in this citys 
under my charge, indicates that it is destrad to give the sidewall along. 
said froht a uniform grade from Evans Street corher to South Thirteenth 
Street corner, and as the estabilish city grade at seid point was abert 

1.1 feet higher than grade shows ‘om anda deg f aa wild be Been Prom ~ 
plat by Mr.P.O'Brien,Civil Engineer, forwartted to you with my letter of 
August 30,2697), T consulted with the city offitials as to the advisa- 
bility of clanging the offtetel grado to conform to that on your drawing 
The eity menes ies See ae et 8 nee 0S A, pre 
i ine hn was pass Are heuaenapeal A copy of 


oreparation of plans for the approached, tig 

Exhibit B, blue print showing Widths Q | 

three sides of the Mint site anid locations of cate! basins near the corners, 
© will he noticed that the widths of atdbmalk ¢ a@iffor fron those given — : 
on Drawing No.3. | 

Exhibit ¢, blue print showing the radius to which eurbs at 
varners must be eut and the foundation Bor ste od curbs set by the city 
in this loeality. I will state ‘in this connection that tho street curb 
to be put in place along Colfax Avenne directly Bast of the Mint site 
wi24 be 6" x 18" of Platte Canon red granite, and said etrbing is under 
contract as far West ea Evans Street. 

Exhibit Dy blue print showing construction of catch basins 
which, together with egp stones for the saméy aro now boing placed near 
Hvans Street and South Thirteenth Street corners of the Mint sid. 

Exhibit HE, « letter from tho President of the Board of Public 

Works, vith a letter from the Engineer of said Boayt, relative to the 

amount of paving required on tho sidewalke and the different widths. 
The stra sever on Colfax Avenue in front of the U.9.Mint, marke 
ot seen aaa = Saree Ses aa age © 

Offi: of 
Pape? uutemdent of Construction, . 
Ut ert aee = 
ee Denver, Colorado. 
| la, MEG be 

& ait 

soravle Fes. Veneerdans 

Assistant Secretary, greasury Dopartuont, 
Wasnington,s Die 

i on in receipt of your lotter (snttiad a) of the 9th instan 
sc-losing eath of efriea er ir itiehaol Suttiven as watehmen in eamneet to 
With the a But lding, in ints citye 

1 have’ noted that said oath of office was sworn to by My.Sul1i- 
-o the 9th Dnstand, aad “having no furoher Use tor the same return it 


‘3 ¥en herowse | | 
a. ,* . ; hi 4 

va -4 
c er. 

Supervising Arthlteet, 8.19 Dop 
Treasury Depaitment, Washington, D.C. 
- agree. por requirements contained ‘ia Dopurtnent cireular 
ocember Sist,1897 (initial 8.)y Twish to state that the progress | 
of | Sd ai | | 
ys vou a the TA Mee DeabAcey ee ae ag ee My eared: at Oe 
vt te connate 8 soto hea i ae 
cavation and preliminary gradingy of the sites and thé ereétion and co 

pletion of the temporary asics estate’ and fence. 

Ur.Joln AvMeIntyrmoy: 2 4! 
Rooms Nos.402 & 404, Cooper Bu! 
Denver, Colorado. 

Dear Sirs~ 
I hand you herewith drawdn Si 

details for the%gtenework of the re But: | 
you are contragtor, the same having ‘poor recelxe 


excel wottd 400008 Bamasaiia poe ereat’ ial 
<*. f wildethank you 10 Wet ates 1 hall ib ed, dahon 

said drawings. 


* # 
a ' 
“| J : be 
‘ee ; » - ‘ : , 
+. \« «* , —-. . 
r oe 
. ot . _ ’ ae © 
@ | @p 
‘ oe « n 
. & ’ x a 
’ - e 

Superintendent ne Conataragh tog. 

U8 ee 

re a le) aa 

iffed K.sTaylor, , 
pupervising Architect, 
v7 00 Devar vLié luy a td i nt 
CA : : 
2 4s a” 

Your letter of the 14th instant {ini tianled H.R.P.H.) a 
f drawings mp Rene to 44, inclusive, full size details 

1.8 $int building, in this city,under uy charge, 

with your instructions, I have delivered the said 

original éra cen at to the contract oi, fly .Jolm A.jdeIntyre, with the infor 

your office will, at a later date, furnih hin the plaster 


deals shown on the. drawings for curved work. 
The specifieation for Formation, Superstructure, and Roof 
copper clips Msc 1/a" on stone 

covering, page B-3, paragraph 2,cul. ls for 
one same, one strip to be turned 

corni¢e and two at? ips ¥ copper daid “> 
own over oute rr conde © of ¢ Bia id r poner Glaps and the whole dont compedce of 
p fom: om 1} ripe) ent on page Bed » PAM apn S,or 

sa onctsiaial ity it ig ti rh oa tee hott staten that the barr 
| “i a » de ok ¢ orrad se “° to a flat 
" vy rod p soos not shar 


crows r10% wld ts cork ad . : 

ovér barro! of roof tiles. T preswas from tits | 
to Loliow the specification in regard to said copp ir 
stone and shapo of roof tiles at deck,ote. 

I would like to havd also a plan xi stone 

4 a. ape" bh 
® ' a : = : | | 
1 | ¥4 
* 1 Tis E A 
: P * J “ 
a | 

Ur.C Ei Kempor, , 7 ‘a 
Chief Sxeentive otsieer, ; ane. 

office of the Supervising Archi tec 

‘Sreasury Dopertsiont, Wosntneton, D.C. 

be r an in vecotpt of your Letter (initial @.) of te 104% ine 
stant,enclosing voucher, in ; Seen Pee os <iotr-eow 

TT ers s ae 

‘7 Ure 

Ne ei. : 164 

ss Offixe ct * 
Superintendent of - Manis watson) - S 
Tae RS 

it, 189 6 8. 

i 2 

“* y e w , : vs 5 + 
ot ¢—3 eAGIIPGi ° 

, Chief Rxecutive Officer, 



Office of the Supervising Architect, 

Tyoastry Departrient, Washington, D.C. 

I an in receipt this day of your tolegiran directing ne to ine 

form Mr.John A.deIntyre,contractor for the Foundations Superstructure 

ani Peof covering of tae U.S Mint,in this city, that his bond 


has been 

approved on this date. 

_ | In eonpliance ehenewith, I have written to Mr.MoIntyre inform 
4 ing him avcondingly. | ae 
wine ‘pein. i > ie Respectfully yours, | 

ah .. i bein . : ‘ P di ye” . >a gee 

Superintende tks 


7 tue a | 
Lived -lhomas, 

a TO pes _" Ka nsas @ . 

* ’ 

Dear | Sirs-~ 
+his city, has this. day handed me two let= 
a Fe Railway 

Ur »\ia.eSchachner, of 
of the Atchison, Topeka and Sant 
4 the Board 

fron lfr.C.D.-Purdon, 
pel Meryweather, assistant engineer © 
eo Rock stone in 

L @Qrs oJ 4 One 

Company, and ons from Mrehe 
ity, relative to the use of Castl 

of Public Works, in this ¢ 
5 also left. with me 

Mins in this city, and he ha 

“he concrete for the i .o% 

of said stones 

two samples 
t am of the opinion, sit to this 

stono is sO porous tha 
fron tho conereto 
npt bo willing to ac@- 

as I stated to you on your vi 

¢, unless enoroughly soaked with 

city, that said 
absorb the moisture and eausing cement to 
Ag 1 stated to youl would 7 

wm wosponsi bility, but suggest 
Preasury Departments 

watery it will 

that you Be 

ary without 
| + one upon my 0 
‘Wee 4 tho piper tae Arehitects 
11,8 dy it satisfactory t 

copt this & 

s.uaples exansril tte: 

Washingt ons hae 

o himgit may be 

Mir. John A.McIn&- 

of the contractor, 

10. SU aan appro¥ 
with mo Pn Mr. Sehaciner. 

al, henec 

on li 

F the ¢ tone as 2D0 

Supevinteutlent ot 

, 489 Be 

Mr, Wn. Secha LGi N@Y » 
Care of the Castle Resk Company y 

1646 Arapahoe Street, 
Denver, Colorado. 

- . a r4 fi re r 
Dear Sif te ; : . 6 : yj : $3 ; A ve ea ase 4° X\X t 2 ay 
Alior ahd KY eee 

Referring to the lotters from MpiH.? Merywont 

Purdon, relative ‘to the wsé of the Castle Réeit stone for concrete in the 

2 ay 
nt building,in this clty, I will sta ato in addition on to my verbal 
3 norningy thatyas I do not think it propor to use 

statenent to yow thi 

SO porous a stone in tlie conero tay, it micht ‘do advicable for you ‘to sub= 
mi t sauples to tho contractor, Mr.J.A. MeTntyré,in order “enat ho may,if 

he so.dé@s LES, forward thou ‘to the Supervising arehttect, Droasury De- 
1 as £0 ‘the se of 

pare ¥ aaraaltietdl oneal dotisior _ be fins — : 
Poi y. OF im Oe + Deak. ¥ . 


2bO ‘ atadods ay 
pe’ a: ls scoguny ial 

¥ tor’ r¢ 

° w 
~~ £ ie _- 

. bs me 
one | ide f pie 
via gout -© “geperintond aiite 

ps Bes ti 

te oy ot ] ‘ wes o 



ir RH.Potter, | f 
Stone Mountain, Georgia. = > , = | 
e * 

Dear Sir:. P | at, 
an in recedpt of your etter of the 24th instant, etiteted 

cbout work as a stone cutter at the U.S.Mint buildings. 
Cre } ‘ta a Pees Pe us Wer er “ 

ray charge. 
In reply I will stato tnt Hane eegrned ‘your cormumication 

to the contractor, Mr.Jonn J Wiens ees is - Cooper 

this city, amd who will no out mest o0 188 regard to the. 
ar We" » op tao . Bi 

ing which vou tinawtirds 

Mr.C.E.Keiaper y 
Chief Executive Offi¢ers 
Office of the enti Lae os 

T an jn receipt of your letter {initial as wie of sii 
ontraet and pond of Ir.J.A. 

stant,enelosing a copy of ¢ 

Foundation, Superstruetare and Roof 4 sovoring of th ya Siash na 
this city under my charge. t eke ims en = 
bee sere yours, 
espoettuht we | 



ir. John B.Hunter, 
City Engineer, | 
Denver, Colorado. | 
Sir;- ' 
= engines? who is employed by the contractor for the new 0. 
Mint Building,in this city, to .lay out Liges for nate puilding,has dis- 
covered what appear to be 44 sora) anetes gn’ the ori ir sotting of cor- 
ner stakes for the Mint site, andy, as it tp of importance oo etty 
2s well as to the Government to howe the corners properly located, T 
will be pleased if you will, at your eonventente, verity the work of esq 
tablighing the corners of this eit ao that the lnes OF thie building = 
aay de correctly _ out wi thou‘: — | | ¢ 

7" - 
4 ; ; 
hor ithe 5 49 8 
: ae 
Mr. J K. Taylor, 
Supervising Architect’, 

Treasury Department, tok a 

Complying with’ the’ swale err ar 
(int: tale Bs )o-7 wish to ‘state that the progress 
of vork on the U.S.Mint Bulldiigs,48 this city under my charge, consists 
in the completion of ciate #4. andl test pit excavation end prelintnary 
oxgrotion and on ) on of the | heaps 

lar of December Sist,1897 

grading of the ‘site, and the ere 
je. > 

office building :and fence, ©” | ha 

nae to 7-9 of contract and dond of Urea 
April 23rd, B96 920d ree thereof on that 

he was 

on on senaenjieo Monde.y s 

~ a engheaes 

om oe ea 

Mr. dK. Taylors, 
Supervising Architect; 
| Treasury popartuont, Washington’ D.C. 
Sirs:= | 
Supplementary to ny telegram of this days I have to report 
coat Ypatichae? suldvanyiho ‘was’ apposinted’ wabenaa at the U.S.iint 
Buildinesin this ¢4 syyundeheniy eawrge, on! the’ Bb NER» Ged this morn 

amy) and Soak ple, ere” 

ing at eight o'clock. ={ 
T have to’ report curthor jotnatyon mecountt of siéknesss Hr. 

cul livan has sot been atthe office ab RAY @ during the present none 
, she -_ ; Swen a 6: ? ~ . ees ae 
His salary was” paid to him up bo tl Le eee 


= 6 seed 



+i . A 
° ’ 4 
Wi 9 
} 7 & ac: Di 

To Supervising ONE 3 : S ee ant 
Sreseuts tment , Wasth ¥ | | 

tt IPs 

+ ai 

Mr Sullivan's funeral tomorrow at nine Aull, expense gor guar tete- 

ir. a Ke taylor, | : “ 

Supervising Architect, %, 
Treasury Departnent, 

relative to examination and a opera in 2 ‘ ve 
platform at the Court Monge and Post Office bu ; 

In reply I will state that rent an 
emination, and will, as soon a6 po ) 
tion as may appear proper. 

Mr .J.K.Taylor, 
Supory3 sing Architost, 

Treasury Depart:ment, Vashi 

I am in receipt of your eave (indty : 
instant, informing me o¢ the shine: at by i pre cm 

SS aecenting atonal tums by fydohe 
his contract for the U 6S Mint bull ing,in this. city under 

T have noted your "Staten Nanas the ¢ 
ed as to quality and that 

cotta for tse 

tie. JK. Taylor, 
Supervising Architeet,, 

Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. 
4 | : ty Fis { i | i 


In reference to the foundation for the U.S.ifint building ,in 
It ** in’ 

this city, under contrast with Mie John Aaterntyre, T now nave to state 
that the trenches are being exenvated. | The trench for the north Wall 
of the building has been carried down to ‘the required depth including 
cepth for the concrote-ethat iS, to slevation 37.7 above city datum, 
and, While we Sind that the dott om of ace trench consists for the most 
part of gravel(tho pebbles varying fron nearly 1/" to 3/8" in sige) we 

haye cucountered frequent — pocket s of sand of seek size as would probably 
pass through a sieve of twenty meshes to the inch. 

The depth of these 
sand ound od a Ng 6" to 18" helow the present required bottom for 

- This send appears compact and the contractor{whe 
*,here) says that,in his opinion, this sand 
parien f Pouhhation for we eo i conmstg- 



WJ Ky Tayt op, a P 

« red 

such A mature as to make the 

‘roms int) as wherever we have exea- 
~— ~~03 OF ss ree 
that i+ becomes coar 

COarser and better as the depth 
valag *F bt 

Portion of the a as at present consists 

600d Gravel, I consider iy wise to 

vated into it V8 Lind 

inéreases, Although a 

the walls One Loot daeper thon 

then being Senerally at elevat?. 

ete of sand occur f advise 

at present planned. “the bottom of conerate 

on 36,? Instead et 37,? 
Sree Wee i oe 

the removal’ o¢ ‘sand ¢ 

Space with Concrete, J therefore Peconnend tha 

foundation Carried 
less than 2 feet 

t Cfrections be Biven be 
have the to said depth and the. concrete in no cage 

st thickness wi ¢h' top Hint shed at Slovation 58.' start- 
at elevation 38,1 tnstead of 59." ,as Per present plans, 

The one foot of addi tit onal: depth © of eanerete tronches for exte~ 
rior walls will ‘require dyout 122 cube yards 

Peso exeevation and will 
costyat the contractoyts prasent. price, $1 

. The add ti onal foot in 
height of brick wal) wia2? retake. ‘about ae it bed 

— thieh, at the cone 
tractors figure, $14;00. per thohsand> will 

cost $700.00, fhe conenting 
Pte a0 
of said-wall on the outside wil bPbbably sont cont $16.50,0r a & total addition. 
Se ea qui ’ 
; al cost of exterfor vadd ‘off about $256.50, as 

eh would he $400.00 less 

than would be ‘he cost i the whowtarat excavation vore ‘Mlle with 
e the aor . | 

7 Sener tneking “. aaa 

ing the bri ckwork 

iatd 5 foot thick txstoad of 2 feet. 

q cost ea fee concrete 
aon 2 ‘whieh 

of course can 
ses oe which 
ne | 

; t | 
{x —o KTaylor, «08 

present as the excavation of the colunm 

If it 1s considered emia pe Bon 
I would request arry 

_ _— oe cee. 

hat authority. be Given me now | : 

v2 wherever Hecessarysas-in that , a aa 4 qT Pan OF 

ings dor 

curing its progress and avoid delay, J : 
ution to determine the exact amount to be. ahd the co 

additional work at dite completion, Af authorized te mave ‘tne vork done. 

T have | conferred With the gontraeter ond have shown him that I 
consider the cost of one foot addit ional Sep for the exterior valle 
to be worth about $838, 50, and if the colums, f Footings 60 dom an ad- 

ditional depth of one foot (nich, wilt anqunt. to about | so oubte barks of 

excavation and concrete, at $1,00 per, cuble yard for excavation and $9.00 
for concrete), to cost $500.00, or. a total ont of sdcitional wall ‘Somhe~ 

Ox ‘. 

tions and additional colum footings of £1,350. 50, ahi ch would be altered — 

Ty4 AGCi tion, 

somewhat. by amount of) pega: Zor, sand Bea below general 

bottom of concrete founda’ ae considers this ey: correct, 
= s there is an unc a BE FARE AvouT it of. EM lek att » conerete 

‘ rer 1 whore pockets of pane ms\t, be, renoyed Delow storatton %. 
eaxinot omnke’ . fort 1 lump oun proposal, for all the aes o at tou dati . 

. = ia s oy : oe 
r = @ you decide to appyreve 1 ae m. He states 
som x ahs hal Sian 203 inst 

» he 




Supervising Architect, 

A Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. 

er ¢ 

In accordance with the instructions in your ‘Lotter finttsa2 Se} 

or the S¥@ instant, directing me $0 confor with Mr. Otis B.Spencer, Cus~ 

tone of the Court House « and Post Office Building,in bhi s city,and to~ 


gether with him make examination ae report concerning alteration of 


mailing platform and en closure on same at said building, I naw make re- 
: > MM : Q J , i 
port as follows! 


. | I find upon exanination and Lpaatanarion that the Post Office 

working room is “Very much evowded, nearly the antire space being taken up’ 
with carries 's desks a and pigeon holes 30 that the nail pouch racks for 
*e é ~—6gollecting ond distributing che outgoing and meaning ails are et 
Sa to the rear of gaia room near the ma madd og platforn door and the space is 
s0 small that tho pouches after being f1NLed have to be stacked up to 

| avoid climbing over thon in taking out and wetaging in the rails to and 
f 10 a aed wage ne. The a — Lbt 

gnere at Re " 6 , Anton r me that from seven: 
ay : oe nee “Ses 

e : 2 . 5 " : y= “ 

ty-five to one hee red and fifty pouches are filled ana , sent “oy twice 
yan’ * " ae the same ramber vewed ved: 8 t the Bimia 

CROs | day vol * WS LiaMeluUe . RAR rik pace * ngmees 

is & 

a 179 
| ‘i | | 


U1 0B). y ae 

Yor perforning the work neoessarily cases ineonventence and delay in 

handling the malls, a + 1 5 Colemaio, 

1¢ Postmaster and Superintendent of Wui36 desire an addtiti onak 
space of at least 250 square foet convent ent ta their pouch racks where 
the pouches when filled can be placed tonporarily so as not to interfere 
TiS the bringing In ofAmail’ from the wagons when necessary. 
In accordancecwith theirrinstructions ahi: tolméet their desires, 
i have prepared an lilustrative sketch to show the method to provide said 
space,by enlarging the wailing iphatformand wnelostire on ogame, |) 2 have 
iso prepared a specifieation for Said work, Which sketch and’ speeifica~ 
tion have been approved by the Postmistary MriHlorace A.W Tabor, Asofst= 
mt Postuaster My. Joseph: Sener eee MP. Otis ‘eniaiserine 
you will notigerby their di gnatures on thé same. Hs 5 
I have estimatod that the cost of enlarging the mailing plat- 
form and enclosure will be abet ons thousaid ‘and “four hundred @e2bars 
X$1,400.00}.. ‘The present ¢ Yé andithe galveiized iron cover om same 
are considerably dana and. broken ‘so’ I have provided for their removak. 
indoy ‘Saphes’ on “‘Kinedire in good conditiom and may 
be reused. The roof of the present enolepure extends wbove voussoirs ef 
atch over dear de: te eng Rn TAROHRRINE IC GAR Gwe teeta 
now enclosure rbot to sine Mino in order’ to make it water 
anv > y and fointss © ites" 
@ Mi T consider 

et) 18¢ 

4re in whe pee ang + 
t VQ, Suil A O ; 
NOthi ne ornamental is necessary, 4 AWW also included 
in oo Specification fe | 

al have aBbked for a 

® brie desert 

iption of ‘euia. erilles and in the pranos¥ 

Separate alata the cost or biasoe Vin Place,I think 
Should not exceed wonty~five dollars. each, % 
As I consider this work very necessary, ps Dibsendes that the , 
aeSires of the Postuaster be = cranted, and would sugeest that the @usto- 
Cian bre asked to oh 

“an proposals for. i dd 

the work tron 5 eS bidders, al- 

have Propared the spect tieation for oPoning bids in your office. 
Ty) are m+4-4.. 0 | a : >. 
trusting that this report and skotohodratng will Sern sh you ; 
the information desired, ft an . 
Respeoteuily yours, 
ee } BSVGr, div ie b ah AT, ; 
; is “a 
’ 4 J 1.G v2 Ar Ss. t 7 ry . Os °y gaat 
. | Superintendent. 
r 4} . Weve ast rt * Q ow Ds 
 SRRt theooet o¢ Ohlareine, thy : 
4 be 2OUS\ on@ thoysand ur, r ido 
4 SP OWRD rue iw ted cat the eq@t: $208 intm «ey 
“ag ar OB" Ang broken a6 J net Ov 1 Te ay * : 
0 OR POI icaphos ‘or, acca iso Li. §00d ceuditios 
$ Pt * no % 
Y: aie Cvant onelesire ontone:. ahovs r iy 
ii, and T advissyis 
ce, *% ae Bx | 
Foor ae ‘Baro Iine tn cra io 

° yo | 

© — = - 

} 4 

Supervising architect, n 
Treasury pepertmant 

I have ¢o pe knowledge the receipt from a of a box containing 
terra cotta sumplee marked “Samples for U.S.Mint » Bailding,Denver,Co. 
t.A.MeIntyre", referred to in your letter of the 5th instant. 

The sample 3% light partition has label marked "Rejected 32s 
98." The sample 3” heavy partition,4" partition, 6” partition, 6" arch 
and 10" arch are narked in pencil "0.K.",from which I understand that 
those samples meet with your approval, The 3" book tile is unmarked, 

put I presume “ approved by you. 

% a ie. Nadieckeulty yours, 
> » de = : . i ew Kes pl 


uy * 3 Kk Taylor, . 

The Honorable bymgn J.Qage, 
Setrotary of the Yreagury 

pensation at the pate of eleht him@red par forty eiks - Sr gal 
DMmytron date of oxths and nithorising ab te eertity ies: Coapa ae 
for his services agcordingly, no voughers 

7 as 
, Pe AS © 
we a rh ee 4 


‘ .' | 
ers * a 4% 4. 
Cs a . ne “4 - 


a. : ce ‘e .< 
SS tn eee 
eer Vee oe ee 
& = ws 7 = ee ; J 



-— * 
rr ae 
aod 7 

>» ay 

Wr John A McIntyre %, 

Rooms Nos,402 ee 404, Cooper Building, 
Denver, Colorado, 
Dear Siri 

i forward to you herewith a copy of a letter received this day 
‘ron the Honorable Lyman J+Bage, Secretary of the Treasury, relative to 
‘ao extra depth of foundations for the U.6,Mint Building, in this city, 
under my charge, which letter 49 self explanatory. 

The Honorable Tyyman J.Gage, 
Secretary of the Tremsury, 

| Washi ngton,; DL. 


| Referring again to your letter of the 16th — inforn- 
ingme of the appointment of Mr,,Eugene €.Wilson as Watchman im conmec— 
tionwith the U,$.Mint Building,in this city,under my charge, with com 
pensstion at the rate of eight hundred and forty dollars ¢§840} per an- 
mum,irom date of oath, I have now to request that you inform me of the 
date of sqid oath of office as Mr,Wilson at the time ho reported to me 
for * dity incormed so that he hed glready taken the oath and forwarded it 
| I desire this information in order that T may certify 
for his porivicas from the propor date, | 
) Respectfully yours, <- , 

ae, Ws 

Weeks £A £4 oe, 

ss Buperintendent. 


planned,and directing me to 

The Honorable Lyman J Gages 

Secretary of the Treasury, 

Washington, DC. 
Sirs- 2 
I am in receipt of your Letter (initial J.C.F.) of the Leth 

authorizing me to have trenches 8 concrete footings under 

yalls and interior columns of the U ade ‘auRatn hn this ol tyyunder 
my charge, earried down to elevation 36' instea 

ead of 37',a8 at present 
keep a careful necend of all oxtre labor 
and material involved in this this charge, whieh ‘airaet 

| tone "lt pe carefully 


ee eee 189 

Mir, John, A.MeTutyre, 

Rooms Nos.402 & 404,0coper Building, 
Denver, Colorado, 

Tam this day in receipt of 

amples of white broken stone for 
concrete work and a sample o: hard brick for foundation and backing of 
walls of the U.$,Mint Building,in this city undor ny charge,which samples 
have been approved by the Supervising Architect and forwarded to me as 
my guide in accepting the materials,named,delivered for use under your 
contract. | | | : 
I sond you this information that you may govern yourself — : 
cordingly and gan deliver the material at the site for use te correspond 
with the sample S,at as early a date as will suit your convenience. | 
Respectfully yours, « 


Superintendent nt _ 

‘~ ¥7 .. ~ >. 
+0 Honorahie Laon Tee 
tw ) 

~ 1 yw - *s y =" 
VOOM SEEMY Oh) tnG' Treasury, F 

Wa shteron, D.0, 

Tan in rea@ipt of Toe Liter op of the Lath instant (initial d.? 
‘morning me of the transRegand APPOintnet of Mp RenJanin Tome to the 
position of Watehman tn! connection with the >.8.dint Bullding,in this 
clty,wmer my charge, With corbenantto on at the rate Of eicht hunéred ang 
forty Collers {$840) por oma, Trom tata of aa {which eath I note was 

ken Of the 18th instant), and authorizing me te» ecértify ond issve your). 

tm or | 

er Dor his Sprviees uccordinsly, | 
Respectfully youre, 
w | — 
¥ =e a 


7 7 is ; i, —Stipérintenden:. 


Mir «John \.NcIntyre y 

Yooms Tos 402 PB 40g, 

Ape Rutlding, i 
Dear Sir San 

lan iy receipt or. 
vi sing Architect statins wee 

Sized detazl drawing Tha 
Wnt Buil¢ inestn this city 

of said drawing and to <eet you aec 
state that if you wala r : ; 
the sane as my, ho a 

| Poe Bee 4 192 

Mr. John A.MeIn¢ yre, 

Roons Nos .402-4 

404 si ia Buliding > 
Denvor, Golo) a 


° Sins. 
I forward. to. You herewith a copy of detall drawing 10.45 shov- 
ing nethod:o# jointing stone _ “SrA a the U.S .Mint Building,in this. 
city,under your. eo tract, , Thi a a be nape: OF 98 guide in cut- 
ting end setting the cornice 1fltdons of Sane» ea 

| - ae leads pectiully yours 
: a Decker. ne! * C The, ie Ss» 
. ‘ 7 —, ve m 7 
; : et a ta ‘e - 2. ~ 
‘ 4 ’ ee i. , or 4 $ 8-5 > ® 
5. ‘ oo | =) 
« , ' e 


: o , “ » 4 om Y- 4. ~ 4 s : . a oa ~~? 
: "hi @' ei Te ~ pes . ed : OF w ~~ “eee 

* ‘ . v 
’ 7 . ; 
; é rt 3 Se Ar Yh t a , . : » 
; 4 ws st uu 6t-78 ‘ it ic .¥ * ¥; *%e : 
>. 7 
’ + e224 EVV/GR. Cot FR + Ova a +2 . 72 r 

a way > eo 5s | ale 4 * 

Gs jae 2m, 

. 2 193 

SUSREN aL RaNt ioe Acugtruct ony 
Si) ee u 
Me a aa 



F SSS sales ot). oe ISG fe 

7 ~~. a es * 
ew ots taylor, . . | | | | 

. “Sreasure Penn rime. | 
SETS MePartyent, We ' } 
Sirs. ‘ yUall Yashingt Of), Dc. 


I a) in res Ins a 
+nstants relative to dis » | neyetca: SE ohhe eOth 
OVERS eS SF EPanoles between. the Specification and fyi} 
he die: S¥eUll ang Dut 

. 7 Ms» 4. 
Bized. detail 4 

; Pawing Wo.44 Loy the. conpar 
| POOF ties 

Tonk at gutter and fintsh of 

io Rip. rolls and deck corniee on the U.S ,Mint Bas ding, in ™ 
! si a — 


i. thia city 7 q 
4 ra 5 ad 3 * dor Ly } | q:) 
; bx a . . aad ete 

=. . vs 
» — sd » 

eo fea. e In this connestion I wil), State 
bs. . } ni 
% ‘sontractor, Mr .John 4. MeIntyre, ray: apding 

. a _ —_ No.4, 

ean also in receipt of Lvro 

4%. my he ? 
iat T have instructed the 
modifications of “ull sized 

prints of detail drawing Yo 45 
parece of Jointing stone at cornice, 

a 8 es of this office and 

One copy has been shased 
39 Other forwarded to My.dohn A dk In- 

motor for the Poundation, Buperstructure and Roofrcovering 

a easy your ral 

i‘ ie aes a 

=) ae 

cee = 
oe bea: 


‘ ep 
: ae we ~~ 

x _ ~ 7 


ur.J,.K Taylor, 
Supervising Architect, ; i - 
Treasury Department, Washingtyn, D.C. 

I forward to you ORY Fe a letter of the eSrd instant rela~ 


tive to addressing §yperinte: ondent MY ‘Qonstruction, U.S. 
Mint Building, this city, and trust that you ony he able to have my oat 
so addressed as to avoid error in. its delivery, as my letters have fre 
quently gone to Mr.J.L.Hodges,Assayor in Charge of the old Mint in this 
city who als® has title oe*eaport ntoncen of Vag, Mint .* 

_'} have endeavored to properly arrange the matter by conferring 
with the Superintendent of City Malls, AS aa 

chon tea one ie AAO, 


Mi. J .L.Rodges, 

sci in Charge, Uni ted States Mint 
| , > 

Miron, en 
os Deny Ys Fol'erado, 
rie OSRaur De ni ~ vi ays. ; a 

1 * Of 
occastons conferred vith ¢ gthty “te ‘one aad Bay, that I have on 
Mperdatenaant of City mile in i > 

ve ban _8rror | 3 
T willjhowever, act isbet ee. sxggostta rade i ‘Ss wight be avoided, 

n a : 
Architeet™¥o havé 411 ih iad, psasayor ! and Poqest the Supervising 

intendea or me 
ee > ioe | oo! erin 
struction, ys ati nt mye Bs in thus a, “t — mince. 


efevence to its Proper delivery 2 and he 

S olty ddr 
_ eS | 12 essed eae 
error in future, 317108, VoPral ver 8 oe] as. to avoid muy / 
’ 773, 72% wl Lan’ rh Vi k* Me vant dy i} {ij i (? tl / P i 

ple to prevent e@rrcr’é: im Phe .eli very spe oetully yours, 


Shc ae ‘ 

The Honorable Lyman J Gage, 
Sconetary .of athe. A hat a ee 
Washington, Meh 

nd a net Se sige cealaggnet 

stant ,, that PrUne TERE | te ) Lean ee rt Eh oh 
ing Mr .Benjamin Tuthilias. nm connec’ ion wi 
Buildings, in this city, under, my wat 
allow his traveling expenses - sub 
Vashington,D.C.,t0 Denver's, | ohorad 

be = >» -_ 
2 P > 


Mr * J HK. Tayl oy > Re | 
Supervising Architect, 

Treasury Department, Washington, D.¢. 
Sint. | 
1 herehy acknowlodgs. the receipt of your letter (1mitial J.C .Pe} ' 
0s the 35rd instant, enclosing copy of letter of evon date addressed to 
‘Ir.John A,iicIntyre,contracter for the foundation, suporstructure and 
root~covering of the U.@.Migt Building, in this, city,unden - charge, 8 
rolative te samples of granite under his contract. 

..0.,t0 Dewar, Colerade, Respectfully yours, # 
r - ’ : 
| | sts, 


Supervirnrt fo oneth ‘ | 
Supertutendipnt of Goi RECUGRAOT, 


“ hy —— lL 4 in. 

—co a Stes 


se —Donvory: Ootex ado, 

tts 4 8G 0 


ry : 7. > on +4 . a 
A il Wl clad 3 T,ymar J eG lo» 8 

vecréetary of tic Tneasinry, 

Washington, D.C. 
Sir t= 

> "94 3 * ; + + { + ~ . 

I an in recespt of your’ tet ter dinit I.) of the 24th. in- 
Stent, infornin 


is me that the cath of office was administered to Mrs 

Pals ere Ge. Vii somyas Watohman An C0: ‘nection wit th he U.S Mint. Bui idings, 

y,under my. qharga, on 'Mny 17,2008, | 

be lilies i pe Respectfully yours, 
’ ’ j : “ . 
i a ? 
wW y® i 
. a 


: big 19g 


C ie 

Mred K,Taylor, | ’ 

Supervising Architect, 

| Treasury Departnent, Wexhington, DeCe . 

In accoydanee with instructions of DePrtnont circular = 
itial SS.) of December Slat,13974 J have to report aN the progress of 
work under contract with Mr.Joh# A-McIntyre for the nda tionssuper- 
structure and roof-covering of the U.&.Mint Building, in this ettysumder 
my charge,consists in tiv completion of the trench excavation for the 
exterlor walls of th building and the portiion of the excavation for 
the two interior wells and-manhole along Colfex Avenue front of the 
building, during the current month, 

The amount of vouchers previously issued on account of con- 

tracts 2B. 74 “ree Pe mot $4,256 <00 

pen sta] | amount to date 
; 7° one Was — durin 

i was 57 per daye 
the entire work under 

n of the work to each 

a. ee 


is conzestion I WFti' state that Bhe fill ano 
) of May was not performed Tor the roasom that + 


‘. ind 

thi . 



Mo J 
‘—* aad 


works allotted to 
the contractor 

not yot received notice of the approval’ of Wg sen} 08. SE of cenent 
no brick has yet been dolivered for the works As aii ies 

——— — 

yet make amends for the deficiency, 1 cannot wake a legion. 


tine as regards the possibility of 


tne york being completed within 


Respectfully yours, 

Woes be 
Superintendent. | 


ht oJ KPayla, ‘ | i 2 
Syervising Archiness,, 
Treasury Mgr tality Washington, D. 0. 

I hereby acknowledge the recekst of sample of red granite 
referred to in your letter (initial J. Ps) of the 7th instant, ap- 
proved for use by wir.John A,MeIntyro vhorever red granite is called for 
imact for the excavations 

| in the specifications forming part of his contme 
J.9.Mint Building,in this clty, 

foundation, supers teas tutes SURE of tha U,8.Mint | 
under my eharges said sanple being fer the cides of my office and my 

guidance in accepting material, 

ifr Robert A YOUNG, 

1524 Tremont Street, _ eg a ee 

Denver, Colorado. elt 


Dear Sir:» Z 
tam directed by: the Supervising Architect to inform you that “ 

you pay Sen phe copy of saan AsdieIntyre's contract and bend for hie ae 
work consisting of the Leundatran, “superstructure and roof-covering o= | 
‘no U.S.iint Pugldingsin thie etty wer ny sharge. 

YB = ‘Respeesentiy Yours, 

cS ee = 


lir.J .K.Taylor, 
Supeuvising Architect, 

Treasuny Departmont, Washington, D.¢c. 
Sir de ; 0 boy ad 

me to inform the Denver Texra Cotta .Iumber. 
tractor for the brickvork.on the U-8,Mu 
ny charge, that they min soe tle copy of ry Ou . 
end bond for the work ee orstrugtur 
of sata buitding. 

As said 

supervis ing Architect, “ ne 

Treasury Departuent , Washingt on, D.C, 

I amin receipt of your letter (initial J.¢.P.) of the Sré | : 
instant enelosimg copy of letier of even date addressed to Mr.dobn A Zz r 
foundation, mipingEraners and oi ama 

HeIntyre,contractor Tor the 
ing of the U.S Mint Buildings in this city, under uy charge, informing 
the approval of samples of roofing folt® Uo.22 and 24 easier” 
2 og.,]4 O%-,16 02.5. and 50 oz. ,cold rolled copper; Michiga= 

pine and wire screen. 
 Feppayse receipt of a packages by express, containing 
roved Samples referred to in said letter. 
Respectfully yours, 

jim of 

iff od -K.Taylor, 
Supervising Architect, 
Treasury Department, Washingt on, D.C. 




tam in réeeipt of your Lotter (initial J.C.P.). of the 5rd ix- 
stant enclosing letter of same date accepting proposal of Mr.C.W.Buhler, 
of Washington, D.C.yin qmout $49.00, to furnish all the labor and me~ 
terials required to complete plaster nodels es’. 1,l-a and 2 for tne or- 
nanental work of the U,&,Mint Building,in this city,undor my charge. 

ing Wo.19,referred to in your letter, has 

Tie copy of Dr awir 
been received. 

Rospoctfully your. 

: ‘ hus c 

Suporinteudent ot cosetiesioay 

Ly .0¢t2 B Spencer, 

Custodian,U.S.Court House and Post Office Building, | 

Denver, Colorado. 

nm accordance with letter dated March 29,1898, - ‘from lir.7.K, na 

Taylor, Supervising Architect,Treasury Department, Veshington, D.Ce, aad | 
as requested by you ‘on tho 6th instant, I have prepared a specification — . 
Sor such cleaning, renovating and painting in the building under your 
charge aS appears necessary and forward the same to you herewith, 

I hove ugde an approximate estimate of the cost of the wom 
which I consider wf1l be about seventeon hundred and fifty dollars 
($1,750.00) . 

Although the Supervising Architect directed that I prepare 
a specification for work in tho interior of the builcing only, you will 
notice Sa: T have also included items of ropains to copper work on the 
lunet - ! Li the roof and pointing of stone coping 

a a ee 


depth of 1/16 to 1/8 of an ingh, caused 

whith has overflowed < Sn ¥ 

rear faging of 

or alkali in 

these defect 


heya been pa 
ings have bd 

freseo in 

leaky plumbing fixtures 
s this true, of the walls 

especially t 
in which cas 

scraped orf. 

ir. Otia B. Spender, 

on, sovera 

the water 

ive stones 

to the in 

intod in of 

on finishe 

any places 

e the paint 07 the 7 

The walls & 

fe aang th 
ed a eleaneds ghich 1 
“method referral to in th 
por ‘wea ane 4 he 
pa ¢o10 

Sy as Boe 0 fe) ad W. 3 at - 

al i wad aw 

yt ; 4 _ 

| » (ts 

_ 5? a '; it ; 4 4 ‘i wnd | i o) yo b : also 

~ o 

e entirve gurtace 

2. 7 

1 stonds havithg the ontd: 

happen to be in the 

not noticeable from the 
ed +0 in the near 

ne should be resorte 
not suitabl 
terior of the puildings 
41 and the borders near 
d in distempe 
have beer chipped ptf b 

above and fron Le. 

ear * 

n¢ costings throught the 

* find upo® exp 

officials ¢° 

fate" ornane 
— ghould 300 

—= q —— 
, “wet Pad 
rOOL : 

vo facing gone to 


ape e+ 

9 for the use whicl 

y fresco decorat 
y voason of dampness fron 

aks in tho roor 

An the post ott+ 
wall and sezling will 

of paaster 
eriment ani 

) provi sioations. 

gations ¢ 


I think, oY the action 
oof gutters. ks 
che pai lciaes 
street; but sone nethed. 
a aon 



1 has noon made of ’ 

I fine that, where a 

the coiling * and the eeii~ 

ed, the paint and 

gut tet, aud 
fice working room 
need to be 

re prildcing are wery 

9 caresully 

ed wolls +? b) 
n de satisfactorily a 
The post offie? 

naider it wise te palit 
eho walls of kight- 

be painted & Light evlor- 

need repaintsie ot 
m i : a in, 

on Heke walls and 

r Otig B. SPONG Oyesnsae nnn - 

post office séreen in the lobby 1s object ona bl 

bill boards upon which these notiges may be posted in the lobby is 95~ 
Sidered advisable and I have Lnorofore included that work in the 
specification, : > il a 
The large openings in north and vast portion of the sereen 
cor package drops admits old alr into ‘thie portion of the working Tee 
when the doors from the exterior are open in winter, -_ the past of~ 

‘ice officials are very anxious to have the : 
behind the sereen enclosed for the comfort of + tho okerks working ts <8 

os has Wows dnbandod Ho the aneebsise’’ ** 

qnohomure tn aFcb~ 
of the offte~ 
shaft whder 

part of the room,whieh it 
I have also included an stem foe door and 

landing of the elevator upon the pequest 
air fron the elovator 

Lie ee 
¢ part ot shea 

way at basement 

4a15s, wo complain of a arauglt of oa 

makes the basement 

and railway rad elorks are oon 
mos’ not shut off by sali it is aorta 

There is no ¢ 

My. Otis B.fponcortses2 srt: 

item in the specification. — ‘9 
Trusting that the duformase! 
accompanying specification waa WF RS 

.e ‘onhage aor Reo 

otd vir PRec Sas t pier og , 

~ eet An Leer “guporintendene. 
cerior $r'9 Oper 42: 

‘a wig ee 
mix! OUS ay "VY 0 al Pie ¥ 

2 fap Tine gdm, ort er Wig gi tt 
bin: a in the spect en™ 
+¢ She Woer eqeyenee ie -** 
Son Fer gocy' ont ancoaure 4 
(nS we ek | , " 
aft poge Sera 
™ . ia< Ye e720 2G : 
- we chenns or’ ann tht 
i ’ , $3 2 i d of ‘ag . 
. eS Yona ay ten + 4 
| : amt °4 
Be roy ¥- ° ey “a Os 
tt ty de : 
gure ei ) al r 
ni a us ee! oqusth 



| : e 


Bree. 6 8s AFL | M 
gat ; ba aero | Le “67°4" 
fa du 
7 eng abut FF ee | , 3 
ae ee geet 

4 aa 



ce, a 

emir oy 

, 3 


Mr. J Ke BayLOrs ‘ 
“Supervising Architect, | 

Treasury Department, il 

ear e~ | ) Ga ot 
t am in receipt of your letter (and t80a g.) of the on wo 
stant relative to plans and epecltipabion #8R the sage — 

ing, platform at the U.S-Court House and Post orfice juildi “© 
city, and directing no to assist the Custodian of aaid itis | 

curing competition in pidding fox the work. | 
Ooo: vey cate San geese eT 

assistance $ ean in onder to obtatm Bids of the «onan a¢vantage *° 
the Governnent sible 

‘ : . | c. | | i é 
“% Regpoctfully yourss 
a epi hd —, 

- £ % 
, an 
Messrs,Fleming Bros., 
7 Broadway, ener: . le ae i 
oy . FashincvOny ~+\s 
aoe e 
apes engae a } > 

- there is to ‘be ‘some “von done at the 0.80 ou 

4 * Se 
1ghG2C i LOY 7 

‘i ngsin this city, pr which I have been 
hea Me ih POR oat Syl 

‘partment td assist the Custe 1 obtaining bi 
“T would be glad “to. ‘have you en]3. and exanine the plans on 
wipwasacattenja’ sod of which T have a ay i i men to submit 
‘ping e Bd co tne — ll ee 
ee yee SF eam § an t> obtain Di Respectfully yours, 

Fem § 6 

> ie ot wt DLS» : bad 
k apart OC ) ; 2 ead y Mio : 

) “> 
? > . 
lay : 
oy 4 
aa? a 
od : . 
7 i 


i j Py > 4 sas 
: { =) @ 
ee ow, ne PY iuye 
7. an ae SUL bE 
Ls = _ 


;. 42 

Messrs.Hughes & Stewart, \ 
1635 Curtis Street, City. id q 
gentdnenee mg | | 
There is to be somé work done 
Office Building, in this city, for whieh 7 have been requestal by the 

done at the U.S.Gourt Howse and Fost 

Department to geciat the Custodian 41 obtaining 
ot woula’be glad to have you eal an eine 

tof whieh ES 

speeeel cati on, a se 

mitting a bid | for the work. 

ir. J K.Taylor, ie 
Supervising Architect, 
treasury Department, vashdngtoms DeCe 
Neferring to your Lotter (ntttal 7.0682) of the 3rd instants 
stating that you have approved "Red Diamond” Portland Cement { wae Saas 8 f 
sieve for testing the fineness of the seme would be ant ne for ny guld- \ 
anee and assistance in accepting the cenent for _ in the Zoundations 
superstructuro and roof-covoring of the U 5, Mint Building,1n this ¢itYs 
under contract with ir.John A.MeTntyre, 1 wish to say that the steve has 
nat yet arrivedand thet a car Load aeachamagh aihanp ote i 
: an 5 han tienen cones Geimany of Utah, 46 tb appenre Enos Tae 
Yer | gee 
- od & portion of the sample wnich you approved : 
i Pi vert it proper to allow the cenent to be . 
| ae ' that work be delayed 
oak tn 3 you to wire ne accort= 



Mr.J,.K.Taylor, | \ 
Supervising Architect, ' | 
Treasury Departuent i ehingten, p.C.. 

Ssir:- | 
Im accordance with instructions in pepartment cireular (initial 

port that the progress of work 
my charge,to date consists 
vation for trenches for 

yation for end lay~ 

; 5.) of December 31st,1897, 1 have to re 
, on the U,5.Mint Building,in this city, under 
in the completion of the general excavations exca 
main wall, excavation for wells in basene , the oxca 
ing the 12 inch storm sewer from lot. 
sewer on Colfax Avenue, the laying of the 4 inch sanitary 
line to canter of Colfax Avenue, and the ana in piace 

coundation for 1arce we): 

Mr. J .KLaylor, 

: * 

In acéordance with dibtruettons in your ‘Lotter, tak F000) 

‘this day, 8 mat for me tne * 


of the 3rd 
scuple of the Tipst : 

delivered by the Porglanc™s 3 
John A.McIntyre's contrast #68 

Mr.J.K.Taylor, 1 ma 
Supervising Arehitect, 

Treasury ‘Departaent, Washington, D.C. 


| Referying to instructions ‘4noyour letter (initdal ¢. O.P.} of 
the 3rd. instant, that I test finonesa of "Red Diamond” Portland cement 
fouistdntion, ote.) of the U.S.llint Buildimeetm 

furnished for us@ in the- 
this city,under contract with MrsJohn A McIntyre, I would: dames 

thority t0 purchase a pair of scales for the purpose, as there “are no 
scales in the yicinity of the building which I can conv eniently usegand 
since there will probably bo in the neighborhood of four thou 
diet wou | ying to 
ay. . the pudlding,sit would become annoying 
sonent delivered at the é 
or the cen A ag 

continually ask then for the use of their s 
obtained for ge.90,vetehing in 

dealers to ¢ 
scales suitable for the purpose can be 

fract of an ounce up to five pounds. | es 

s ould also request authority +o purchase one dozen tin ean 

Tor  <cinqitaias 4 of the cement 25 
fron every sevent™ 

formrd a —* 
, _ e00 that several doz.” 

‘ ‘ 
‘ ee 
é Tt) 
: =~ s A obs 
: h 4 . 
» ; 
+ = | “ 
= ’ a 
os j i bs | 
~ re De co ia’ ty 
. ® i) yy" MP LIL OY . 
i» x ’ } om ; 
9 o. if 
€ ¢ 7 
af 4 
- 7 
A fal A 


you consider it ad- 
Tf, nowevers ye 

on which will ¢0st $1.50. sq acy. 98 si 
visable to do SO, by returning: const ne 

»vefor not to return them and think 

the prac™ 

“syvarding @ sample from every sotpangnke! > barre.6 
cvity te purchase four dozen Cans: whieh ill cost “ 00. 

Avaiting your decision in the matter, 7 an 

4, aka = ¥ 9 

1 s 5 
‘ . - + > 4 “4 r/, : w- hase } 
<9 Gagpe te ty Ga jeg 

gaperint atid 

- 3 . b] sed 4 Ca fi : ‘ 
5 & al al @ sg 5 + ots 4 én 
- : : 
, + fi3°R ~ “yi - 
; ’ , > - ” 5 3 
5 + a? a } 
| 2 
a(n Oty oer ha 2 : 
» - = 
7 + 
: ‘ .* 3@ Z f ‘ rye ts 3 i, 
7 ‘ a; ? - 
. ; 
4 wee i ewer ee « 
nos - . he os é 7 -. 
~ > : . - : ‘ 
vie on iad 
; : 
* + 4 ¢ 4 
‘ 4 “er 7 “" a > bd i 
4 ‘ez ‘ a * —* & a » 
> je H { ret ° > . > Eeeed . 
eu C 
| = Toa | 
2 é ha ‘ — pr. 8 . ‘i ‘ ~ bi 
7 Ae rt : & a — “— » *, mo P Ls + 
« 7 "T! ind 4 bp eee Ve 37 eee a » tree A $ ter : 
| 6 ¢ Re BS a Soe OC it 
> ae * H ; 
5 oes y OES, OO! 
ti se, EP as fade 
> get - . * e 

a es MY¥e Sep ias: « 
5 a Pe he 

i oa ) > + a 


7: i + 

f ine oF 

Superintend: Dott... ~ gee 

—— ——=— 2+ © 

ej Te a 

—_ -—o ee 

aye | Sager 
~ ——_— ”—_-— oO 2 a en 
ooo -—- a, 4 : 

‘ ? A v4 
4 J é / 
> re > a 7s Se = _ 

oe ana ar O_o os ccd 


Juma 17th, 1696. 

Supervising Architect, 

Treasury Dopartmont, Washington, D.C. oa 
Hone at his yard. 

Intyre has not commenced butting ston f 

Expects t6 vogin cutting red granite last of next weok. 

rangement yet made for other stone. 



Supervising Architect, 
Treasury Departnent, Washington, D.0. 

In accordance with vinst. 

S.) of Deconbor Slst,1697, 1 have gonferred with photographers in tes 
‘city relative to prices of photographs ‘of the work on the U. nt Bolle 

ing, in this city,under my charge+ 
The size 8 x 12 referred to in book of "Instructions ta supenii~ 
tendonts",is an odd size anong photographers here, er sizes bei RS 

ax10 or 11 x 14. Im onder that the dimensione of the 
eully ad large as Fo! red, I obtained prices for phot ogF 
nay tie Zayeat prtow bobng 2" 7% pletures 

of the puildine cor $5.00- 
one showing what has been 

ee taken 
ent calendar quartet. 

a Ko photocrey 
ane 1051 0 erty ority to have two 

Supervising Arghitoct, 

Treasury 6H, D.C. 

| In accordance with instructions in your” letter {initial J.C.Po} 
of the 3rd instant, 1 forward tq you this day by magl,for tostings 2 
sample of the sesond seventy-five barnels of "Red Diamond" Portland Ce« 
ment delivered by the Portignd Goxtont er or Utah for use under 
John A,MeIntyre's pomtmact for tho found ,Suporstructure, ete.s of 
the U.S.Mint 1} Udingyin this cify,under 
I have marked the package Wo. 

hty- . “J eo! vo Ta yLor, $ ™ ‘ 
Suporvising Architect, 
Tren surty arsoaeia) fancy be . 


in accordatiee with inetruet ons in your Letter TaN J-.Pah 
of tho Spd instant, 1 oun ve you this day, by mil,for testing, § 
scutple of the thirg seventy-five barrels of "Red Diamond” Portland Gas ; 
went, delivered by the Portland Gouent Company of Utah for use under Mr. 
John taninnget omens for tho pre. suporstructure,etc., of 

lined K.Taylior, 

Supervising Archites 

. i D,Ce 
wt ! 

“Gail of the 16th 
asaed to vy. John 

' . Treas 


cir?= % : 
| T an an regeipt of your 1 : 
instantyonclosing a copy of letter wi 
A.McIntyre in reference to delay in turn tng ren iste under his 
contract fer the foundation, super tructin yt i he U. aan Build~ 
mg » t. 
ing,in this elty,upder ny cerahy 28 woul note | /our } to roport 
fully on July 1st,n0xt» as to steps taken Br hin I a satiation 
oe danse hpi the —~ of wid Lette 

Oftice of 
Superintendent of. Construction, 

U.S. uae (Mow } 


Henver, Colorado , 

; . é 
—duy § 
————_dane lst, ___, #898, 
r - 
a a r 
~“ oY ef, de: \ lor, 
Mipervising Architect, 
Trea Sires D r\ ry yed- ¥ | 
Sasury Lepartments Washington, D.C. 
Sir. . | 
* hl LR yepelpt of vou t 
- Pues Your dotter (initial F,) of the Leth fue 
> thy ye me 
— VS ~<usg anclo r 

sitesi + ron of Vate = 
_— pt wi 408 00F 

or even date addressed to Mr. J.C.e~ 

or structural metal work incidont te 

Contra © With dy 7 i . m . : 

ve eCl Wit i .John 4 UcIutvre far the foundation, superstructure,etc., 
of the U.s itn > . | | 
+ the U.S.Mint Building,in thts city, nnder my aharge, and mote your in- 

struct a tn wataein 4% . 
S-ructions in reference to certifying and issuing youchers to Mr.MeQuire 

Tor his services, which instructions will be followed. 
“2 | | | Respectfully yours, 

. a | \ ‘ a we ’ Caticicen, 

, = Ei | | Superintenfient. 



-— & 



189 Be 

ir. J .K Taylor, 

‘Supervising Architeet , 

| /*Peasury Department, Washington, D.C. 

Sirt- | | 
I have to acknowledge the Teceh at, by express, of the sieve 
forwarded to me for tho purpose of testins the fineness of "Red D.angm* 
Portland Cenent, manufactured by’ the Portliand Cenent Company of Utalk ang 
delivered for use in the foundat ton, ote., of the U.S.Mint Bulldingsin 
this city ,undor contract with IM *.John A.MeiIntyre, as per your letter 
(ini tial J.0.P.) of tho Sra instant, 

Y have made two very ‘sareful tes'ts of the couent,in the firs¢ — 
of which 85.per cont oit tho coment passed ‘through the sieva, aud in the 
See mete ste ont rem a 
ingly ar ask is Seatnettons, 

* aed 3 of tho Grayat to yun for tome 
Weal neh str to the  Wonttened use of the e+ 

Only 81 to BS per cont 

& oS 

Wttice of 
*Hoeriutendent ef Oonsbewetinn, 
WS tine 1 : | 
—~—Lastas, tad orate, 

ea —Juna_2ana, 1G ivy 

= a ~ 

~~. o@ O02) Aa ie intyre, 
’ nme We f 
Rooks 402 & 404, Cooper Building, 

gil Colorado. 

Referring to Che cement to be used in the fo 

tint Bullding, in this cltyyunder /Our contract, I h 

myo te say 
“USCy atcordine to the 

undat ; 2G, et wv ce 9’ 

specifieation, bo of sufficient fares ( 
SO allow 90.per cont to pass through a 100 sieve, 

Aftor very care® 
Sy however, of the "Red Diamond" Port. 


Test and cenont, manufactured oy 
t10 Portland Qenent Company of Utah and Gdelivored at this building, I 
find +) 

that not more than B5.per eent will pass through said. sieves JI 

have reported the sane to the fupervising; Architect and he diracts 

nO coment can be used which ddoas not fulfil. the requirononts ef the 

specification, YT have therefoire beon compelled to stop further use of 

| Ba gata your comtractgand have now to direct that alt 

 gaths of + me es e Seal on ~ Site be romovod imngdiatety. 


# a Respectfully FOUNS 
Ae, Oe 
e teh, Pe a ae. ; Ws a 2 : s ein : 
ee: > ae > sr . ; he ) 

| Saportat ond ent 

lr. K.Paiyhots 

Supervising Architect, . 
Treasury Department, Vashington, D.C. 

| | | 

Referring to the Use ef "Red Diamond" Portland conent, mamifne - 
tured br the Portlana Conent Company of Utah and delivered for use in the 
foundation, ote. of the U.S.iMnt Building,in this city,under contract 

with My.John A.McIntyre, and also to my previous letter and telegram ond 

your telegram of this dates I wish to state that irmediately upon ascam 

taining that the comont was not of oufficient fineness delivery of the 
sane was stopped,and 1 have erderei 
ment mov on hamd at the building. 

cd the immoflinte romoval of said eg 



Doar Sires 

T forward te you horewith a p22 

“romthe Denver Water Coupe.) 
in amount $6, 50, for water supply for two e 

Lesets put in place by you 
“Comneoted with the water sig 

T wii thenk 708 to have a pattatuctory sete 
tlonment made as early as OOH ORAM 3 

for your vorknen, and, as said closets are 
ply in ny office building, 

7 +e. 230 

Fey T 7? 
A ed 

. th! % 
*"’\.ed avior 



° ~~ % ’ 
SUpOrvising A 

lreagury Departnent, Yashington, D.C. 

i have to roquest BU thority 

TL.teY iM the temporary off 

to mauke payuent for the supply o 

lee at the 0.8 Mint wating, tn 

this cityyun-. 
until November 18451898, 

CHArge 4 

‘In Se eptember, 1e07, y Visited the office of the Denver Water 
Company and Was informed thet the rates Tor water Supply for this offfe: 
Would be two and two dollars for the 
six months or elght dollars per 
3 rouneangt authority from you to 

amd this 

for sin nonths dollars Lor tha Sink 

cliset, mnking four @cllars for 


make payment for said v. ater service 

cCuthority ws given in office Lotter of September iv, 1687, 
thereupon royiaitad was office of the Water company and requested then 
tp mike out » bela tor the twelve montha wator 

sarvice Trem Serterbar 
anid nPormed me that they only wondered their bf22s an Tox 
rec) om wed rere ae 

a ~ noel a snd be id and al bias not Present a a 
ba. : ‘em: ’ ale a * f from y of Jue 
ar De ty 1 698, yon 3 ve et tee tron n sil: “i oe 


ben? until. 
ee ~*~ +2001. 


: : - ” 4) + aii 
. : on 7. : } “Pe } 
jig ‘| : en a as 

Were in Litigation Pebardine 
Tixed tho Fetes whinn Gove 
Presented me 

1898, as Toll 

OWS 3 For 
ing a total or 36.75, 

I Visited the Office of ¢ 

the manager ang inforned nim that. 

Tember last would govern Until Sept 

tnbor 08 but he ingersiod me that 
the clerk who Gave ke | rity 

the rate had no | 
than six BONTKS, and thn 

into effget May 1st, no could not alter the sane 
must pay $6.%5 for whtep | ie at the tiles | 
' ‘OR: a 
Ati Movember, 1898, 
In view of those facts and the fact "ht $8.18 roontns 

od fron the amount authorizad by oreton Lettor of Soptenber rTA0e7,, tr 
saad ee of $3.60 ndditionsd to anount 

mm ea 

) a rn 
My, t eK, saylor, 2 

; " 

Superyi sig vate, ‘s 


Sais hoch eal 

mrs aot aaa ee tae 
guidance a ee ee 


My Charles A.Mast, 

Cornor of 16th and Curtis Streets, 
. Donvery Coborados. : 
| neterring to your proposal for two photographic views of the 
now U.S.Mint building,in this city, in asomnt seven dollars, to be tale: 
on the 30th instant, i vill state that the Departuent has authorized me 
to have two photographs token the edst of which not to exceed five dole 
jars, being the proposal of another photographer in this city. 
Phang you for your Adndess, Tan 
Respoctiully yours, 



is Se 
OS: Choa 

oe | o 
‘ , Anil 
ew oe - 7 , 189 g. 
iit .Josoph Collier, ; 
eae . ¢ ’ Gites 
1643 larimor s Strogt, , 
elias etViate, 


i an authorized by the Supervising arelitect of the Treasury 
Dopartnont to expend five doLinrs (36.00) Ter tio Photegr.phte views of 
the U.8 Mint bul Ldingym this city, Maieh was ‘the amount of your pro~ | 
posal for said work. 2°wiTt therefore | tiank you to bring your comers, vr 
and take two 21% 16" views of ‘the ‘site, cte.,on the S0th instant, and 
upon delivery of the viows I will hand you certified vouchors for the 

“mount mamed above. 

Reapectfully yours, 


lly. John + Molitarey 

Rooms Nos 402 & 404, Cooper ‘palhaing, 
Denver, Cdlorado; 

Dear Sirs. 

‘As T understand that tho Dohver Torre Cotta tunber — 

ntibeeont rectors for supplying the tridk for use under your contract 
for the: foundation, suporstructureysdte.,of the U.S.Mint Bubléing, $n thts 

city, I have on soveral oécasions Visited their works to Nabeictate th, 
wewtins  neclled 9b as, nat ts 


‘possibility: of the conpatiy ‘to ‘supply tid 
eon any delay in the construction of the’ 

Tt Goes hét soem possible for the 
Ply ay brick in the near future ag their 

bore named compary tO simpy 
“ machinery fs aot i warty 
Fees, aS the work on tho building has ‘Already been delayed seus 

(on Rcacmnt of the nOmesupply of briek, I have to request that you 
b arerecentte ao will Guarantee the supply of sufficioart brid 
ot later than TiLy Lstynoxtyyou can iny at least thirty thédsst/ 

rt no on, a ee. 

bs 9 

- " 


#+ eVintondant of ‘goes! 
eter ——— r 
and q ’ Eb 24 mn 
T would sugesasthat YOU. rrangenerits for ete 

+ oO: ot haa Sane 4 13 sa . “ 4 R 
iti] subh time as y | 
“is SS YOU Can have other. samples + 
anenired hy the 
ehitecty should you dosire to uge othe 

XY eS 
10 Ost, 

uy OPV1 Sine. Are 
Respectfully yours, 


Mets CAH. - 

> i’ on 
_ bd a 
.} Te Phin aes a ~ 
: 7 « 
r 5 » | 
{ s 6 “ . 
: } ' d ’ ? a 
wt c_- 
4 a 
. = 
+ 4 l- ' - 
; Ye ae 
San > *“ 2 | Z re 4 ¢ 
ad 7 
*~+4 4 "} 4 
i ' a >. one: LS * - 
at Me. She honk fete 
ie: 4 ~* “io ww 4 2 
. ——-_ ¢ $ . é.- e a . 
° . ‘ » ; . 
d Re AC. : 28 TUTE 28 the Wtin- be. LTOAGH ho. 
| : a » li * * mse 

Serv was ee Panel MAS OS Srtchy 2 har. | 

‘. TSohy A UcIntyre , 

“COns Nog.402 2 404, Cooper Building, 
Denver, Colopade. 

Deir Six 


Referring +o your contract for the icatstun, superstructure 
unc Roofesovardme of the U.S. Mint Bulléjne, in this ekty,;under my chargiy 
have thia day received ® tolegran from ¢ 
supervising Jrehitess which rendis as fel lewe: “Approval of — 
aay cromite ts vovoked. Probably Ankine will be approved". 

Reapeottutly yours, 

i wish to inform you that I 

lind .K Taylor, 
Treasury Departnent, 1 

| D.C. 
Sir is 
| In accordance with instructions in Depertnent circular (ims hia) 

itinl 5,) of December Sist,1897, | have to report that the progress aye 

work on the U.S.Mint Building,in this eity,undor contract with lr. Joho r 
A.McIntyre,for the Foundation, Suporstructure and Roof+covering, Gen 7 
sists in the completion of the trench excavation for the exterior wat Le 
and eohereto foundation for the ‘same,excavation for and - the completion 
oi the storm and sanitary sewers to the city sewers on Colfax Avenue, . 
also oxcavetion for ond construction of brick wells in basewent to the 

flo} rapes tn said wells. . 

3 perform on fourteen and three-fourths days, and a 

* . a a men employed on said days was twenty-five. 

| eee samen os sao «ns 

sness of "Red Dianone™ ‘él pmamiractured by the Bir! 

gre ET sre snatant, | 
2 the 27th ine 

The oor : 
o , 4 


% ws truths 
tn eocordanne wi th inatrvet sens sa your letter of the Lath 

Beant I Wika, on the faas proximo, ‘aport mor fully as te the conte” 
Tor haastendng | ee al iat» aaa 
of vouchers previvtisly {sshed ‘bn accottit of contyactic 

3} We RETR et wer O~ UO tn be Oe in te ee he “ere teen Stara Seta an ett oot mae $t, 463 (4: 

Amount: of voudhor tssued ‘during tho current month | 

8G ° 
dD My MoTntyre «+ --.. elaine =”: uiggeiemmenee 
| ee. 


OTs Arrange NoNts 

Anon t 

pa Potel todato 

te arcanerele yours» 

o¥ * 

“we > . 

. : ‘ 2 
\ (x 4 » > Gan* = a < ¥ 
2 . ag A 

; aes 
Bu . 
+ oo = 
= & e ‘ *_ ~. end » oe a7 
hie ~~ i ° _* : ~Oatsiia wl he 

Or PS Sees Cave ley Ter 3): 
vr fb ate ty pete ny 22 
boas AF. rh ¢ me aN ; re. 

yo seeiyag’s 


U, S. 
lir.J.K Taylor, ue 
Supervising Architoest, hen 
Treasury Departnent Wa, shington, i 
ae } 
I um in recetpt of your letter (inival Je Pe) af the 2th 

ul timo relative to the use of Bs Diamond” Portland cenent in the wor 

of Foundation, Superstructure and Roofaeo¥ering of the U.S.Mint Build: ¥., 
n A.MoTwtyre » and confirming y— a 

in this city ,umder contract with Mr.Jg ad 
a ‘ 
| | use of Als Dyckerhoff c 
telegra: of the same date authorising the use of “A or “— off 

mont in liew of"Red Diamond". 

rhof an 
I have teated samplos of Alsen and kerhoff cenar iby any a: F: 

ss ah | ired by the spacificatfiems . 
only the Dyekerhott showed the ftnonoas | 
ye with your tes eairem, to preesed 

I guthorized ur MeIntyre,in Beco rdf 
—? a erhoff seed which he has done conpiet:. 
' * REE UE he »D»* 

ea | for in exterior wall with said cenent. 

a at * 

the ¢ conorete § Pou - al 

with the wo 

Res PHO MRI Ry yours 

Denver Union Water Company, | | ipa) 
Denver, Colorado. 


Gentlemen je 

I Canned tp you horews th eihateeniedlls duplioate sin payment 

Said voucher 16 to be yin et | 
for poykent, and T will thank you son 

® ‘ 


. 7 
, WS ” i » 
sah Oe Woe Dive LoL wr 

Surerwi sing architect ¥ 

Treasury Department, Washington, D.0, . 


= | 
+ ~ 


I> rh 

e : 
~ nals 

In obedience to the instructions in your latter of the Loth 

ULE Lidy that I wdke a report on thia day as to the steps taken by Ure 
fa Init Tl Lodicig $0 the full atid Sitislactory prosoecition of ths work 

on the Foundation, Superstrioture and Rocf-covoring of the U.S. 

mtilding,in ‘thie cLty,necessary +0 cuarantee its complotion on ar bers, 
Tore the tin. Stipulated, I wish to state us follows: te > 
‘ The tolay so Ler haa boon on account of the nomesupply . : 

waged — the wmsatisfactor? Tine enoss of coment, and I wil als ° state 


mt _. oe has shown some tardiness in arranging for cray gcan- 

¢ * . 

Re 3te. arding the brick, J y wilt state that the Denver Norte Cotte. 
néveebors for furnishing the genyien briak, whieh e 

en 0: nta is ast was warded they 
y mehiy ih = t dure therazar: 
oo: byin wey 
p ti rhok. < 

ie z if 
voy in¢ 4 th 



ts os , ‘a 
Med Ko q Pew wae oe wey ‘448 ‘ We 

haye &CC ord d ne- 

Ty directed win te furnish eeen, Oquel bo the Sample ap~ 

you,end bogin Layinis Setanta aie bul dding, immediately, 
rate of not less than thirty thovsey _ brie ‘Dor day, He ine 
forms me that he hat nmotifiod the suk con ng bors of this intention to 
purciiass satisfactary brick im the pon mar Ot and begin the brickwork 
here on the 6th lustant , and has submitted some dyy-pressed brick for 
use,buy as they de pet conform te the approved sample, I told him IT com. 

not allow thoir use and he will forward same to veM With a request te 7 
low their usa for the present. ‘ 

Thus far only a few thousand bricks, similar to the Samp Ree 
deen supplied and used in the construction of the two walls in the eal 
mont,wii¢gh J have bean guxious tp have completed béfore the basement __ 
walls are begun as the large woll extends six foot below water Line amt 

Proved by 

" de Ya.» 
at vna 

it was ne¢@ssary to keep the excavation Open and the water pumped ot tor 
several days during construction and after campletion of the wells ao 

that the cemettt may set sufficiently to meke the wells Water tight. This 
work, I an confident, is entirely satisfactory. 

— to the cenent, J wish to say that the contractor ade 


—/: " 


Se etter ieeer « Utah, snd ei se Ss me 
him that you oor iusdtieds nd aed Ne deere hi ty al 

“ 245 

“e hed @ TR ee on ns oe op 

SO gYouy } 
id that only O5% would nase ected a Ne.100 siev6é; and, as their 

Qs AStroved by ing about that ting thoy have been unable to 

Yenedy ¢hie 
ad Veadk © Ru. . ‘ << ae | sf. ; 
fault. Tho, proposg, however, to rebuild their factory im 
ned dia ately > ane it yes no the " - J 2. \ . | « \ 
~”  Soment to the reqijred fineness. In the mean 
be xa a 

1eceSsary te use another. conent, and in accordance with 

your telesran of ¢} A ie } 
eoran of the 27+n ulttno, Alain and Tyckerhoff coments were pre- 

The Alse’ conan} Was not of the required finanesssy, 

yekorltof? cament mat the Mauirenents,I permitted the contractor 
Sm yo + Tn ¢ a. oi, 2 at > Yar of : ; ? 
“SSO VAG Game, whieh he has done, end) havo directed that in the 

ckvork ho use Dyckerhorf cement unt eer arrangements are made, 

i aot ie ory 

time 4% wilj 

‘ata tale 

sented here for ug Rs 

42 Pa) 4. 
satisfactory ae you. 

The contractor has sham disposition to meet ath 
nts, and states that he has forwarder Stveral samplos to you 
ond will Yorward others tomorro. | | 

With the supply of suitable brick and tha uso of Dyekerhoit eo~ 
nent,as promised, I expect that work will be rosuned Sex week and car= : 
ried forward with the vigor required att) Chine» 

In vrefererico to the stonework, I wish to say that westive ear 
loads of red ereaite have been delivered at the contractor's stoneyerd 
(one of which T have rejected on account of unsoundness and vartety of 
color), and twolva stonecutters have been at work since tho, S0th wl time, 
ieee abor of stonequttors the gontractor proniaos to {nereni 88 ¥ tixty 
by the h : covmeals oft noxt woke, ve delay he caused in this matter ae ; 

tee aa) the tact that th st oo ponte pacts bor his no t or regularly ompleyea in os | 
of work included in his ‘inate yy and | waa compelled to erect 


his 5 vo) Kk ywhich he has | 
nile tho # ton —T tn te 


: 246 

Der mManmney and wi thous further delay, 

inte ny ‘elocran of the UWth ulbino, the contractor has fom 
VWarded samples ofr eYay 

granite which 1 wot began Weve from Gilman's quar 
“FY Roar Copopaxy and not fron Gray's quay 

13 propoSal, whith quarries wore revered to: in ny tolograu of Uarch 
Fo »i898, 

the change the contractor considered Recossary Owing to the ap~ 
corent inability to socure sutftciont materiel of unifenn color fren 

Gr: ay's 

S quarryswhich quarry, 1 understand, wis within hia contre? at the 

~mne he submitted his bia, My MoIntyre, when urged by me on several oo= 
casions to forward samples of oray granite for approval, stated that he 
desired to investigate curthey as toa the possibility of substituting ar 
kins gray pranite for that airtady proposed, which Granite ts senorally 
considered preferable and dt was.on this ageount that he did net forward 
the samples as promptly aa he chowld hove done, He Was, I believe, acte 
uated by a desire to better the work bp Substituting a granite superier 
to that upon whieh his original proposal vas based. He is now prepartng 
duplicate somples of Arkins granite to be Arvandse to you for approval | 
and, if satisfactory, I think it is possible \o furnish the material omm 
finish the contrast within the tine stipulated. | 

T have endeavored to axplain filly the wisting conditions here 
ond T tush that this report will fumish tho informtion desired. 
Respectfully yours, 



Mr. J .K.Paylor, 
Suporvising Architect, | 
Treasury Departmont, i Sa D.C, 

Sir pe 

Referring bo the Jointing of aystones and voussoirs of amehes. 
sr in aot os aia 
waler my charges I wish to inquire whether 1t 19 intended that the deg 
stone and voussoirs adjoining sqma at crow of areh shall consist ef one 
stone in 2ud story,ac per full size deteil sheet No.4, and of two stone 

in Ist story as per Tull eige Metall shat No.40, The details of areher 

7 for 1st and 2nd sterigs, as per drawings Nos.16 and 18, indicate that £t | 

fF is tentred that the anime > be Pollowed in both casea,that iss accardin, 

7 me oan mo for information on this — . 
| Moss40 und 44 indicate aiscere 

i _s 
sof | 

" ike ie Te . () 


etc. Tron your 4 : 

ses Sh WA nial w inn, as por ny requiateten 

‘Respectfully yours, 


Wr.J K.Taylor, 
Supervising Architect, 
creusuty Department, Washington, D.C. 
Sirte ae 

I an in receipt of your letter (initial ¥,) of the 26th ulti- 
mo authorizing the expenditure of six dollars and spvonty=five cents 
(36.75) for water rent for the tomporary office at the U.S Mint Build 
ing,in this eity,under By charge. 

In accordance with anid authority, I heve issued a vouehex te 
the Denver Union Water Company for water service for six months fre 
“ax Ist,1896, to Hovembor 1st 41698. | 

Respectfully yourss 



en oe penitent 

che Nonorable 0.L.§paniding, 

Assistant Secretary, 

Treasury Department, Washington,» D.C. 

i wn yO receipt of your letter (initial 3,0.P.) of the 27th 
wltino autherizimg the expenditune of two dollars and 7ifty conta ($2.50) 
fox the purchase of a pair of scales for weighing and tosting cantek oe 
livored for use in the construetion of the U.S.lMint Buildingsin this 

ay charge; alsg on expendi ture of thres collars ($3.00) fer ba 

cltivy,unter = 


the purenase of tro dozen tin cans to ba used 
conant to the Supervising Architect Tor tosting- 
Satd expenditures have peen incurred and the scales apa ti 
cans delivered, and the vouchers issued in payaent therefor. 
; Recpect sully yours, | 


Liv .# XX. Tayloy, 
Supervising Architect, 

Oreasity Depariment, Waohingt@, D-C. 

I hereby acknowledge the recoipt, by express, of the sanpis of 
> pradte referred to in your Rotter fintting J.0.P.) of the tag tir 
aimee for use in the edlium footings ingluded in the somtract 
of ilr.wohn A.MeTntyre for the Poundatd any Sapore truetune and Roof<cereriay 
of the U.S.Mint Bugiding,st: this ofeysumdor ay ghatga, sate sauple being 
for the files at er eine oiteas apne neers material dew 



Mr .J-K.taybory 

supervising APehiteet, Mine 
Bir i» , | 
I heraby agknowbedge tie roedipt ef photagranh of nedels Tor 
Lyla and 2 for stonowank of ty WEIN Bulldinc. in sits eLearn 
ay ehango as raderred to an your Letter (pnttiel BAxe.) of the geet 

. od 4 

Ottice ot 
Supeviutentent ot _— rhrintaaiend sy, 

8. a , 

» * - 
mF FP ce) rae 

<* , a a ae ~ v Ls 
, a1 OI 14 wr a> rac ¢ ? 
ae af “= -_ Bae © Ay’ ww. $< va 

ea P my 
Crensury Lepastpemt, Washiagton D.C. 

>.) of the Let duptant onelpsing m copy gf letiar 
te MpeSohn AaMIntyye in regen to tho Tireeproofing moyortas 

<P fsh0 : Laon ty] r. 19% + 4> wey o“« ri . 
foe use under his cupéyaes Tor te Foundapiens Supersipuctiare 4. Lape 

owe Pa at 206 U 4 .2ht Bulldiag,in this witty. 

<i note your ator pent that me,}a:7.a2 égnb) to the appre 

sostplsyreguntless of plate of ypu achpraywilt ie aabis 4 feet Orr. x 

Poe. gorerned ¥ tant. é fort: Auatd on am aceenting myrertiat deltiveret Cato, 

Rees ect folly Yours, 


of e¥Yor dute actizetdsd 

y* @ . 

| i 

Lr. John A.MeIntyr®, € 
Roans Wes 402 & ~ ae Building, 


‘Referring again to the stay tn 8 the a of prise fer wir: 
under your contract for the Foundat sstructure and Restecye, | 
of the U.S.Mint buiiding,in this city,I wish to state that ented 
sor of the 26th ltiao,] haya viekted Bho works OF the Demter ro . 
ta lumber Co.,end mde furtlier investigation as to the poss® 
their being abd to supply brick in quantities mended and at mathe 

quired by yotr to avoid delay in tho work. I find that er ba 
ton their machinery in working order, ane that,in all probabetayene; 
wii bo able to furnish wrtck bepinbing the 20th snetant. Tho see 

pean toy ee me 7 
mt é oa Se nm son tim 1 
‘i ee sl 

Dear Sirts 

«<. +t 

Ja ; Saran te no = ae a 
, ae be possible for then to furnieh more | 

ST amedd « 
_ o hundred theesan@ ty 
sce 8 be : 



. ” 

| ~~ 
+ & a: ‘a : , 
run thelr machine more tha, . on hours per da dn tho mimifaoture of 

wan 4 ~ le 
va ree a 

In ordor to secure th somple’ of your Gontract witht tise 

¢ basoment wate 
re the Tnrmnin 
ing and laying of one miilTion bybek: To alenae vou 1 $0 retah thet octart 
by the time stated, 1t will be necessary for you to meke orralganents 

with parties other than the Denver Terra Cotta limber Comtuny for tie 
deoléwery of at least “ vé hun@red thousand brick by Sept errby 1st anneal 

a | 
| all 


ition to the five hundred thousand which that company ¢an fants by 

that tine. In view of the fact that the Supervising a Nas net. 

chowm a readiness to accept the dty prossed prick subalt tod to hin ox: 
that you make arrengoments im—dfacely 
for the nanufneture and dolivory af said additional Zivo hundret thes 
amd mc brick equal to tho sample approved by the Supervising tnehitect 
on ey rh “peed po thant the delivery of said praek may begin witht= 
weeks ,if £ possible, and oo that one milliop bricks my be 

| oe g eptomber Le pRORt 
doniree to begin tho work above first floor lize Bp 

the Ist instant, I would SuEsgast 

h to he your attention to.the necessity of supe 
Sood wills above first floor line prier t: 
— yasin ma he one ‘onda doing required for the 
lia sho ata se ) Gor Wheto by Movenbor Ist, 

’ a 


” 2 
L edt iol o he oe bo = Oe) s 

tO Jiret floor line, which amount shoula be delivered, cut sot DA) z 
optember lst. With the nimber of stonenoutier now employed at your 

stone yard it will require about six months ‘to cut that amount of gran- 


“ 7 * ai 

ite,whereas, 4% should all be cue not Latet phan August 20 in ot der thas tt 
His °+ - 

tho work may be comploted to first floor Lino inetd setting of tirsy ji 

»Ac as H 
floor franing) by September 1st. In Onder to do this, it will be nects~ 

. 5% it 
sarv to employ not loss than fifty stono-cutters trom this time on, am 

it you make immediate < arrangements for the emplo; mont 

com | 



<! “ost thi 


f that numbor of men to prepare the red granite for the basenent walle, 

r * 
ops J «+ oh & ae Viw 

In the meantime you should,under mo eirounstan COS, allow amy @olay in ¢ 
“ne fuynishing of said gramte, mit omploy the a additional foreo ot are 
aitters stated in order qe avoid celay and, if nocessarys arrange ft ! 
‘torage of the material until ready to use the Same « is = “ . 

at ay" bs for the gray orenite : mp 
It is also desired that yrangenonts ry 

| that sample may bo appreved and the de P 
he made without further delayy6o wim” » ~ 

) | ss $k ' op we 
ep v . ‘ ts . 

Qo tLor - the ¢£ anites \ 
t in he rn 7 ~ | 
every thing that il in 1 the least hinder the prepar the gra 

work most likely te oause 
bbe ‘pranches of Wor 
<e * om of 

mnene also soo that 
. gtyrat, tL0e0r fr 

cca muy be 
ty “ -" ‘the ate you gan 
a ‘ead a 

7 7, a4 or. a “Y 
4 7 ai Se: ws _ ‘>? we 


: A ne "an? stit ané 
tho steel columns fo: basoeuent and 

a are ‘delivered at the 



’ +. 

in place and completed 

’ . ? ‘a * a | bal d ae = 


penalties car 

J A dMOT ’ eee | 

tained in the bond of your sub-contractors | A: 
ed in your bond to the my as > the, et 
ho object sotcht by tha Department but t — 
plotion of the work inoluded in your contac! 
delay continues that tho Dop ‘ 
procead to take steps to secre the comp: 
time stipulated by your contruct. 
Trusting that you wil? procecd at = * it ae Br ee 
tha lines stated herewith oP 0 h 186. —* 
the required viger to. comp late tho work mee Ce tine 

supervising Architect, | & - | - 
Trensury Departuent, Vaghington, DG, = ; 
Ono Inmeéred barvels of Dyckewhof? in ebty, er August Ist. | 

One thousand barrels Red Dianond aval la cn iat, nasser 
ply,any quantity,required finenesé tron f : . Recommend fox 
present using two parts Red Diamond so ak or sot. Por 
concrete @ne fifth more cement than preporyion @peeizied to overcome feet 
fuse in sieve. Also use Dyckorhoff for : ‘onal coment nesesary Doe a 
fore now supply moceived. 

Cupt.Ullery, Now U.S.Mint, 

in’. Joim A.Metntyre, e. = 
Rooms Nos.402 & ebjtatin’ aud ain 
vary Colorado. 

Dear diate 


‘In accordance with {nstructions from the Saporvi sing kyohiite 
in his lettor of the 5th ingtant and te sarctques with portton ef yar 
contract (line 18,page 2) for the Pownidas: erstructure and Root ae 
covering of the U.8.Mint pullaing, in this sstqunoder my charges 1 feet 
demand performancé of such portion of the work as wil! be necessary: 
complete the basement walls and struetiital ivon work to the Siert fee ~ 
line by September Let,1098,a9 por ay Letter of the ¢¢h instant. a 

} Your Liter of the Oth instint ts 

reooived, ami while it ape bee 

made ¢ necessary, I set 
nears that in an 3 you “ed ng aevanen . 

My J K.Tayl Or, 
Supervising wt 

tment, Washingtony De. 

} of the 5th dt 

T am dn reteipt of yous Lettor (initial a. 
ifonn A. Moimtyre 

stant requesting thet I addtoss: a  ponnertiloation to bir 

contractor for the foundation, superstrietuit bn Ro6t 

U.S.Mint buiidingsin this “edty,dénandi ng ‘that a epooitied portion oF 
“the work be coupapted within A given ‘tine end aivise you of the resmhe 

-govering of $' 

thereof? forwarding conten of tho commaspontonce 
Tkjmo I Freed ay, 

In voply J wl state ‘ehnt 6: the obth ¥ 
york ond on the Sot 

or eoneorninc the delay in the 
eoplog of both Letters are enclosed ROTG +. ; 

with the ‘contract 

wate recpived his replys 

“ca eatncs's ees vn via = rte wh . 

apr aos te maagr atvects yin witch { waquanted the com 

Le haste For the goepletion ef the bancnaxt 

p Mind and the plugins oF the structiPuk 2° 
¢ alone a copy of my tottare 

pe 1 nian ; 
With the torms of your jet :0 dj 

considpration. 2 bowy Sait 5 iP 
coivod, te 

I believe the arratigementsW 
the briek will puarentes tho delivery of # 
lieve that there will be mo Liack of wee andes sea wise that 
there will bé no further delay in tho brdek~work provided you approve 
the arrangeyents Pov using nyhod DiAnond" coment on tho basis agreed by 
tae contractor and stated to gow dn my fedesrams of the Sen lineal 
Stank . 

The column footings» atoel penns and Pleor framing alm 
all probabilityy be tantahed tn * esune ¥ Asante the wonpletion to +e ” 
first ficor Ine by Sopteuber" 1¥ ae ; 

The inereasé in the eee of granite entters haa 50% bones f 
as great ns I navised end not as Gveat as Podndader necessaly+ er 

insist, howe var s i tho inovonat ‘of tht Fore? as ager ang as Geten 
ota awit! asi? wegen tn ue mat 

oft the “ of tho ¢ contiete Me 
the work all T pr 

Mr -J.K.Taylor, ae 
Supervising dronttiedt, * } 
Treasury Depurtment, Was! ingtou. 
ee ea : 

t an in reeéipt of your Letter “Gubiseh m.4.0.) of the oth 
stant, containing information as to the Solmming ., ays o | 

soirs of arches over first and second 

Building,in this bity,under my charge. 
I note that the ai arte ‘to be cut tn ose rd. 

liog.40 and 44; that iby "the keyst 
ing in one “étene at tho cet 

tractor accordingly. e: 3 
eas e 
bd vs ; 3. : ve ¥. . ; 
Pa . ii ei hie. Tm BR aD é' 
° ; . ‘ . be 7 ia rv ¥ ‘ . 
wo ". le oR, ” : th “4 4 
tea val ie = “5 ra 

x) om — 

=, oe * i.e" 

* : “ 
1 s 
» ¢ — 
> Se adn 
! 2 . 
. 7 a y » 
fs « me. . q _ 
+ 7" 
. a a 
-  —_— 

Mir, John A.MoIntyre, * bi | 
Rooms Nos.402 & 404, aii mesnainey 
: } Denver, Colorado - 
Dear Sirts ° Se ee wh 
Tan this day in reasint of. tekagean trom she esting Supe | 4 
vising Architect relative to the cement to bé used in your contract fer 

ne Foundation, Superstructure “a, of tha UJ.S.Mint Buitde ad P 
allo struct contractor to use " 



premeceaill when it caimot be ) 
tar and twenty por cont more mnie 

ommended by yous 

iy .c.2R.Kemper, 
Acting Supervising Architect, 
Creasury Departaent, Washington, D.C. 


sg an dg recedpt of Your telegram of even date in reference 
cho conent te detsed by Mr,SAdMeTatyré,cmitractor for the Foendast- 
superstructure and Roofseovering of the Us.ifint building,in its el? 
which telegram reads as follows: WInstrutt contractor te use bycker); 
Uhon 4 camot be hady wag Rea Diamond thres to tivo fon morte and 

twonty per Cemt mite than. rt for goncrote. All as recommended | 


acc aie: 
sine yours, 

Supervising Architect, 
‘Treasury Department, 


Sirs~ | 
| I enclose herewith cory of 
Mir. John A.MeIntyre, contractor cor +e 
Roof-covering of the UsS Minit | eat 

reply to mine of the Sth inetant j eranding tha 
<ract proceed to the mpletic ‘ae the wih to peal first floor line ay 

september 1sts1898, a copy of which Lotter was enclosed with my letter 

addressed $0 you on the ‘9th instant. : 
Biss (4 Respectfully yours, 
eae hl os Sell lm 

ea 2 oe 
5 Pes eo 

‘oo es Re i 

: a 

7 | Mel 
A ( ae 
ma” 4 

The Honorable Lyman J,ffage, | | y 
Secrotary of the TYeASUrys 
Yashingtony D.Cs 

Sir se 

sy pespectfullly apply Tor Leave of ebsbnee for fourteen days 

beginning August 1st and ending August ‘Lathy1 B98. 

on 5 
SS . 

Mir. .J.K,.faylor, 
Supervising Architect, — eA a 
Treasury Department, Washing Bl 
Siri- : 
In cecordance with instructions in. Dopartnert ctrewlar all a 

itial S.) of Docember 316t,1@07, I have to peport ¢hat the aia a 
vork on the U.S,iMint Building,in this city,under contract wee 

“=Cco rs 
A NcIntyre,for the Foundation, Superstructumy and root=c 

, orior mls oak 
in the completion of the trench excavatiat fer the oxt 

| ene complotion o4 
concrete foundation for the casio somenvation id and 

on Colfax Avermme; aiid. 
the storm and sanitary sewers Oo i city* a 
sick wells in basement. to ino 
excavation for and heres 7 | 

a the construction of sna wa) 
of overflow pines 4m pai | om b ale — 
seaffold high along Evans sin bout feet along trent 

and rear 


“3 are now preparing granite for the 

w se zs , 
— > °C. 22 
x oo, 
aa +s 

= _. aes 



¢ . 
“. ’ = 

of BHO om Nera 
elena sat | 
eam heme a 

Ve aot he 
2 7s 


cne early part of noxs WO, and. the ; 
within the next week aro math more andes 


My .J .K.TayloO®, 
Supervi ne Architects 
Frey Dopartnent, vashington, D.C. 

In accordance din instructions in your lotter (initial Ts. 

Pp.) of the ard ul tims I forward | to you this day y by nail, for wegen 

yentyafive barrels of 
2 lia of Utah,for use 
_ superstructure ont Toda 

sample of tne fourth | 

nent ,celivered by the Port. 
Jonn Aateinbyre!s conta ter 

> Supervising Architect, 

Treasury Department, Washington, D.C 

your Lotter (anitaad Se } of the 15th In- 

I am in) receipt of 

tor of the 9th instant & and demand mace 

tho _ under his contract of 
of the U.S.Mint Building,ia this 

stant referriug to my Loe 

J.A.MeIutyre that he complete 

Mr wal 

tion, Suporstruc ture and ane ay 

s: city, to the first floor line ‘by sop mbex ist, 
tions to inform the office in the nenntine concernine the pr 
plying with 58 dd denepetysto > instructions will be 

and I note your imstrae~ 

of the contractor com 

care Naty peepee 
“Referring to thay 

ant bar ors a a9 oa tend al a gool 
@ sub-con yraatorsy I will state that I 

7 ao tporte hs al ———? have beon for the . 

“> ’ io ’ ‘. ‘ 

C y in the adi expediting the : 

a igs | m4 

at son $2 11: Ling ¢ -, hy a srfer ing with the ; 

ars a0  o 
P 2 

portion oF rel Totter we advising. caution bs 

wing interference between tad’ centrae- 
realize the importazioe 

@ > 
> Yn y- '§ 

—. “ “y 
aut contractors do 


r.C Dl 0: pars we a oo! 


tm | +. ey , 
qualivy and equal am the 

Srani¢oe TJ have been tomnpelled to reject ‘bout ‘a Gar Loads ont . of at. 
been car loads delivered, my objections ‘boing @ account of vwarict 

vo done this as the stoxzs 


color and poor quality of the granite. 1 ha 
was delivered at the stone yardyone ailp distant trem the aint sitegse 
if I had waited until ¢ ho. mat terial WES Aalivepee at the mul Leingysi0 
imperfections would have boon Langely hidden by cutting and cress Ls te 

So dae he ed q 2 4 4 : ; a : : ay 
yould,in time, become very prominent after the gtone had bear oxposee 

ia oe Vy 

Lor © nation of granite requires considerable time <a 

: ; mai 
» ~~ is whe + eee se © ~~ ew sxam nb La Vw +> 

| ial On c Bare 
in some cases, the granite having been expysed vo the san some ti 

) | « ase wot 
ivery, becomes bleached om the surfacg and bao it <= 

= wi S rey 
a 7 ne eer choles” 
ble until cutting 1a begum,but the dofeets are t™S ™™™ 

. 5S | 2 
as J} ad to veject some granite after gt me P partially dressed. 

: z ae 
this state consiat largely of Deiear 
foot in deptii, Lowe 

The gronite quirries of 
the surfage portion of which, SOm0t L105 70 saves 
and more oF Less 
» of the bowlder Ss af 

Tiabiec ta 
been affeeted by denPROn are discolored *c 

isintegration, so that only the epntral portie 

his requires close inspegtien 4 

live stone ax sult ible for phe wor. 
re} » mat ete 

the. E somes gs dolivorad 4a opdor to aeoure suitable natortal amt # 

5 eh ae of ve 

ae a) 
Cote fs} DA om ‘cia 

40 Capon gran! te, approved fer the resent 

wm is baing com sidered for the. 

it is not pradent *: 
ue heerss! ced ‘3 
| ae ae 

i— P 
a - ac f 
: . + 
‘3a jt. 
y é » % — . 

Pe, Ae, 


CCOViBGOLOsin the interes of » Sevorament, to tire an O55 iste ant heres 

el’ gilts 4.2 = i - 2 ~~ us 
.Ci Cutlos shall be the inspection of Ene to. 

O ghow the imprudence of absonting mysolf from the bul lding 

curing building operations, I wild stato tint in the placing at the com 
creto for the exterior walls, &#n one port jon whore a bed of quieks ksand 
vas eneountered and excavated to a depth of 20" below the bottom of the 
trench and in about 12" of wator, the workaen after auch effort to get 
rid of the work, tock advantage of my absence at noon to put in the ccm 
creto, which, upon examination on my returns I deternined W128 laid vitheut 
ent or laid in water and the com@nt Had washed out. I or 
can cubic yards of the concrete reneved and had the water kept out while 4 
wes relald in my presence. This watebfulness is aquaily 
superintending the delivery of the brick, mixing of cement 
of brick aia’ has been foreibly demonstrated to ms 
not advisabis 

MOP vs ar and the levying 

within the past fev ¢ days and coupes me to #* tate that it is 
to loave the work even for short intevals. 

work until now has been more or less Une ; 

Tor m¢ 
The progress. of the 
nepection ex 

steady and I nave been able to aovote considers able tine to insp 

P Q. but 6 i e rs c ont re 
) ge: ayy aad, as comet iss hie pe more to ola this matter: pefoare 

etivity at the building is likely te pre 

x or aa 

su 1. 
» é si : 

=e Pull Ly y yours, 
> yaaa 

y ¥ se s » 

+ - 

tt a oa 
" a ie, 
, ? a 
ar nt. a 
7 : oh 

‘ i % Fi 
i. fa 
6 4 FS 
¢= ¢ >a 
i a. 
i ." 
Sander. L 
yy oe * 


ay le ~ + 

LO .0 ER. Kermer, 
Acting Supervising Architect, | ; 

Treasury Department, ¥ 


1 am this day in receipt of your letter ({mitta2 g, } or t! 
isch instant relative to the appointment of Mr Joseph 7.H.Fall as 47 
spector of cranite in connection with the construetion of thy ts.iti 
Bullding,in this city,under my gharge. 

Ta ny letter of the 16th instant,prior to the receipt or 
tice of said appointment, I called your attention to the adeisab&hi 
of appointing an assistant here whose chief duties should be thé Rm» 
spection “or, be vr «(the already beon taken in this mattar 

inte: shading as 

—. i 216 


Ottice of 
. : : 
Sup crintendemt Mt __-Rons+. ructiin, 
UU, §& AS Hew), —_ 
ng Zee ~—Danver, colorado, 

iy _, 484 

/ gy +80 Honorable o -L Spaulding, 

j 4. 2 oO * = st 
Acting “Ocrotarys 


on . ' ; ‘ 
sreasury Departnont, Washington, DC. 

I he reby cclnowledge the receipt ‘of your letter (initial 

O: the lath instant, anf orang me of the appointmont of Mr.Joseph 7 


2s inspocter of gr apides in connection With the U.S.Mint Build: 
in this Gitysunder ny ehargoy with compensation at the rate of sixte 
hundred Mollars (31600) per anni from date of cathy which was the 1’ 

‘nstant, i 

“ Vouchers in paynont at “his services will be certified anc 
“— tn accordance with said int omation. 
is * % ‘ x ba ; a | Rospectfully yours, 

a ‘> Be. ‘ns os 

Superintend@ns . 

In accordance with inetome On 
‘he Std witimos 1 fomvand to you this 1 ; 
c=pl4é of the Tizvth Soventy=Livg tare of "Rai Dionend* aru ancl 
esec by the For¢ilong Veront Coepatyy oF Utuhytor we URdaR Br Teia dell J 
intyre’s eontract for the Foundatiny Supsratragyure Pe : 
of? the U.5.Minit Bulddingyin this city. 

P.) of 

“= al 



or K Ol ; ~ 
a. "0.8.3 +. oy, 

» Sk ee 
Aeot Y meal, Nuhor yi Sin 

sa i AMeDN boot, 
¢ vie > aah * 
| Treasury Dopartaony . VechAnes ox, D.C. 
‘ : % 
| WERTMING to chee props 8, page AO, OF the reedeteats aoB Dor vit 
20; Why 3¢ ) ™ » os yr 
Oe TL Or OUPOr st» “Slure ond Roel covert yy of 
do this ets. 

WUAGEY my CRANE» whd oh Meads » 

*% SEone tags ME rie | 
of afore hes + G2 MAT YO Crapped tocethor Wi th, YYQUGhE Eren ercoe 
1", : GP ang of whe \ee6 sary ley hye mal with the ends 

Curned up 

the 2.8.3 Mint Buite ing. 

_* tater thy, % ie inteaded thas ‘he ¢ramys are to be pl 
OB8h ston, 

Ayts ~OYeman w ston 10W 
the stones ALpeaiy ot, 

Ne contract 
eranps to po ON top dz 

rontlon to the Spaq thee 


-40@6 bensath 

obke has Prepared for ty 


and When f gn2eg RAs ag 

Mon in the MOEtOry ho sPated that te nag 

*suapa net | it Math ¢ 

Q& never 
par etone and he WO satiars og that. he scoule 
no tm m a0 the o on v Ips ce an nt. a thet ™ . x | By 
rr, a ; ve = o > a Py a: : Ms “s 
— the opts ~ ba sere Mito esse 
sat bh *) he. 2b one 5 : a sini - b | 
wey f. — Be ee we 


. rit a' 
ait: rien —1U¢ i 3D. 

Pate de—, 
. 1 agg wg Nt ands 

nS gp wIe 

a | 
mm I) 
4 4 4 4 


ae ae 



o4 oy 
? sie 
§ « 

4 7 







. - - 
=. a) ee 
ee pe) 
oe Pe 

= Oa 
“4 * 






T as - receipt of your aii 

tastant, relative to the gray arauite i used 
contrast for the — ae Super: 

the soneeas sn suas arama 

na on the * 960 ta be used as « pe 

“stant informing me of the 
Dam for the 

’ +, + " \ 
“— ££ Ger oe = a 
4 4 
Sun ry 133 -* A nam Y 4 + \ 
“RE BPCALEESY, Sensing Department , 
Washington, Dw, , 
— =_ . ¢ m 
: | a : 
4 a inn > ats ¥ >= a | C “ ; s 2? 
mes oseon « t.Hall, Inspector of Gratite for the UsS.Mtnt Sut2. 
= » & ++. 4 é-~ ! 

ar Dia uae im the tas 
porary office here. d | 

4 suftable deak con be obtained for ten dollars (§10.), amd, 

A ell 

if it is customary furnish desks for granite inspectors, I recommen. 

(Rat authority dé given tes mil 4 the purchase. 


n 3 a ie aia 
J alse requo@t authority te purchase five gallons of cod! Ob) 

to cost seventy-five eants, for use Hy tho watchmen at the tenporary | 

-@fftes prilding. 

il ~~, Reapactiully yours, ' 
_- | 


Li ; C a 
i Je K., taylor, 

Mr ed oH eTayl or, x 

: X 
‘ 2 

Supervising Architect, | Dn 

Treasury Departr its x. ae 
Sir te “monty Washinton, D.C. 

T have to recuiest that; vr, ‘ 

5 1/4" X 10%,de forwarded for use over the ies cams e | 

at + he 7 , <4 ay ey Office Ladd 

at tre U eSeilint, in this city,undier ny charge, the ot | balidang 
ust S0th,1697, having become frayed, worn, TN Supplied om Anp~ 

surther uses 

UY J KeTaylor, < 
Supervising Arckiteds, , oe 2a 
4a y ‘ rn: ; : 4 be 

a = % 
1. = 
x < r 
‘ { . 
’ i" . 
: “4 

oo ae te 
aba m. a7 
os Keiaylor, s 

lsinre . 
1Sing Architect, 

. i . 
._ . *, 

“reasury Bepartnent, ‘ , 
Wy, aol}, 4 ~ ~~ 4 
1 “Shingtoan, D.e, 

9 this daw in ws 4 
» ME R000 IE OF Your Letter: {inisia3 

J aie 0d plate glass approved for use ame 

EN ed ON yo MelIntvy 
san ll iw yi O's by te: 4ft) 
comtract Ler the Poundation, Buperstructure 
| i 4 vi UL UL? 
U.S,Mint Building. 4 J 
-sliint Buildingsin this City, said samlo heine 
tt) yy 

mY Office andumyemibdance. 4 a 
nd ny guidance : in ace Opting the mitertot. — 
 —- Sia o- 7 7s al 
I Nave also recent 

*285Vant and 

TD * 

1.00] ={- tr mite 4 on ms — ~~ 
COV ay O77 the 

— \ ore « %. 3 
+0r the files of 

1Y Yeceived a ; : 

Y veceived a Sample of the sheet Lond te ty 
bars of ‘the [Tlie hia ae G 
| a the skylight in the above notticned con 

- Respectfully yours, 


used GQ the sash 


SF a Pies Me. 
, Sa ee att > aa y Superint end 

=" . 


* 2 

" Lr 
ius ae a T we} r. 
“ved f" 2 O15 

s ? 

ee < ~ 
Vupoy Vising Archit 

t Got, Treasury Dop 

Wash ington, pre le 

e} 4 ” ® | 
aan gm 

TO A Py 4 we - 

tr we Vd Me ods to ins . . hy 

| Struc tions in your letter (init ial &.} of the 

> oe + om os Oc + s . 
ah a ee LilsS VELily » relative tO tlre 

Yrorress © wor 
PPVErODS oO “ork on the Foundation, Slip ee. 4, 

Roof-coverine oar 7 
G Ol the U8 Mint Building sin this city, under * 
. * = : 
ry y.... 3 O 
ir* . " iT : a Re T 7. — 7 vs .. a 
4 e@UllT] A Lic In by" Gy that, Yenourg it dovelop that t ere is 

Liat ronan hb 4 > » re e 5 
Of i Dild4 ty OF vlLO York O61 We 

" & . , ‘ZF | “ 
complated to the +trat floor ling be 

+. the attention or — ye 

“ppetr at al} Probable that the contract» 

On Or Ddefore the wat 

Wii reach SRidg natin - 
RiQ polrnt Gato mentioned, 

_— the contra sLOr in hig Tos ' GRE Sth instant 

- 4u oie) Ve Lek 

that he has onteted into contract with the Golden Pross Brick Conpany 
7 : - ; 

ve Oe om 
ae Vb, wed. »! 

for the immediate supply oO: ffve hundred thowe: 

Baud hard burned bre ck — 
. lar tp the sbuaple, it does not seen likely that much more than halt es 
“Shan dha B ake 

mount of said brick 422 bo doliverod b¥ Septenber let. 

The deovaael g orre * Sale ta. : da reer 
contr et 01 “3 for ou os | shang , babe k = will p “01 d nh). 
y > . ‘ ’ « 

are the original subs 


en Fnes bo nble to tyne 

a - 9 Q 60 + yay | 4 
a A ctor ON expoots hom, te 

Med x 

ee ee 

7 oricic for 

’ i“ 

= t. 290 

NS PER, op a —. 
id Oo bublding, Th ae ne ox” bas, th s Ste =" te ! 

be Sonploeted 

Wine be the insu 

Walls wii) not 


Tirst next, 

The COnt nr; 

GPenite for tho DAS amon? 

* Walls, ana durin ;- the nonth Of August will. at 
or cutting, probabhy Pr"Opare foup theusang feet ag. sa: 
Six t3 LOUBaNE lect cut: and Prepared by Septenber Lat, 
-inish tho Pasenent walls to Yirst floor 
ten thousand cubic ¢ I Iheve Pepeatedly called the 

noon erty tor an increase in bis forge of 

Torty-otghty yat I have been intorneg oy 
the sub-contractor nr furnighas 

the red Branite, “hat, oving to tuba tin 
Wi11 de somewhat delayed in furnishing thg 
the first or Septenber, 

No work has yet boon done toward the excavation for ang the 

Placing of 60; tan footings, and I an unable to State when the Steel col~ 
umis } wie be hes teen Or sot. | 

she Present rate 
ditional, Batol n;- 

While the anount required to 2 
Line is about +e6t, 
CGhtracterts attention + tO the 

Svoné-cutters Which a number 

factory werk: in blasting, he 

metcrial “equired prior to 

lir.J XK. Paylor, 

“tporvising Arehitect, Preasury Departnont, 
| Washington, DC, « 
In accordance with instructions in Departnont cirevlar (init. 
int S.J of Decenubor Slst,1097, ¥ havo $6 report that the progress of 
Work on the U,S.Mint Budlding, dm this city, méer contract with Bred 
A,UcIntyrey for the Foundation, Superstructure and Roof-eovering,can— 
sists in the completion of the trench excavation for the exterier walls 
and conerete foundation for the saney oxcavation for and the completion 
of the storm and sanitary sewers to tho city sewers on ‘Colfax Avenues 
also excavation for ang the construction of brick walls in basement te 
the line of overflow pipes in said walls, ‘and the construction ef eau 
mont walls scaffold high al 5 By NETONN. aio ELISE Rogh edad 

Zan Aaave nd abowt qos ete Se —* south Line 

Cha for sore cae stag th coe 

: rT vs = 


ee te ie: 

Taich wera considered 6:14 BLA EORY a 

Amount of voucher; previdy 

Amount of Youshor ‘tosued urns the 

le Mec In tYrYe~e Se ee 


Se ee 

go ee 

Ponee to 

gi ae, Hf 

~~ <= 


itr . Se K. Taylor, 

supervising Architect, Titeasury Departm 

Washington, D. ¢. 
mas | 

Rete erring to the pipéglooves for water and gas pipe | 41 
pass through the exterior wall of the U, 8. Mint building in suits eity 
under contract withitr. J. A. McIntyre, I have to inforn yee the gas main 

n Evans Street at the Mint site is at the level of the area floor on 
side of the building, so that the gas pipe for the supply of the building ~ 
vill have to enter the basemant wall iabove the anea floor or have < fad. Luang 
toward the building, if seid pipes run as shown on drawing Nod . 
I recomnend the change of the run.of said water and gas,pipe 60 aia 
they will enter the coal vault near pie north wallot icliaad a Haat 9 | , tie 
feot six inches below Grade y then run along coal vault walt , passing = E ) 
through basement wall betew ane Mator table. the gastmater 

says he will make the ° gi gtas sleeves in coal vanlt wall — 

re J. K. Taylor, 

Suporvising Architect, Treasury 

Washington, D.C. 

‘Tan im sould” of your Tas sep of 4th instant. tinieia’eh, eens 
t© my report of June 16th last ‘on conditic ) of. 

Rouse ond Post-Office building in this city. 

I will procesd at once td ‘prepare the data. nectasary for considere~ 
tion im remedying. the defects, ; as heal ae Instrwetionay 

Respect nts yours a | 

. -— 
- . 2 2 5 
ra 5 q 4 ; y 
25U & €04 ; Cx Vper Bailvix:, : 
- A Gs, ; ’ > e 
LsQ - YS « 4 Cr ‘ Oy né6.. of 
. a." 
‘ . 
> *“ . 7 ] : | . 
in respipt of « detigr ree a8 Sunery 
. ¥ 
~ . ; . > a ‘ - y ’ . » a*® ® 
«* ww & _ ae FF ' 42. os 0a i. ™ hare > 7 7 2 S45” ¢ * 
é - - Ure + 2 >} Pm . — 4 - » oat Bt £ a 


¢ ~ 
° ow) ; - * 
. - > ~ r 
: ; » . e of * *s % > 44s ‘ ™ - - , = 
oe tie — A. w= wee ® WU, T's i aw €a4:4 © 1s a | mvs. @CCY ira. Kad a . P 7 c im & { en 
tied a - ’ se hie © au lg rt 

2 4. — a | > . > - a 
a = Wwe i: B' "a BD Which Sstute: Ti 



NS 4. appears that thene to lit le gem 

ability of securing comp. ction 


¢ “ e 
> a ?~ °° 1*e * Va hey 7% ~* . q q <a oi . é.. nm “ra 
) é 
~ = ® « — & é ? » s - eo % = e — ’ " , 
consideration © tnat C .auUées or tnd 6 O331 1 ee =, ten peas | v2 ui a bat Bi 1, cer=— 



+s i«n -A 2? ~¢. ~ 7. my OF +) ’ . ier at rine es Ye —_— ye x 
taln centingencles fer serving upon + sontie ctr anh hu sae a 

1 notice.prel iminary to. the Govormeant'ta as: 


" work, and éirects we to tntinaic (he temp Po sg lutcor to row amg sth 
mit to the Pepartuont a sultadic ~ocomwmx tion ig to ales, aN 
4 oe ae | : 5 
. Staetcuent eee} 7 


_~ &? P 
wt” 6 
"a i? 
4 - 
< » 


=" - +? 4 
4 > > a, y ee A 

a * 
a " 

+28 . $f +e cay +4 vc ’ 7 . | 
St eS has a. ant re "2 early as pose 

| . oe ee i ’ 
, a as t ir a» : p 
* : : . ‘ : i eS i “ > < ro. . = 

% J. ee. P ‘ . 
= a — 
rH : _ . ad baad , 

he a 

s ‘ = | 


mien -* 

WOrk, and also g< 

ate What ar 
OF the Work 2bDoOve first 
Tit to extend th 

Can make 


on ee 


th J sK Tay) or, | 
Supervising Architect > 

Treasury Pepartnent, Washington, D.¢, 

1 an in receint of your lottor(initial 8.} of the 8th instank 

celay in the work on the Foundation,Superstructure ane Ee; 
ho U8 Mint Building, in this eity,under contract ithe aie 

Ltr ad “A McIntyre, and. Clr ectang that should it appear. improbable that. the 

® conpleted to first floor line by September Ist,2e98, 

intimate to the. contractor that you contemplate considera 

at eLanse in vie contract which refers to the Governnent ts ye 

assuming charge of the woyk and. directing that J fubmit a specific rec« 

ormendation in the sane. I haye to say that on the Mth éestant I se 

formed the contractor of - tgoor. »i your lotterte copy of ny Dente” " ; 
osing a horoy: ah | 

Yella itive to the 

Roo oT-covering of ft 

Work will not b 

tion of th 

. fey » ta, yd promises of the contractor 
an y Le aah ae ae 

7 aes, 

y eae 


Mir Ve Taylors-.o oe 

his brie tO a 

COnpany wit hows 

experiences in Making briek which fact 
Bed el Qy 

} »c ¢ 
WAS Cay » Oly abous ten + 

housand brick having been delivered 

by saiga company up to the yinqnga time, ue has also given tho contract 

tor tho pray granite toa pawey without experience tn erntag and J 
© anticinate delay ix the supply ef stone, 1 would shismoat thas 

it would be in the iptarest oP the Goyornnent to have: the granite inspec? 

tor, Mr,WJosenh & 


cartaining what jing been done and what are the probabilities of obtain 

Dee 7 
ite Cuttere that hoa intonds to onp Loy {65 ro nunbey} Wilt not be suffie~ 
lent to prepare +he cranite 44 time for the completion of his cont raet. 
by July, next, as thoy have Up vo date cut less than 3 eubic fost per day 
per man, notwithstandiat the contractor! s Statement, and there are ever 
45,000 cubic foot yet to gut. Tho work of quarrying the emmiaies 
aranite for the colwm footings has not.yet been begun. | 
However, as the contractoy bas within the past two days mde 
taking charge of the work be deferred until say september 5th. In the 
a r 
meantime pres so nto “hat the Governnent 
| a yt a at a ‘Mypauserys 

+H Hall, vist t the quarry at Cotopaxd with a Viev of aga 

N@ granite as roquired, I 29 Satisfiad that the number of pari~ 

iir,J.K. Taylor, 
Supervising Architect, 
Treasury Department, Wash. 

Sir i» 
| In accordance with izétructions in Dopartment ately tm. 
isl 3.) of December B1st,1897; t have to report that the progress oF 
work on the U.Sditnt Building,in this city, under contract with Medios 
A.Meintyre,for the Foundation, Superstructure and Roof soover ing, cae 
sists in the completion of the trench excavation for the exterior wel 
ami the conorate foundation for the sane; excavation for and the odsip.. 
ne storm and sanitary sewers te the oity sewers on Cokfas. Av: | 
excavation fer and the completion of briok wolls in basement ta thé 1 
of overflow pipes in said volls; the brigkwork for exterlor valis las . 
neen carried soafteld high ( ar 7 benow bapement floor Lingp aud alo 
iding to $* below vasengnt floor Ling yond exoav 

south Line of the bute 7 
"tom tor four oot Footings +o the Feaabrel a F 

tion of t 

. VW 
-— ae 
| y : 
saa 8 * 
, » 
il - 
ee . 
B i rs 
-. . a ; 9 
‘ 4 ji . . ? 2 
ae | ae | ~  Y 
‘ a a ‘ 
* “ft 

itr. J.K.taylor, i 
Supervising Architect, Treasury Departnent, 
ang omy Doo 
Siri~ : 
| Referring to the cemeat to be used by ir John A.MeIntyre _— | 
and Roof-covering of th- 

his centraet for the Foundation Buper trneti: 
USMint Bujlding,in this edty, 1 wish to state that the supply of “Sad. 

Yanond* Portland cenent and “yekovhoff* Portland eenent on han tn 
this ofty, has hecome exhausted. I haye therefore retesve samples af 
Alsen cohent as to fineness in accordance with the permission given it 
your telograx af June 2th L09G,in whigh yox Btate hat Alsen or Dyekar 
conent oan be geed Af fm god epniition ani they stand the Rieve test. 

a ere eae deo 
i, a 

¢ asi “4s in poet coudktton was wi12 ar! 
| should 2t mm toa meet 

My J Pe stAayLory 

eupervising siete Wanstry | 
} ) : Washington, - 
ss Rettereing to the pidvegsicne five Liniligs ineluded in tre oon 
trast for the Foundation, Suprretruct are nnd’ Roofeeovering of the Be 

wigh to know whather the het 457 ducts f° 
supplying heat im basement w/1t entiey the partitiens at bavenont eetl- 
ing line, 2S shom oF Drawing Vo. for supplying host foy the stortes: 
above the pasomoph, and also whether the register openings in heating 
cqups for hasement Alsi) ‘bo saven F608 apove floor Tyne the same ae 

shown for other sbhortes- | | 
7 shoo vish to goth your attention to paragraph 2 »pege 8-1, | 
the lament’ whigh strates What Mg) joints urp te he atrongay To - 
exe + Derawing LEA shows worhiea? } Jointe to de heaked,b. 
d oithey riveping or golaer sabe Tt ahay shows nor!: 
eee te at ne omy 44 ‘ ; ‘ ' bad on but pot » ge 5 and ~ strips 1. 

wint Bulsdingsin this oles t 

“3008 snot maw 

mie § 
> es 
« tae 

york done exavtly 

- fo idieated on phe avowingd as 1 dewire to nate iio 
states that he 

| &s roquired, fis contragtor's wotkman in tila particular 
os mado fine Liniugs in othor Goreresont ba bat tne never best 
required to goiter said Joints. | 
Ty veterovee bo pag See oe 
ef "sop ant "posiou™, t prgaung that At wil de oat 
top regiater openings so thigh the Gap oF Me ayue will ¢ 
soiling Line in daspiaams ond damedsetesy nolon plaster comica Jame $n 
first amd sovond stories a6 snarn gsotiens of the vullding, 

root fiuge Wor ar 

Lafaotory to Deoate 
one ° «O* BOLO 

nospoottully FOUFes 


Ur. J.K Taylor, a : 

‘ Warrington, D8. sn ee pereor fe" 

Si7'5" sss i ak me? as & ey. yaldd) 
sf wh thank you to sate whether she. Jointing of the sexent 

story ALLL course at corners of the U-Patimt Bubldingsin this oftxennier 

ny charge, must be o shown om firawings Moa,? # 6} that des the cerivie 

to bo tn one phenp and éxtend tp windaw s{2) ph the two facen im eaen 

caso, and requiring « stang of LL02Y ® IBF and 118" én height st te a 

COPEL » | 


If the sili course 1a to be jointed Qn petuma veer * com 
ity thom J wiT2 thanks rou Po wapte what change, $f anyy You GORire nd 
sotmeing of ole aphpar above asd string Sourge #8 the debating — “ 
ashlar ahove and below sho pill enurse sited plum spel : 
ing any Jointing of the atrbngs one ag agamefne aes oe 
at the corner 4g Joinbeds thon phe dbbmting of We sesien 
hamper 90 08 to wreck jounte wah oAd) Anunee. 

Sf ; 

. ; "ihe 
st up 
,- ie OE ) , 
/ ;—~ i 47 is ag 
> F ~ <= ; j ‘ 

i Dib. 04 

WP. Sdartotson, 
Acting Ghied ieacutiny Ofciger, 

Office of the Syporyising Architect, 
i: len giherna: Dates D.0. 

Tam in receipt of av icity (insta G,DaB.} of the Et - 
‘ant relative $9 the pay 002 Yor the anath of A\tr of tne emustage 
‘Poree at the U.S,iMint Building, in this eity,under my charge. 
Your instittebiows in refereiice to striking ovt "per dag o 
Porm Bo? ant subati tubing tm 19 thereof "per anim", will ae fol) | 
‘8H. : 
fappritie te toot of Dover « Salary Tales, © wish te « 
that t have a pory and condlt it on al) ogoastont, before certatying 
DP  tegop pala Gh the 7011. Tho paymdate on the poll for duly arc, 
fa ingen: ore orcs an deamon 
oy a | f 
soph : W toh bi ne ol ee ey we: a 
nda galagl 

dem % 4 Re 

a 1s . 3 PY 
| aie ~ a Ke PY Be FF 
; man bf the pints 
ex 7 ~ ’ ’ 
" ' 

had been tea prior v6 a isn) ayvosumatt, and tho remaimtex 
($82.88) ime tho amount patil Mi.ftd) tn Ene duly pay ves. Re emmy 

{ng the gum dil Tor the firs} twelve days and the euwtdue for the vo~ 
sulmder of the month, vho total 48 $1Se.90,hoing tio anoant dre tor 
Satire aiynth of duly at the rats of slxtocn hundred dollars per-angun 
vitoh ta ay wndorstanting of the ingtevettons in your lettor (inti 
GDR.) af September gthylay7. ff) "however this 16 not the custes sr 
waking payment of salaries, ¢ Wil) GHAdi yoll'to explain my emer at ? 
tustruotions wit3 be nanwady #éldowea.! Se 7 

r ‘ 
? ¢ ’ 4 ho ov > : dl Pr 
7 4 ’ 

for Mie. Tal i 5 . | 7. A: 
as a 

12 : ; : »'y 
3 2 fos e7ico “na g¢ ; e A: ’ 
2 1] t,ers** 3 “wy 
“ av e, x as oy * Jiont Sular iy) 
tery ° ad Leone. tc Gmiali Opeasions (1 or siz 
O° cM HO e ‘wer yW rid - 
‘ | 
| Teper, Leet Bee. HM 24." te 
reg. fo thee. te ph fp <a | erie 

wv bie. Me a. sl o' can el. Lon oe 
1 Aes) | 
=~ 2: we Y en 

tad : ; 
ae oa w fg: or _ yy 5 y 
eh. in 5 ; ; 7 " ; . . é 4 
: : : ¥ r a. ea ys § a 
: = . tw 7 a 


uy. JK. Payer, 
Supervising Architect, Irensuny Department, 
Washingtony DB. . . 

Reverring to your lottay (inttial 9.) gf tho 4th dnstawt ane. 
request therein contained that I tke » tore definitd racommnddtion 
Converting the ecearse to bo pirswd im repedying the conditiod be the 
samiston fading OF the Count Homme arid Pogt Opies Building, fm thas 
city, cod ty attomkt an outline apegstiontiey far the work, tepethen eth 
cst eatsinte of 3te eonty 1 bare ta seport a6 ZollGas: 

Pt pubane wpen 9 enreti). jeamtnatign, that mest of the exe 
stone tn the valle of tho abbyh panel butlding was sat upon ite edge Sm 
stead of quarry bed, sp thot {t 49 nove sorigusly infured by the notstere 
Taieh oxbors the wad vhreugn Jotnts of bipaking ocurs¢ stove the coat 
Line, many of whlopi ar angirely Open, Possibly a creat deal of mutst 
ure Bie entered mong | pc at ne cornide, but as this comsice 
atte dail nan paw hue igilipemeinong 

pds ep 


: 7 ee . a4 _ 
a - “* ae eas 
« a > » 
¥ j ; + 0 


Mr. K.oytor sO: 
report of June 10th, last, addresgotl td the Custodian. Some stodas 
ave badly disintegrating, the é1tir¢ face to & depth of 1/46" te fer 
belag entirely gone, atd many mhérp which eppiar sound av 4 coanal 
zlanoe aré found upon cloye oxmminatien to be Wide disintegrating 
ANA Loose, vortica! senles, 2/2 xduake and larger oan be rateed with 
the point of a Imife bvizde waich would not have heen the easd if the 
stone had béon set on ite qnamy bed. It 16 espeodatiy tnportenk 
athiar with xustic joints (ae ty the Tired abery of this bmiletig? 
that the stone bo sat upon age ayarry bed As the ledge at the joimte 
holds the moisture antdl abstrbed or evaporated, 
[chavs preparad 2 specification Por the work I think nec aar 
sary, and forward it ta you herewith. 1 peoonment that authority 
be piven for the rordposaing of the defective gtenewark and Mepoiating: 

of open Jpinta tn blocking cpurae, eb¢+s PY the day instead of a Tamape 
moh & nature that 1% shovkd be dome 

properly and withovt the 1@ast plight. 7 think 2& lar stm bid for 
said reetiressing and rerpointing in atound not exceeding six hundred 
tinliars ($600) can be obtainedy tt tpink the work can be darts by 

the day at a post (inodndtne eqatfordings of gight hundred dollars 
(gae0) and male more ataiatactory York ane im tha ond more ecomemicak. 

tn regard to waterrprogting,s 7 think it advisable be trent 

ah). the exposed sarsatone ge inde bud2ding With an approved presses 

tive snob Ae the Cattell procesh {the heated payar tine brogtmant. mae 
Noy York) er a ceat— 

grating marptian —_ in ape ‘a 
sl v 4 of chloride of wabei~ 

eo ¥ een vad 
= er" Sas 
[Sd tai 4 vy = 
ae i. ; 
a aw ae” 
> j 
) ; 
ve , 
* 0 4 = f ~ 

sim sontyaet a5 the worl is OF 


Wy. ‘- Tavlo pws 


here except du the Court House and on that only silica was used et 
the tine oF gonstruetion aud the contractor mys he cannot nor gle 
any Tigures AS to tho eoet of the work.  Caifxl) Bros.,of 41 Union 
Square, Now York, wlll give ad estimate of coat of their process $f 
biven drawings showing elevations, This material, I understand, fs 
put om under the supervision of one of their répresefitatives amd wikk 
prdvably bo more satisfantory.thary eny other although more expensive. 
I have arranged sy specification so as tq obtain Gate as to the merdie 
of the different processes, anl an satisfiod that many other u¢etheds 
proposed will be less expensive thah the Coffer. 

In cage this work 15 authoriged, I think it nocassary that 
the Gévarnment have a representative at the building: to give his all 
$ire time and attention to the work in order thet the sane may be 
satisfactorily performed. 

I have beon delayed sonewhat on this répork trying to cbbain 
date for an estimate, put withont sucess. 1 would advise raking ar- 

Yangériewta fer the work as soph as possible xs I think the work shot 
bo completed prior te the first of Nowsaber ox deferred until spring. 
: Respontiully yours, 




ot on, : ' 2 tR ,. ne 

| Muareisiag sahil im Ho. tee 4 

Treagwy se anaiiae Benoa be, ee 

| Fon msn 6 fiat nt ait St 

LUbh inetant im regayd to MP RobentayInbpeetor of Public Batldings, 
Who ‘has hoon fustrached to Walt thy eats and the U.S.Miant Batlatag, 
in this ofty, avd I note yous tnetemetious thae T an fo tupart to Rime 
ATi_+ne Samat cn yO ea F< RR 

strugtions wn he ay 


Me. J ,.K,Paylor, | 

—e ee An i ea (jutttal Bobet.) of Bho 0% 
cabeenl peeps peo seaand story efit comeoe 
to state that Saisie Ct RES ler ay charge, 1 raph = Bre * 
dies gaid jointitg wil] be made an nesoragnee. with ants 


; wet 


wr .J.X.Taylor, 
Supervising avuatadel> Saale 
Waghingten, DCs’ ; 


I an ip receipt of your setved stems }.vB.) of the Bette 
Anstant relative to the use of Alsen cemant dn thy iPeutataany Sees“! 
ture ,ete., of the U-S.iéint Bullding,tn tite oity under uy ° 
nave foreqrded to you one sauple of paid gamont for testing to aaeerts 
whether you will pernit iha use 4P enag the cyan ft Ryehebeth ema 

agein runs sbort- 
Today ! received the 

ou¢losed letter from MePhee & NeGimnttr te 

forainz vo that they now Haye f aupphy of Ryakurhost om andy ami See 
dinteay wpon he rgookpt of the Latter ' i the OE 

he must estan Sr 

pe roy 
te ay 80 $b8 7 nen 9 

Sop =the 


v — - 

Sa ee ee eet as 

a a if. 4 i 

BM  : 
oe "mt in 

iitest,  Yraaeuy 7% 
‘neteon, Dt 

a f ‘wilt ef your do ten’ fot sig! 7.0. g OF tke 
ist “4 B86) semen: 4) She Fontiption, 
Chey OF th ,u* BE tidtge stn §) > ship ender my charg 

Lo " . Saye " te. oomentt fay tae 


3 thie, 4s fen wih PR 

| a a ae > oe ae a 
west piv, ne ue Loon sana gee note fr at 

ee coe 

ad: eh, . Sa ie [ren MePhe ¢ 

7 dur ieiiowors. ter * 

iinan #2 Bua ve * 

2% a 

OM ar: 4 wSr | a@ (54 Supple ef Dyicer 10° 

rhoty on Sami, | 

~ 2? 

i i 

— . 7 ’ 

My, 7 .X.Laytor 

Washi : “a 
ington, he wy 
. ‘ , 
fw srinter 

_ defective 
otohes cornice — 
th two 
. — prints showing 
= cna PN a eae - 
ed. pene to in my report “owe - 
gration than  otesemn ao sorse: 
ems . : z 
pees |: = 
v = eg 
Respectfully yours, 


e0 tron fine ana 
instruorions will be vist 

2) ee > 
r ae. 
C0" aga 

Mr .J -K-Paylor, 
Supervising Architect, Treasury Departments = 

Sir te 
I hereby, ncknowbedge. he mectiptyby éxpresty ef the sanpte °F 
hoLlen veiek referred to 4n.your Letter \(inttial #:0sPe)"%F the BRR fee 
stant, appreved for use under the contract of MF.JJA.Melityre for the . 
Foundation, Superstructure andMentacovering of the U.G.Mipk BUIMSmEe 
in chis ettysunder my change, said smplebeing Sor thet! stecinalian ti: 

ree and my guidanes in accepting the mtorinl deliveret. as 
prenantaiy yours, ane 

Bat fare ty - 

Supertntenf ont. 

ye ah 7s . 

ir ost -R. Taylor ; - ae 
Supervising Architect, pan 
Treastry Department, Washington, D.C. 


Sirs# ! 

In accordance with instructions in Dopar'tmest clroular (ine 

Atial $.) pf December Slst,}997, 1 have to report that theprngtema at 
work on the U.6.tlint Building,in this eltypunder contrach wisp ee ae 

MoIntyre for the Foundation, Super structyre and Roor-covertnsy constinee 

tn tho excavation for and the eompletion of the atorn and, senitary ewer 
ors from Lot lino to conneetion with elty sewers on Col mx Avenuee eqn 
struetion of wells in bakenent to line of over-flow paves of ene 
excavation fbr tiraty cottimh footings in basenent; couplotion of sami 

facing of sate to two Ces a Se 

° vomiting walls td ad lower. 

oe 4 F 2 or 7 
4 > Yau ye ae et 4e60n hy 

: ‘ 
y 4 ‘ , 
4 Tha Us 
ah Rx . 
é es 
L A } 
=) b 
‘ ’ 
P * 
: i. 

ie a 4 7 ro ivi : a 
s Lost was Gadsed by the gon 
, He - Y 1 iz f 



te e ~ 2 : ¥ 


= ; ™% 
ss = 

> , 
: Na hae ~e) 
Les. Oe 
ae . oy « 

. PMD. Car aic at BF 9° a 6 i 
rumhex per aay was 7, aad, oi t; ers pe. 
“Pe present st: by of sud table 

fi"0 42 .. tue work. 
anount of reuchene 

‘rae es om mt wre © re om oar ® www wee 

Axconné ar verghor issued 

Re Ly’) bbe 
‘ . 

oe or rer are ere yn 

} 2 o fhe ee ny? fre ee . te: iy? ? 
. iyielne Leet “Try meted 


iveasic Y Deparinest , Wrdant 10g; 

“2. 5° \ 
« yah 

In gel “dango abt Babbabtd ono’ Fy iia 
s.° tf toceuber Stet 2a, od bave te ee ta! ‘tie 9 
tie U6 Mint Bui lai, a his | city ier _guperambende — 
+ heat, aupaneteucturo are ya cavers is 

foTntvre ¢ @ Found 

f | | : 47) va, fF 
the oxbivetita cr ee She agapleti on ov Sia prove 

; on €6)) a” 
ra £1 Tot line te eoameeyitn Aw < ty sewers GR **'+- 
- ~o , F) ‘oe } : 
sneaae 2 4 m yethe fi pape@ment to lime «i ov raoTlow fe | 
> = su’ “ 7 -* e - | ; 
1 : ; 

‘ ; &, ‘ t men 
excavation Tor Vries o Lun foot ines n : 

ll Ga ETE T fugdup of cade to +”O 20¢° 

‘ha Wie hws ot retad alae goiis thé ro 
rer <i Sourth of ‘4 san ” LI 


ba gomen* 

Litk., ane 

Pie silae | 
Pe ‘Ete 5s eth is 4 Soe te oi 34 


Ur .3.X @aylor, 
| wimpy. Lie 
_ Superviaing Architect, ‘Treasury | ap 

Sirte | 
“Referring to ay monthly sete 0 -qhe Sie inten 3 
work on the U,S.Mint Buiiding,in this city,umder my charge, F wish. 
state that the thirty-threa granite cutters mentioned, was the aserals 
mumber par day for tha entire month of twenty-seven working days. : 
average number of granite eatters for the seventeen won os SEP 

yas performed,was £1 tty-two. 
Respectfully YORE, 





ice of. § 

Supevinteident ot Honstimasion, pmsl 

__. .o.. September 5rd, 7/7E- 

iir.C Kemper, ee 4: A 
Acting Supervising Architect, Treasury Department, 
Washington, Def. 
Siri- Pa . 
I am in reeaipt of your lette¥ (initial S,) of the Slst aitinc 
enelosing copy of letter of the 6th ultimo sadreesed to Mr. fohn £.Me— 
intyre,contractor for the Foundation, Superetructure and Roof-covering 
f the U.S. Mint Building,in this city,under my charge, relati v6 to the 
the columm footings and requosting information as to the dex 

granite ior 

Lawson sranite,whi ch has beon approved. 

In repzy I wish to state that two car Loads of granite from 

ave beon delivered at the stounryardsse this citysfor 

n of which was rejected. on account of sap and 
P. the amount re- 

dlivery of 

Lawson quarry 4 hi 

colwm footings, 2 portio 
The granite supplied is one fourt 

: aad Sizes. 
the eolum ssenenal and the contractor informs me that he 
aaa linl amaell also from the same quarry at Lawson. 
Rospootiully yours) — 

Nir ofa ° i. Kemper, 
Leting Supervising Architect, Tr 

I am im receipt of ‘your . 

euclosing twee letiers to Ir ..Josepla THe. ¥ 1,] 
nection with the U.S.Mimt Bui. ding,in this city, 

ing him te proceed to Platte Canom. granite quarries ,near neinindtilid 
wt to you relative to said granite Zor ues 

at Cheyenne sWyomi ng ; 

to obtain information ani report 
iim the ahove. Tae. building ami the Public Bailding 
amd dtrecting ne to hamd said letters to Mr Hall, which directions have 
beon followed. | 

i ene sstiesicaainn, yours, 
by was COLE 


Siz | 
| Superint 


sr er 

Me... -E.Kempor, 
doting Supervising Arch tay teva Snore 

’ an in recoipt of your letter (Anitial 6.) of the Sed Snatant 

ene Losing copy of letter of sume ante addressed to Meee & | 

contractor for the Poundation, ee! trams of se 

S.Mint Duslding,in thts eLtgsuimtor ay charges sohative 40 the 

condition pf the work under his contract. 
Your insbructions,that on the AOsH duetant 1 address  syeetal 

commmnieation to the office in regard to the eontition of the work a 

OF Gana tee sat ‘ 
ma “a. ie oe | 

Bir :- 


Hes T Kaylor, 

Supervising Architedt, Tre 

| Washington Dw. 
"I ashington, Ds, 

vais oity,under ay char-ge,cwhieh granite is ere : gt 
Wotapme Selorago, I wish to state that m0 gray grant 


Bray granite has ee AR 
Inspector may obtain needed information ae to the ee ee A 

ay obtain needed inflormation as to the conditions and the -—> 
nature of the.stons at #aid quarry, I respectfull recomend that Mine 3 

TeT.HHalL be dirceted to visit the quarry and obtain the desired fs. 

Seliversd, and in order that delay may be 





re y Tr Lonery ,Pr Tin ms ioe 

| Oe dune 25rd, tact, 1 ado ron 
i Sei o> Shoertnnertees Ste 
+igatn Wis city, foy the six months onding De 
ee has mot yot een recatved. 

Raeteigh Pegi 

Nr .¢ Rabwrper 
Acting Supervising Archit ot, 1 

The John A.tieIntyre Premont t 

cury Departme:. , NY relies be ’ | 
mentioned in MeIntyrets proposal is Gray's ree, s00 ny rep: 

Seventh lust, McIntyre does net Sod never he ahaa te 7 
proposal sample was from said quarry, 


% wt oy | 

Mr .L.M.Bailey, ’ 
Portland Cement Company of Utah, | 

| ‘Balt Lake Ney TY ee gee 
Lear ali " * “S 
t will thank vow 86 slab abeuh na navel whe Bort ' 

doupany of Utah will do ready to smnuifaeture Red Bianond” Portland Ce- 4 
ment and deliver the same at the Wow U,Sellint Bullding,in this ehtptt 
the contractor hére desires. to Eee | Dacia . 


itr .0 Kemper, 
Acting Supervising Architeat, | 
Treasury Department, Washington, 2.¢. " 
Brs- i Si ? 
In accordance with the instruetions contained in your Letter 
{initial 8.) of the alet ultimo, directing me while inspecting the gram 
ite at the Platte (anon quarries, near Dawson, Colorado,for the U.S 
Puilding, Denver, olorado,to algo inspect the granite fron the same 
quarry to be uged under Mosgys.Keefe and Bradley's contract for the 
foundations, baperent and araa walls,&e, of the U.8.Public Buildtag—at | 
Cheyeme, Wyoming, I have to veport as toLlewat mi 
The stone for this building is being quarried fron the same 
ledge frou which the material for the U.8 Mint ,Denver, Coloradeshas. . 
neon taken sbut,owing to quarry moisture is somewhat darker in color 
shan rho aamplp submitted by SA Mezntyro and appreved by the Repart~ 
es Tia senate aa 0 a bowlder, The stone De 
a ies se ; and is boda sities genes 

ase be inspected at that placd. 

Pherd are thirteen mn qt work at the quarry, one smith, ome 
Tony Bree Seam, copkstentiyte.; three large darnieke axe tn pees sae 
“ Sanit ome om tho ground rsedy tor wap whan meoded, ohne the Beste, 
rope,gearing 8be., of anothor. | | 

The total amount of atone quanriad for thin building ts 2egmee 
_ouble feet, « 

The uuabor of stones en bankers 4g seven sls. a 

The quantity of granite Shipped ie 591 cubic feat and 4 Mmalige — c 

Sie entire snout of granite ostimted to meat requirensata : 


Respectfully yours, 

Inspector ef Gem, : 

cy > - : ‘ : 
ie || = af 
= ies. te an 
a Pmet.! i ae oa = A = 7 
A ~~ 3 
i >. a Es i “a tage : 
_ «<¥ 7 9 w nes 
7 = . > oh ae - ae Fes! «ia 
v2 : ~ Fi) Pa 
| = . 3 y da are 

— , ah " iy : ) ; 

ie a 



My .C,.E.Kemper, 
Acting Supervising Architect, 
Treasury Department, Washington, D.¢. 

Sir te | 
In accordance with instruetions contained in your letter a | 
itial 5.} of the Silst ultimo, directing me to visit the Platte Canom 
quarries, near Dawson, Colorado, for the purpose of gathering and sub | | 
mitting full information as to whether the granite being quarried is 
satisfactor} in character and in full accord with the approved sample 
for the bagenentrets , »a5 smbraced in the contract with J.A.McIntyre | - 
for tho foundation, wpepstructure and roof-covering of the UsSdliknt e) 
Building,in this city, fT me to report as follows: q 
| The stone now being ‘warring is from 4 solid formation, is i ) 
“a free fron ~ han suffigtantiy remote from the surface to be “" i 
es a ‘The sample, however, haw 
26 slightly lighter in color than j 
a yan a whe ledge, contaisie — 
Shes ‘ia, ys Beda mS 4 ma me 
“Hi we ageing at the 

- ~~ 
. * 

be penal 



team, vhy smith, cob, bent jote at thro lari 

ond 2 stall éne ov the ‘ground really ra 
ep enataMARi Ath of anouney, q 

Torms me that he expeets to have all the a 5 
Walls to first 

floor line by September 20th, hs sufficient materiat ew 
alroatly bean quarried ang aon SP ag to be eut to the m 

The quanti ty of por setanes to date | - 125 cutie 
The estimate amount * ensine Granite required is 2 

bie feet. 

Mp. +2. Rerpon, : | \ ¥: 1 
sais Treasury Department, Washington, B,¢. 

7 om gn receint of your letter (inttia Ss} af thee Beh Stasi | 
rm me of the abcaptange of the proposal of Metisen Wark Ramet Mer, 
male Om Aa thee Shoe i ma CLARD ay ty to compre 
cet PNMME SE HY T.SGoriet Mouse and Post otrieeyin ebm, 

SNe your reference to Intivintion by the Qustodian that supt eme 
mule Slighted work bu wideh they vere ongnged, and vour samérr 

1 give the werk my persimal supervision 24 condumettatapey 
She Gastelienan order that the yoatireadnts tf the speatftenttteer sig! 
he StYsetay etmpied with. | 
smd hove to stake Sys your Anotructions wil) be fully carried euts 

— | 
ll 7. - 
re et > 



rT “A.MeIntyre, 

Rooms Mas.402 & 404,Cooper utldtug, | ¥ 
Dear Sir: . | 



} an in receipt of « letter trom Mr.6.R,empor, aetine © 
vising Architest, containing the information hb the: heeetens 2 : 
this olty, are outside neagurenents, and he directs me to inform - 

Sccordingly as reply to your letter of the Sra instant addressed | 



Superini: : “ 

COntract with wp 

oS a 
: ‘Fohn AwMcIntyne ron 
Roof-coyering of the 

ni U.S.Mint Bad ' : " : 
pletion of the foundation and <a? | 
the bottom line Z 

of water-table on the 
two feet below sala ling 

for thirty colum Looting 
sim; the construetion of brigx alia c Nant ong in fifteen of 

storm and sanitary sever3 fro Lot liny Re oe “vant thg completien of 
on Colfax Averne. a tha : 

Mat and Wont sides and te 

Hes, building; excavatiom 

S and the toners 

With city serers 


Sotstn 6 ahaa a 


J an tn wecoipt Of | 

the Was 

‘aporary office at ¢ 

a, - 
4 e : 
a’ 4 { Sus ¢ ‘she on *¢ “ | 
| ¥ 
a * - ® » atu tc . ; a 
s - “th ky) 
i, Lo PORE or Yets c the Ty Oo ‘ 

| | | = 
ne ving Mae a | “ Ae ae ' "ist « ty e og ae 

‘ + * = ’ ) 7 é‘ | ‘ 

— ate: “Ou: 



Otfice yt 
Supevintendeut o of. tes RCH Oy—__ 

P : | ; ; wh 
mr  &, Pe es Skip ey - . | , 
Acting Sur 6rvising Architect, | 
Treasury Department, Washington, D.t. 
CUS wes : 
wil l= 

- , 

tam in receipt o your letter (initial S-) of the 18th in~ 

of the 6th instant from ur.g oA 
tractor for the Youndation, 

U.S Mint Building, in 

staat enclosing letter Melatyre, eaten 
Superstructune and Roof-eovering of the 
this eity,uiider my charge, i; 
Coneerning the prospects for the completion of ‘the work ta 
the first floor line by d¢tober lst, I will state that they are met at 
all favorable. he work up to the present timo has progressed to the 
completion of the basement walls to the hotton Ling of the watertabiie 
{four Ieet below the first floor linp). About half the pits for the 
colum footings have been excavated, and threo steel ctlums have heen 

ut in _— Very little of the stone for the water-table hag beez 
ith the force of granite eutters now at work St wilh require 
™ Pon ne mt b te finish eutting the granite. they progress ts. beiug being 

a Titi oe a a and T a pei: vas \ the — 
| a 20 apa any aie ePa Got ober Slat, 

yre in his letter 

Nie ad “S.Kamper, \ 4 
Acting Biiporrising Archi tect, 

By: ati eo | 
3*™ | 

(85.00) toy = aon Wo a a 

tamesteuny routes 

ot . 

sR Gs Paw etme 

r J *” - 

— ; . a “a . 6tR* 

¥ 7 : » a - 2 z i 

_ | ~ ‘ . % ” . ~ . : , - ee 4 st! = ' : 
yt Y pony) ha ' | 7 “a 4 mi 
; : ™ : i 

Wet oh ." rant Pes a 

. o . . ' } . ‘ 
‘j ~ ¢ a <a> a 
: 2 Py ; 

Orch Plor and the stene dietitian 
the others wna de ¢ AeiPngs. O46 

mA Lar, Wateh is a 
af ( 
. . 2 ems ea ¥ 
j ¥ ; ~ mh ie ok 
4 = .; ip ; E 
, é tel ; a om : ; ‘ . 
all ‘ a i PSP athe  Udnensions or stow 
rs ti a, ne 
, in ' . 
, Ba Ba a) > Te ea ae 
Gime bh . 7 , * oe p 
x eo _ 
Aig — 
t 7 Q > 
te “i 


Office of 
*uvevlutendent of Conatenetign, 
U.S. Mie law), 

a ee 
PS .Garretson, | 
Agting Chie Executive Officer, 
Office of the Supervising Architect, 
| Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. 
Sirt~ | 

T an in receipt of your letter (initial @.0.%.) of the Lt 
instant enclosing vouche %) in duplicaté,in favor of J 

.T .Ball,in ane 
two Gollars and seventy cents ($2.70) for expensas inetrred while tiameghi 
ing in comnsetion with the U.SMint Butlding,in thts city,under ordems 

fram the Department. The voucher has been delivered to iy. Ball fore 

ment by the Disbursing Apent, as per instructions in your Ietter, 
Respectfully yours, 


Mr -€.E.Kenper, 

Acting Supervi ging Architect, 
es Treasury Departnent, Washington, p.c. 

Sire | | 
aden te iron work in the confreet for "the Potudat toms. Sip 
perstrueture and Root-covering of the U.S, 
have to state that Drawing No.31 shows 1 
trom the boiler room $O cQal vault ag. 
“Hote” on said drawing states 6 x 9. 

BraWing Yous in Said contract shows said lantele to be % Seaq. 
long and the bearing plates are noted If x Ip a cast iron plate, 
~~ the enw and plates have 1 

wee elay if other Lengths and sizes must be furni shea. 
} ree & statement whother the beams ang “ila plat 
12 answer and may bo used oy must ee 

pr dincoues: 


Office of ne 
Sapeviniondent of 

Const eugt aro 
U.S. Ming§ (New), " 

— ~ Denver, dolorads, A> ’ 
‘ptember 2nq, 499 «, 

Tr. r 

4 ‘y® i 

wAG au ea Lay o,f 
~O. a Zz 9 

waupervi Sin, Architect, Treasury Sapattunst, 
Waseington, n.d, ; ° : 
Sit So | 
qT) rT t 
| Tn ‘ogard to the Mrment to be used in the Poundation, tuper— 
Structure tc. 
wre, stc., OF the USM Building, in this eity,unger contract” 

Lt! Mr oad oA .! MeIntyre, I h 

nve to 1uform you that the supply of Bronte 
Portland cement in this city i 

3. exhauated, and the Red DMamond CONGR, 
manutacturad by the Por: tland Cement Company or Utahy is expected within a 

& few days, as I recetvad a letter from said company dated the 15th —_— 4 

tant in which they stated that the first carload would he shipped ain ; 

the next few days from that ai ‘Hence I presume that we will have — 

a supply by the 26th instant, and I wish to know whether you desire te pe 

have a sample of the new supply sent to you for beating ag to tensile 2 
strength before permitting its use, and if 80, pléase wire me to thet “ 
ont enss I will test 1t as to fineness 8 300n as it ix delivered cng a, 

wit ‘porn at ind aoe. J a es and ‘He good eyndition ant 

i e 

SUPPLY meats the requirements of the seer ag bo fineness andy 
Ln order be avoig any de 

elay, dn spcondnnon wise tellegran of fam 
eth, T have petnitted i BY: 

ts use fon the 
delivery of the Req Diamond, 
the present time, and not mare 

likely be used prior 

$0 te paige er the Rot Diaond. 
"rusting thay this te satletaetory a roquesting instruc~ 
Clone relative to submit 

~~ ee eae, 2 
aun | | 

Phe | 


ooltptonbber 2ena, vga, 
| te i , on ge tu és 
Ly, ¢ | 

C.38 ‘Korpor, 1 a. TT). 

Acting Bupervising Arehitect, betas 

Treasury Department, 

t A Ry 49 See 

Tam im receipt of your letter (initial g,) of the 19th in~ 
NSES relative to the satistatory sompletion of the work of construgé~ 
ing new mailing platform enelosure, Ote,, at the U.S.Court House & Fos 
Ocviceyin this cityywnder oontract with Mr.Charles J.Dum. 

I have visited the building on Several occasions, given inst: 
vions as to requirements and today made final examination of the werk 
waieh T tind has bean completed in aveordance with the terns of agree. 


J by : 


mens. J have therefore initinied voucher in final payment as per ime 
Structions in your letter, | | , . 


Rms ws me 


a @ 

Ur Join Al..IMe Intyre ; 

Rooms NOs.dO2 & 404, Cooper Building, 
Denver’, Colorado, 


see Sir t- 

Referring to the granite for the , ) erstrucgture of tone 
Wint Building,in this eity,under contWast wuligins, Tt beve to tome 
“hat the quarry nog Gotopaxt from which you aie to cbtatm the geahite: F 
As por sample approved June 22,1 60By haa been visited ww ee Ce 
representing the Suporvi sing Architbet, and a and Mr.J.2.Hipl2, Inspe — 
Granite in oomottion with this butlding, wid they inforn ne that a | 
granite quarried thus far is largely unsatisfactory, insomen that tre a 
about £1fboen carloads anspectpd at the quarry they found out three ex 
four pieces of stone of quality and charfeter te meet the requirement’ 
ef the speetfieation rind your contract. I hare to ouggent there 
that in neane to seouro propor progress of the work you give this mah 
person, oe so that suitable genie may be — 7 / | 


iy @ 3} ok elayl or 3 | 1 ‘ 
: o - i : . _ 
Supervising hitec | vy 
3 Architect, Treasury Departnent, 
Washington, D.C. 
oir i- 
t respectfully <pply — Leave of absence fron October 2nd, 
1898, to October 25th, 18985 inclusive. ha | | 5 
RACAL a beh, 
, . J Bia Vhs : - 4 
<7, » ; 
‘ 1 >» ow ie rn oA ; , Fa 
Reapecinis recommen isd = ; | 

a ha a FP. 
” “et hand se 2 
38 it PS 
. bere 
we ‘i AO, . 
‘ a a = 
- 4 o ’ r = 
= » e ‘ ¢ 
> a “= 

SY ishes Malveaudmetend of thirds as shown on Drawing $, witch meting” 


i aes Ms _ 
25” La. *, 

My J -K. Taylor, ” , 

Supervising Architeot, Speers penastnent 
naieghite Del. 

IT am in rasolipt of your Lotter watinas tinier of the 2¢th 
instant permitting the use of lintels and noatity plates over doarwags 
to coal-vault in the U.S Mint Buiddingsin this etty, as indicated “ 

Drawing #81, which will be followed tn 
Despectovity yours 


Mr . John A Malutyre, 7 ie : 

Rooms od.602 & 404, Cooper Bulldsigs 
‘ Denver, Colorado, a 


= te 

bear Siri+ | 
I am in reeoipt of your better of the 27th instant relative 
so obtaining granite from the Opkopaxt quarry for the superstructure of 


ene U.g.itint Bulldthg,in this city, and requesting me te advise you tm 
carding your action tn colitinuing Worfat seid quarry. 7 “as % 
nave to inform you that 7 have forwarded a oopy ef your letter to anal ‘s 
supervising Architect for his consideration ard im the meantine can ot 
advise you to pursue such 4 conrae in this mtter ag seams most aireame 

ly .d.K Taylor, 
Sipervising Architect, | 
| Treasury Departoont, Washington, D.¢. 


sf gnelose herewith a conmunteat ion fron Mr.John Meaty 
contractor for the Foundation, S¥pers ture and Roof-covering of te” 
U.G.Atint Bulldingsin this edtyy for. your consideration in connection 
with his wena #8 wearer & copy of ny letter in reply 

c Pua ° 

My »J .K Taylor, 
Supervising Ar olinheet, Treasury eee 
Washington, D.C. i 

I enclose horewi th R ill tee fron tie oi A.tleIntyreyeot- 

tractor for the Poundation, Siperstrueture and Roofeovering of the U. 
S.Mint Bullding,in' this elty, to substitute Arkins granite 2 tor Catopas! 

granite for the superstructure under his contract. 
Als find’ éndlosed a copy of ny letter of the 23rd snstanty 

. Sire 

to, which the contractor refers as being of same date as his letter, amt 
copy of letter of the 19th instant from Uy.J.H.Routt who is the sub} 
contractor for furnishing the granite, from which letters. you wil? sew 
the difficulty of obtaining the stone from Cotpaxi quarry and the pes~ 

| po tage loners. ease the aomiamiten 3% secures ChaanyE 

_ macnn mon, Anahi eeae wat be misrenr> 
ee * to oe of our conversatiaue 

ot es Oa eee 

ders which wore not open, as I stated nso 

last. D 
As J consider the substitution of | _ for cotopaxt 
granite for use in the superstructure of this bi will be @ better~ 

ment and also avoid dolay in obtaining the nals t recomend thet 

his propesition to substitute the. same be ateapted 2f the samples of sr 

kins granite which he has submitted to you and whieh I 

are —— and show live stone free from sap + caine <-t i 
° rT tae ws 


Mr. Joseph Collier, 
1643 Lariner Street, 
Denver, COlerado, 


31x 3 

I am authorized by the Supervising Arckitect of the Treasuny ’ 
Departnent to expshd five dollurs ($6.00) for two photographic views of 
the U.S.Mint Building,in this ety, which was the amount of your pre ~ 
posal for said work. I wijl therefore thank you to bring your camera | 
nul take two 11°X 14" views of the site, et¢.,or the 30th instant, amd 
poh the delivery of the.views I will hand you certified vouchers for 

the amount named above.’ 

u xs 

1G be 

‘ieaeia z forward ‘dd yon for tést as per your letter (4nd tel T.C.Pud ef 

*he 25th Anetint, ¢ package gantatsitng « ample of the aay apetpet 
= Diamond" Port lend Senent manufactured by the Port inna Conent Compan . 
“Operstructure and Rool-povertng of the U.S,Mint Buildingsdn this ettys 



Ur oJ K.Taylor F 

| “aN A 

Supervising Architect, Treasury Department eo . 

< v5 ° ‘. » 
“ eth: ‘pete. ie ae ve "h Guret co * 

In reply to your letter + (apkier se) of the Ata natant eal 
ing fr dain st on anv ot none ant aR OMNES 

this city, to date, for nse in preparing an ¢ A 
on public publdings »I 1 lyive to say that the vasenent wells, a and 
stone, have voon -ogmploted above gttade ling, to the bettom —s. 
table; about half the steel columns in the basenent have been set and 

concretsd; the basenent wells competed, and storm ani sanitary 
— the street sownt's« 
1 the seceptin of ie orn 

laid son 0 Ee 

al report of operations | 




My. d.& Taylor, laa 
Supervising Architect, Treasury Department, 
Washington, D.C. | 
Sir t+ | ; 

In accordance with instructions ins Department circular (in: 

S.) of December B1Lst,1997, I have to report the progress of work on. 
Foundation, Superstructure and Roof-covering of the U.S. Mint B 

this city ,ander eontract with Mr,J. A.MeIntyre, consists in the aa 
sewers to and connected with the stree 

tion of the storm and sanitary 
e; construction of the basement wall,stone and a 

and 2 small portion of the water: 
unhs see and concrete an. 

sewers on Colfax Avorn 
brick, to the bottom of water-table 

table in place; about half the pasenent colw 
oxeavation about completed for the remainder. 

rhe supply of brick for the work te aieil The red gre: 

1 a at the nne-vare for cut 

for the basement wail is about: all de: ‘ 
ot be avéseda prior te Geton 

ting, but probably all hare oven ot m0 
ain footings have vane delivered . 

er 16th. ae ut «ats ney . 
~~ tial aad of ere ay granite & n Cotopax: 

a 1 are ssed, Two carloads 
che stene sand and arenrode m0 OAT ASHE T 
* i, 5s nt “ ' , wart oy 10 Cl utt: ing as vecn cone ont the she 


hav ve ‘dees de }. 141 ‘Oo, oN iv ad yy 
—_ Gen mM. er : : 
7 ( 4pe. 1 j o | "i * ; Po) a : an ’ 4] we Ch. ae 5 j 


¥ por ti ‘ on Oa we UL $ pA 7 
4 + ; ; 
ovr anive cutters ee — bean 

& ae _ * 7 a. ‘ 

nile ‘# 4 

j - 
7 : ‘ 

one days, the Average number on ba @ days b6- 

MASON Sot granite on the basement wall tweive days Bricklayers wo! 
ed ten days, with an average number of s4 | <<. day. seman 
worked twenty-four days during the nonth, wit it 1 € : pee 
or twentyssix. 

Delay in the work has been caus 

in 3 oJ 
‘ron construetion seems to be delivered as al as required, bat 
work of placing the samo ig very slow, | ae 
The uo 
in regard to the progress of a Shaaaall re 
to state that if the present slow rate continues, 
four months in addition to the Vine 
plete the same. 
of contro 
-Anount of vouchers metanibis atin on account ‘ 
sear mn ne me pt weit me tes i pt manne 3t0, As so 
Ur oF on or oe ome o> os | ; ne r the present 
Amount of” voueher issued tq Ur : ee 
a mene tees Le a : 

Supervising Arehitect, Troastry Department, 
| Washington, D.C. 

Sir s= | ; 
Referring to office letter (initia S.) of the 3rd instant 
directing no to address « special communication to you stating Milly 
the conditions as they exist at this timo regarding the work om the 
Foundation, Superstructure and Roof-covertt 
in this efty,undor gontract with Mr,JA.McIntyro, and submit my reco. 
nendation a8 to the Government availing itself of that provision of 
the contract which gives it the right, after certain formalities, 
take possession of the work, I have $o state that the progress of w° 
is very slov owing to the fact that granite for the basement wall aw 
colum footings hap not been delivered sufticd: ntly rapid. The gra* 
she for the wasboent wall. has ni) deo delivered, and and that for the 
cong aman dts an coma tha stone-yardy but 

to be donee 

of the U.S.Mint Buildin, 



ure 2 also unsati sfactory ‘na 

b80n delivers Ter mn 
verb at the stone-yard, par bons nic 


and fy r : 
far tit several weeks will els e Lore . 
"a ‘a 
red at ae “stone-yard ¢ te 

t ¢; ig 
iid Srani¢ can be obtained and men 
r0 f 
rode” Propeky with the work, 
Taaauch as the contractor on, the 27t! instant proposed * 
SUDStit es, 
ute Arkins pranite for Cotopaxi granite for the superstructure 
OY thi 
“8 Duilding, and as he owns the Arkins quarry from which it is ng 

Pesed to obtain the stone, it may be that nore: rapid progress W, 
Secured from thie time on should the Department 4 deotae to accept his 
Proposition, . I therefore recommend that the Department defer ac ic 
in regard to serving the eight day notice taking possession | ) 
york, Yor thirty daysyprioy to whieh time we can determine more re 
the prospects of completion of the work within the time stipulated. 
| Respectfully yours, 

‘ a 
a » 
- us -« 
a a . 
a a ~ , » : ¥ 
— a 
——_ ae ’ 
wv * 
5 a 


5.0 Arbass. 

. forward to vu | 
of the U.S Mint ‘Pulldingsts shis Shed 
contained in Office Letter ( essa 

t naz Be thet 

= ve 


Ur.J.K Taylor, ; | 
Supervising Architect, aimee arty - ‘ 
Washington, D.C, | i at a 

’ re . 

Owing to the large peer, stones: insposted fer the U.S. 
Public Building, at Cheyennd,Wyoming, su found unsatisfactory during 
my recent visit to Platte Canon with Mr.James P.Lov, ! nanatianna ' 
that authority be given me to visit the Platte Canon querrtes at my dfs- : 
cretion in order that a11 material for the above naned bubiding may we 4 
thoroughly inspegted before boing shipped and thus avald the delay witch 
would result from having. duplicate stones -sttigial te replace those ae 
whi¢h would be mee at corpebiins § Bt hey wniines oe a 



Acting Chief Bxecutive arricer, 


stant enclosing vougher,in duplicate, in favor of J.7,H,Hall,in ano 
seventeen dollars and ae @ ) ($27.90), for expenses incurred — 
traveling from Denver to Cotorado, and other places,under 1 
from the Department. 1 asooaanee vith your instructions said v 
has been delivered to Mr.Hall for 



Honorable Secretary of the 


Through the Office of 


I hereby request leave of absence 
the 16th instant. 

Approved : 

ir | -K.Taylor, 

Supervising Architect, Treasury Depart . 
' Washington, De. 
Siri | . 
| Referring to inspection of structural ateol work required ‘ 
for the Foundation, Superstructure and iaroligin. a of the U.S .line 
Building, in this elty, under contract with Mr.J.AMcIntyre, whieh in~ Pog 

spection is to be mde by itr .J.C HoGuire, as per your letter of June 19. a 
1898, I pave to state that considerable of said steel has been ciaiashaalll rit 
co Rt the building and appears to be satisfactory, but I have boon ame 

able to determine whother it has been inspected and approved or nots | id 
and will faank you to inform ms as to the method of ascertaining wheth- 7 , 
or said material has been inspeeted and what marks, 1f anys the inspect- ‘ 
or places upon the material when approved by him. ail 

van ase thi You for «cnr of she sup arntnon £6 y 

ay ndagageliagn "2 a 
he oe ie oa 
ae 4 ig no _— with contrac? 4 

and the material tc. — 



: ‘ : 4 a 
= - ga X 
4 . 
we «CS ¥ 
, Bo : 
- 7 
a» = ; 
a y : 

r _ 

YO EeKomper, 4 a, 
ofricg of the Supervising | 
Treasury Dopertamnt, Tasbinctany Dee 

oP a “ 
your letter {imitial @,) of the 5th inatant snieping: HOR © 
yt Metaire for inepection of materi] for the U.S.Mint Building,22 50% 

under ny chargay Ins boon recived, ay kn aseentance =A FORE 
quplieate for the sum of fifteen 4éLlarw amt 

instructions youshor in d 

twonty conte 1425.20), tho anpunt of said bila, has been uaa sat. 

caren to trataguirs at as vorehanas sorent ar Honk okty, fOr MCL 
oe ot ST iy ; 


_ ee — “ ee ; 

Office of 
Sirperintentent of Construction,  _ 
S, ile , (ew), 
__ Denver; Colorado, — 
| ___ Metaber 20th, 497 & 

Mr .c 2 .Kemper ; 
Chief Beecutive Officer, 
Office of the Supervising Architect, 

Treasury Department, Washington, a 
| Your letter {initial G.) of the 6th instant, enclesing. FiTT 
or 3.0 .MeGrire for inspection of material for the U.S.Mint Bulldtug,ii 
this city, under my charge has boen recoived, and, in accordance wlth 

your instructions voucher ih duplicate for the sum of twenhytwo éeklare 4 

ang thirty-two cents Z the amount of said bill,has been isswed and fas~ 

wended to Mr.tMe@aire at 26 Cortlandt Street, New York City, for bes sige 
| \ maaan to the Disbursing Agent of this building= | 
ss ataiealaiaaaie yours, % 

- Superintendent. 

Mr .7.K Taylor, _  4¢ i, 
Supervising Architect, 

| Treasury Departnent, Washington, D.C, 
Sir: | 

I forward to you herewith contractor J.A,MaIntyre's biI? for 
additional work on the foundations of the U.S Mint Building,in this ai” 
wiieh extra work was authorized by Department letter of May 26th as 
recornmended in my Letter of May 11th. 

In order that the quantities may be estimated in your ofFicd, 
I wlll state that the treneh for exterior walls from bottem line ef gene: 
al exeavation to the top line of concrete was made 15 feet wide se as ti 
permit the mixing of ¢oncrate immediately over the concrete trench and 
also to allow the brick-loyers to work on both sides of the vali. The 
entire trench was excavated to a depth of 1 foot below lines shows om 
the drawings, end where sand-pockets wore encountered the bottom af con 
rte ‘yt pore 2S halal additional depth of from 8" to 2T* witteh 

of 8x = > of sand-pockats in betcom of 
4 sg concrete. The briekwerk 
1 and said brick wal) 







= ® a 
_ - 
. ps - di 
— 2 y 
.. oth i — 
‘. "7 > 

iP r on Z 
ee se = 
‘ a” a 

' a 
¢ " 
- sy 
. . ~; ? a - s 
iJ = F Yad - > > 7 
~ ¢€ ~ 
—_—s ~~ : y . 
a ne 
\ s —_ . \ 
| a 
- ypu Pr a’ 


16", Columns §os.38 and 36, 2%; ooumn ito 
cOlumm No.3@ 14", colums Wos.40 and 42 ; 

2°35"; column Uo, 59, 205": 

baliagys 310". Al} other 

mi | 

columns 7 Toot extra depth and tho -cxtra dépth of @xoavattan in all 
colum foundations yas filled with concrete im addition to that mequiies 
by the drawings. “ 

My estimate for the work 18 = ‘ 
367 cubic yards of excavation at $1.00. chemenernnnsennnnn nan GS6T SOD 

105.6 gubic yards of concrete [potings at $9.00 ~----------~ 9D 

49 1/2 M brick at $14.00 mene ro ntiennn mph ene me nt mmrn remnant —ae ae 
565 square Teot comenting of mate Ae 308. en a . Ye 
3 ~ i% 

| ‘ wae 

AS the contractor's pild chad practically correct, I recommen > 

its anceptarice and that authority be given me to certify and isste a | : 
voucher for the full amoynt of his bil? + $2027.00 —without veii: a 

the 10% as usual, po further <<. of the woe ‘being possible. oS. 

o> yp | in | 
whe . TP among 

Honorable Secretary of the Treasury, fs 

Washington, D,.¢. ° alin’ 
oirs- \, | i a 

1 forward to you herewith Letter of the llth instant from 
Mr. J.A-MeIntyres contractor for the Foundation Superstructure and Roo?- 
covering of the U.S.Mint Building,;in this oity,under ny charge, which 

letter was handed to me for my information and for transmission ere 

and is self explanatory. 


Bie. 31 | 

: —_ "ee 

‘ * 
: ; . 
be - 

Honorable We R.Hewell + 

Acting Seoretatyy 

‘Bir g 
J hove tho tenor to ueIieWLAla she recotpt of your Letter 7 
({nitind J.} of the dgh imetunt informing me ox the promotion ef Bre 
> 2 Rata, ingpector of Bantto in ponnaativd with the U,6,Remt | 
in thdd-e2$y, Irom sixtoom hundred dollars (9800) +0 sgnteeee Mara. , 
ay 21800) por anmaay and T forward you herewith eat of, cea 

juplicate wid wes gall on this date. 
| ‘ es | iscaihand yoursy 


Ws lixe of 

Supe “intendent ot Angehiasaa. 

7, = 

Mr J .K Taylor, | 
Suporvising Architect, | 
Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. 
Sir y™ 
T have to eali your attention to the lengths of basement 
columis Nos.40 and 41 for the U.S.iMint Building,in this eity, under 
contract with Mr.J.A McIntyre, The lengths of said eclumms, a6 per i 
schedule on Drawing No.32, appear two feet longer than they should be. 
The bottom of the concrete for said columns, as shown on Drawing No.2, 
is two feet higher than the bottom of conerete under the corresponding 
columis Wos.6 and 9, and the coherete under colums Nos.40 and 43 
and six inchos instead of two feet us undor the other columms, 
appears that said columis,Nos.40 and 41, should be two feet 
es shorter than the corresponding ¢olutin Nos. and 9,while 
x inches shorter as per schedule. This discrepaney 
1 the concrete foundation and footings stones for 

: Riche 

two feat 
so that it 
and six inch 

they are but si 

+ a ell 
; TE 

’ bn not noticed unt i 

ana ajwore tn ginchand solemn Tos4? 26%. 

olumns mess pores oye, to avoid delays roquestéd the contractor F 
& cree | gor cutting said columa,iios.40 and 41, and Lover 
==: Eire nates on game two fect, which proposal,in amount 

0), I forward " you herewith and recommend 

d A = es 
: r Pe, —— ~ . 
D wae a a . ahd ; a 
— ts ae L 



Mr. J3.K,Taylor, e « 

Supervising Architoct, 

Treasury Department, ‘Washington, D.C, 

Sir:- | 
In aecordanee with instructions in Department cirevlar initial 
&,) of December Slst,1997, I have to report the progress of work on thd 
Foundation, Superstructure and Roof-covering of the U.S.Mint Buitding, 
in this city,under contract with Mr.J.A.MoIntyre, consists in the com 
plotion of the entire basement walls to bottom line of water-tabke 
throughout and to first floor line along half the weat end and three 
fourths of north side; all basement cblumns have boen sat and concreted 
to basement floor level and the wells in basenont and foundation of ohin- 
ney have beon built to near basement floor line and storm and sanitary 
constructed and connected with city sewers on Colfax Avenue. 
Forty-eight stone-cutters are at work preparing granite for 
> me work will be completed within the next two or three 
ite has yet van bc didi ta for the superstructure. 
| he ate at 9 shee” laadlaamala 


ea < 
. ® x = 


7 4 

hh A é 
oo M4 

& _ 2 

“~ oa 

as ey 


% oe ae 
— ¢ a 
1 re i _ 
| , S Ke oe 4 5% =. y 
i : . a . : 
. . * 7. BD oe. 2 : / ” 
think, to laek of 
ee tee g y 
. ; | w 
yr FT al 
7 Tae “Sa 

a 2 a _ 
| eae 
i> «& 

= io 
fs, as 


* 7" 
-. = oe 



ie Wel 

© “ses «witt” so 

| * 
PR ie QS rk OR Ss 

i =e a ee 06 . . als 
pMiipermate Bey - ee gtd og cord 
aos “a * ; 

He wees: 

lir .J *K.Taylor, 

Supervising Architeet, Treasury Departnont, | 

Washington, D.Q, _ 

Sirs. 3 

T hereby scimovledge the reeatpt, by express, of the Sample 
° }> your letter (initial .0.P.) of 
“38 der the contract of ifr.Tonn A.MeIr 
tyre for tx, Surat er tire SP Ss 

‘*e Veh dliat Buiddingsin this city, emg. 
“0 Tiles of my office and my Guidance 

ie ag Gsed. 

of Arkins Bray Grady. 1 2.9-n.,: : 

the 8th inst Wi, appray,, + 

my Chifpe. ... 1 4 eM waa 

in acsepticr. - “SP Lepias 3 

Ce Sas 

stant adores. 
onelosed “il a 


a ay 

Respectfully yours, 

a = 

h Pedy LYNE s > P. Low, ; | 

Chief oT the *echnieal ‘Plvaaion, 

O? fice of the 


onpery ising hinds riaek, 

rsurv Department, Washington, Dee, 



’ ; Cpt. a eA 
in Compliance wich the hi 

e Squest containsa +n, your note o7 
13¢h instant, 

Ke bléasure fn Sending vou herewith 2 copy ot ie. 
vaper gat i é 

2per cated Jay Wary 1léth,18e6, relating to Cod orace marble, | 

Me. ULlery Wishes me +o infor you neat the 

original copy 
his paper was unsigned, 

| it uy ‘Ving been lert. esate the Supervis. 

Are} nitect as a 

statement ‘in regard to, Colorado pe rand Was by 
t¢ the Computing Piri at on there it was Placed i 

n& pigeon hole 
with obher papers having -eferen ; | 

COPY WS made by Mrs. Johnstone, and, He "thinks. she may possibly reve 
lv y r ——s - 
her ; aa abeyt aS eriginal. se f 

a + 
cy £ af _ 

ir. .K Parlor, 
Supervising Arehi tect, 

. Treasury Department, retsctn, B.C, 
I hereby acimowlotige the receipt of your letter (initial 
E-AsCw} of the 20th instant and a set of the contractor's prints fer 
the structural steed and drop work of the U.S.Mint Building,in thts 
city, vizt Nos.d to 194,inclusive, G-1 to G-ll,inclusive, and @-2 to 
0-75,inclusive, the sano being for tho files and information of this . 

‘Im regard to the mark employod by the Inspector of the 
| steel and iron work to denote his approval of same, from 
nat ee * > — 2 the site of this building it appear 

Mr. .8.Kenper, . . \ 
Chief Executive Officer, 
Office of the 

| Rrenaury Dorsett Washington, D.C. 

| Your letter (initial Q.D.E.) of the Leth instant, ceibaeiner 
Kil of Mr.James UsMeGuire for daapestien of ‘material for the USattint 
Building,in this city,under my charges has been received, and, im accemi — 
mye with your instructions voucher mas pone! for the sum of ane hun- 
dred and thirty-five dollars and fiftyesight cents (185.59), the amour) 
of said bill, hag been issued and rorvarded to Mredinguire at No.26 Cort 
landt Street, New York City, Tor his signature and i atte alate 
Disbursing Agent of this building. 


Office of 
Superintendent of ~Penatrustton, haa 
“S,__ Miknt (New), ea 
~—v~Menvery Colorag Oy 

——Retiober o7en, 489 8. 

Mr. al K etayl Or, 

Supervising Architect, 

Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. 

I hereby acknowledce the receipt of your letter (initial 

,0.P.) of the 2lst instant, éenelosing copy of letter of even caeendl 

dressed to Mr.J.A. McIntyre advising him of the 

allowance of his bill, 
imcunt two thousand and twenty-soven dollars ($2 2027), for extra 
Labor au 

in 2 

materials furnished by him in carrying the entire foundaticas 
of the U.€,Mint Building,in this eity, down one foot deeper than ae 
originally intended and removing sandpocketsy wherever encountered, te 
éravel, and filling samo rith concrete; and, in accordanee with your 
instructions I have this day cortified and issued n weseher in dupli~ 


cate for the amount naned above less 10% rotained. 

"ae a yours, 



SiWevintendeyt of on 
is Sigs 

Nr .d KTaylor, 
Supervising Architect, 

Treasury Depertnent , Wadhiucton, D.¢, 
Sirs “" » La 
IT hereby agknowledse the receipt of your ‘Mande (initial 7 
of. the 25th instant enclosing copy of letter of even date advising :” 
tAeMoIntyre that he will be allowed to mubstitiute acceptable Termes: 
Geprgia,or Vermont marble,for the Colorado marble called for under |, 

contract for the Foundation, Mineretnisnres etait ™ U8. setae Bui. 
ingyin this city,under my charge. 

Respectfully a 

Lir.J f.Tayl oy, 
SUPOrVASIng Architest, | 
Sir:- . ent, Washington, D.c, 
I heroby reques: 

OCil,to cost 

one dollar and oighty cents 
men in the temporary office at noe hag 

der ny charge, the Us8.Min t Building,in 



Office of . 
| | + 
Superintendent of. Construgtia My 
US, Sih (ity ; 


r JK Tay) or, | 
Suparvising Architect, 

« ‘Treasury Dopartnent, Washington, D.¢. 

In accordance with instructions in Department cireular fimiticl 
5S.) of beconte Slst,1897, I have to report the progress of work on the 
foundation, Superstructure and Roof~covering | of the U.8.Mint Brildlnes 
in this city,under contract with itr wif AMeintyres consists im the | 

strection of storm and sanitary sewers to and connected with the: ity 
pewers on Colfax Avenue; construction of brick wells and chimney ta 
near basement floor line; construction of basenont walls,stone and | 
brickwork, to first floor line; the setting and concreting of all ell 
ment columms, and placing of first floor hadnetie eva WGN x 
portion of riveting of said ‘teen: pw 
_ Shee hav re je bee we 
werage number on each 

bh es seid Gays: ibe a6. 
ic work was een ad the peile~ 

the quarry on Thursday of last wook, 


The supply of vrick is plentiful, and there would be no de~ 

tay in the work from now on except for the Arkins granite and the marthe, 
‘oferring to statement im my repert on the 15th Sette eater 

tive to contractorts ability to obtain the necessary funds to earry om ' 

the work, I have to state that I have ande Some investigation and Leartt 

that the prospects of securing said  Caiont iene setae! for the 
irmodiate future. 

Ur J -K.faylor, 
Supervising Architect, 
| — Troneury Department, Washington, Ds, 
Sir s- 
| hereny | request authority to ineur an expenditure of six 

deliars and saventy-five cents ($6.75) for six months water rant, fror. 

Hovember 1st,1098,for use in-tho temporary office butlding at the ney 
U.5.Mint,in this city. 


+ also desire authority to purehase ome ton of coal €2240T5 

to cost five dollars ($5.00),to be used in the temporary office abowe 

4 Re 385 

Ur.J Taylor, | 

Supervising Architect, 

| Treasury Department, Washington, D.c. 
Sir: . | 

Referring to paragraph near bot ton of in sc ,apociticatien 

for the Foundation, Superstructure and Ragtnovering of the ‘U.S.Hint se 
Building,in this eity, whith states that the stool colums (except in 
attic) to be omelosed with terra cotta jacketing® and Drawing No.3,for 

the same work,which shows sevoral bisquent ‘colume to Be enclosed in 
the brickwork of storage vault which brickwork is not included in the 
present contract, i wish ~—— whether you desire that the basement 
colums in line of brick walls 0! sajd storage vault shall be Jackotod 
eish (ki aU im, or 26 you Wish said columme vo 

be left without terra cotta and oxelosed in the brick wills hereafter 


TRHonorable Lyman J .Gage, . | 
h Secretary: of the Treasury, 
Washington, DC. . 


zea the henor to apply for ‘leave Love of abaece fer two days 
Vovem- 25th and 26th,1lH96, . Be ee ey te & . > a 

; 4 = MR ee, ark: oy bad 
*% . wt 

ne 2 Ue es 

IY J Ke dayi or, 
Superyj Sing Architect, 
Treasury Departnent, 

instant in regara ©© the basouent colums to be enclored in detekears 
of storage vant for th, U.SwMint Building, in this citysunder my eben, 
which brickwork is not N@uded in the present contract, and T nate | | 
your decision that the Colm im question are to be left ae’ ‘ag 
cotta and that they will be Oe eM 9 eta ee | 
under a later contract. 


, 489 Ge 

sf : 

Mit’. K.Tayl ori 
Supervi sing Architect, s 

Treasury Department, Washington, D.c. 

Sir :- 
I hereby at¢knowledge the receipt of your letter (initial? J.¢. 
P.) of October 20th 

> enclosing copy of letter of even date accepting 
“2S proposal of Mr.J.A.MeIntyre, in amount eighty-five dollars (965.3, 

tO Turnish all the lahor and naterials required tc aut oft colurt s] — 

*0 anc 4I,and lower braekets on same two feet, at the U.S Mint aii sin 



in this city,under my charge. , 
: The work of shortening said columns and Lowering. he brackets — 
on same has bean completed, and, in a@cordance with your instructi jons, 4 
I have this day certified and issued & woucher in duplicate for the | 
amount of ouge ‘proposal less 10% retained. 
Respectfully yours, 


ee gue Suporinten 


MY. J at day ov, 

Supervising Architeet, 

treasury Department > tata 


In gQ6¢ordance rif utr (ie 
z $8 With castructions in Depart 
went eit 
itial S$.) of } 

* Decertbar 3st yleor, 1 have tO report that the | 2 

. *% 

the Poundation, Suporsteucture arid. Root -oovering of he Toe 

work on 
Mans . 

Mint auilding,in this eltysumder soxntract with Mr, J pd Ho int yre, com 
sists in the con 

struction of storm and senitary sewers to axid comnect 
6d with the Gi ty cevers on Qodfax Ayonue ; construction of briek wel—s 
ond chimey to near basement floor line} eonstrnction of basement wal" 

stone and brickwork, to first floor lina; tho sett ing and conereting 
~ all basement coluniis ; completion of first Tloor steel Tranings. pla 
te complete a; 
Floor * framin 

ng ann apne portion of the spgora floor frnmings a 


Me, tag of the neu | ~ 2 ~ a two hie of sécond floor framing im we 
. yet. 7 2 
= te oc pte | | 

fe stor tomo athe rs ard at _ 

x me, ’ i 

; oe » *, 4 te es . 
‘or the superstructure | Sxce pt or 3 Unt 
a. _ Rea PN: 

and pat AY rangoment 5 x nade e yA iJ 7 Ud Bi rt s 
vind ‘ a Pah as 
: ne de 7 wl wa a ) 
ney * ) 

r the ‘Tivst story colume and thea aqeenbling af OF mRezami 

ra a 
M ' : , ! ry 


karen: ea ‘the aah thet. no gram- at 3 
ans od 0 ry — att 


Vom 7 
Learns ¥: 

a ‘d “» 
_--  « 
f > ae 

an 7 ' 
~ - 
= ; ‘ 
sh = ah 
re! 3 a" o »  - . 
- = © eS = . 
‘ > e - > * x - 

a0 3 




. | 4 


_ “f 


4? ? : @ 
: A> F 

a oy ow 

Office ot 
, ee | | 
TUSittentent of Construction 
. i er / 
Bri? ans a 

ot. ~~ -Penver, Colorado, 

| ~~ eiigge 16th, __, #8 % 

viy° eo ‘A .MeIntyre, 


Rooms Nos.aoe ie 47 F 

wie MOS .406 & 404,Cooper Building, ; * 
Denver, Colorado. | 

; ~ 
Dear Si Rt. 

Referring to page "C" of specification for the Foundafion, 

superstructure and Root! -covering of the U.S.Mint , Building,in this v4 

under contract wit! you, which says "the stael columns Cexcept in att.c 
to be eneasad with terra cotta Jacketing,ote.®, a pave to inform you © 
that I wrote to the Supe fyi aing Architect relative to basement eolumn: 
Nog, 14 yl 591 9520,22,23,% 16 2m, 529,50,63 & 34 on Line of the storage vaul ' 
walls fthe brickwork of which ip not ineluded in yor caninety with « 

view to leaving out the terra .cotta Jacketing of nate Colas and en-— 

agers them with. brickwork when the vault is constructed, whieh meets 

ae SS 
ot ~ eaten Architect's approval. 
ty, i ou will not, therefore, be required 4g place we terra got’ 5 oe 

on mid colums in the basement . | | . , al 
= x ave te * soisiali yours, ‘- & 


5 et Ler, 

S | " 

The Honorable Lyman J Gage, 

Secretary of the TYBn@i¥Ry” = 1} 
Washington, 0.0, 

Sir:- | 

I have the honor to apply for fifteen days leave of absence, 
from December lst ,1 898, 0 Decembar 15th,1896, inclusive. 
Respectfully y 

‘te Se 
Office of 
Superintendent of Sokstrustion, 

U.S. Hint ties), 
Patan OL orada, 
co ony 180%, 


of the | 
U-S.Court House 2 Post Office Building 
| ; > 

~SRVaP, Colorado. 

Referring to the Niels 
6 Se the Nielsen Wall Paper Company's Proposal, im aso. 
our nunared and Torty-ej “ht | m , 
Ght dollars ($4 

ing the ceiling 

48.) for repainting ami redeem ‘ - 
ES and 

cornices of the Lobby, repistry , 

a nd 

-AG Money order Toor 

o a] 

in the first Story of the building 

in your custody, I hi 
ry AVG tO say that ° 
eensider the proposal r mi 

easouable and that the wor) 

kK is necessary to put 
che walls of the first story 

in good condition. 
. Subjected to rough Usage, and hoth walls 
cendition that 

Said walls hove been 
and ceilings were in sueh bag 
in removing the dirt they had to be serubbed unt22d the 

a. came off in uany places ant in Some instances the decorations were 

gaia ate my opinion the wails were not properly sined how 
original? Y sO that the oil fron the paint 


Was absorde- 
soso of OF = ll to rub ore in > oe fs Ca 

n order and Pepi 
> aelegmalean they cannot he — The 

= Pe be ae . i — ee. By 
‘ ae as war = ° os é' > ah rtione » £ ~ + t ama Ce opr 7 
» s the « Sed - we — - is ’ = i, - 0 Sid: Petia ve Ate 4 
F & Te Oa ‘ 7 ‘ - i. 7 4 e : ———— 


She fresee ronoves So the plaster finish iatilienen. 3 thie 
that either the cotlings ate not have the coating of off or glme x" 
before Painting, or that the Feadon did not contain sutficient glue 
to bind the same, nena the dirt. ana tuples rubbed together in elm 

The walls ana and cotlings Proposed to be painted huve bean 

cleaned as well ag they ean be and are in good condition to receiv 
the paint, so that if painter and decorated at this time it wil pv 
all walls and ceflings of the first story in very good condition. 

The walls and ceilings throuchont the upper stories ef © 
building can be satisfactorily cleaned, and,cenerally,have poets: i 
i Tew places I have required the contractor to rewash the walle, i. ‘i | 
work he is now doing, and in some places where the paint cane tf | 4 
washing, the walls have been painted by ents eek 
satisfactory. | 
to remove the athey : 

; lahat annem ae 
sory of the atltingy Lied remand 0's Saree ene 


See ny letter | 
reponal for pain 

stant with Pp 

all 4 al . 2 

2 ‘ ied 
: ; , 
ns 7 
* :, 

Mr * Jak Jaylor s 

Supervising Architect, f 
Treasury Detar tment, Washingtonp Dee. 3 
Si ri- goa ita S 

| In ascorgance with instructions contained in Departiuent ¢irev 

tar } ae S$.) of December Sist,1997, I have +o report that the al 
work on the Pourdat ton, Superstructure: and Roof-covering id 

the U.S.Mint building,§n this city, under contract with Mp 
consists im the won (AgtR OF of storm and sanitary sewers to and com 
nested with the eity sewers on Colfax Avomie; construction of Dasoment 
wolls and thimney to padnainet Yloor lino; stone and brick work of vast- 
ment walls to first floor line; the placing of all steel —— to at- 
tie floor linc; completion of first floor framingjand mona ine 

| and attic floor ig,except from interior colwms to = Le whiter 

= be placed utitil the walle are constructed, Portions 0 
-ing Of said floor framing huve not yet boon — ) | 
fas performed on jron construction on trong 
rue eho month, oh average — * 

rt “sop “ry pee pete 
+ . 4 
a ot i i ' ay Mt 1) i = 
ies <> : z o Pp : t ie ‘ . 7 ore > 
| : f 7 , a= Vase yo « : 
. Bs a, “ ? - 5 ’ L. a a Ae 
+ a : : \ id ’ 
" an se V ‘ «2, 
ig .'y ‘. 
i, - = ) 



oy 5 

' ie 

. > 

—A 4 5 

4, 7 7 
er sh 


at SES 

jars te amt 
te va awe | 

was employed. Bo graltt 
the Arius quar’ from 

Js to be abtainedy basnet 768 oie 
factory material for the biildings — 
heen, Geliverod here but it 
aplored by sap end was TeATS, saale 
Judging from the dolay § 
superstructure, J au of. the oh omy! ta 
months in ndartion t 
gnount of vour 


ed No Agate or™ 

| =a 

Mr, .K.Taylor, 


blank traveling wager vouchers aie ne 
in ‘anis ofty 

yonder a 

ty the receipt of the new oat 

- bie 


| Hr.C 2 .Xenper, 

Acting Supervising Architect, 

= - Preasury Departhenty, meanest Be Mies ge 

birie~ ts, 
I wish to be infortied ar Ae, ors te 5 rode te De | 

used in franing the attie ee cope OS il 

under contract with Mr.J.A.MeIn 
ed 7/a"° in diameter on fan, 

Bin. paw a co 

Us jin 
. os —— - 
7 Se a - — . 

lir.¢.BKemper, | , 
Acting Supervising Architect, | | 
Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. 

@ a 
' ey . = 4 
y) ts Se ES ~ > « 


1 am in resale OP PUR URRPRRUAeIat URr. TO? the amy 

ultimo, enclosing copy of letter of even date addressed to MraJuAslitw 
Gibaitted by him in connee~ 

Sir s- 

tyre in regard to certain samples of brick si on eee 
gree) p ''? | 7 . = , <¥- ot : 

ing of the U.S.Mint Building, i - 

3 aren; 

have been moted. © 


The Honorablg Lyhan J Gage 
: *MEES s : 
Setrotary of ithe Tre : u , | | | 

Washington, D.C ty 
girs 3 
| ies wr} 

I have the honor to amy ‘For sixteen @ EP 

a i? » 

from December. 16th to December ; 51st ,1896, ine: 

tespectfully r 

MrsJ .K.Taylor, : 

Siri | ) efile Boe 
: . 3 
have OS: to mike an expenditure of fi. 

dollars for one ton of.goal (a4 Tex) and one dollar and elghty « 

for one gallon of coal of1 for use in the rdr 
wt espenditure of four delhars and wevontpstte'eGnti Tor making. 

photographs of the work at the D.G,llint Buildingyin this ettye af t. 
aut cen ae: a 
| Respectfully yours, — 

MP ds Ki Taylor, , 
Supervising Arghitect, Treasury I :, 
Washington, DP» G. 

Sir:- | 
a am in receipt of your telegram’ of even date relative to aaneer 

tion of rivets for iron-vork of the’ U."8.°Mint building in this city 
under my charge, and I note your instruction that the contractor be 
notified to make "hammer canton ripest enteniers 

said work, whichindt rid cad WL AP Seipeeey ’ ome OoLind bigs 

on Chil giz ‘orp daedity Gaara pt entia <s office 7 
Ba ; ¢ G0 irs . &, e ret i x 74/92 BB, +@, 
oy : ‘ } aceite, s* 
: . 
Respects ry FOURS, 
(1 em 7 *. 

ul “Ss oth «| . ts ‘ ; { 
on, D. @e 4 ~ 
~ Suporvising Are test, ix 
fTreagury Dep y | 
o J ' AS ¢. r } ehaprc= 
O44 wee ‘ 4 
| a " pe 4 op in trig ci ro 
I Am jn raced pt of y letior thee of the ni, 
| | -. your 1 rt | m | réetor se 
2118b82 A containing, the inforngtien oo ‘ at “OUs ea we be 

construetion of the U.S. Mint ed 5 city, 4 be 7/8” a: 

ameter, and J have in ormed the eax Md ” oe | | : . 

iy Dear Mr, Roberts ;- 
Will Jou please ascertain at the mint in your eaty and let me know . 
whether there js any special reagon for placing thimbles in flues at any 

certain height above the floors and whether Btn0" above basement floor » 
and 12t-of above first and second floors will ‘answer. The story heights 
in the ‘clear are 10!- 6m in basement 251-0" An first. story and 21'@ in 
Second story of the U. re Mint building here and the thimbles and flues 
ore for the service of machine and blacksmith shop in basement, the whiten 
ing room annealing ernest and nelting-oon in first story and the refinery 
laboratory and assayer's rooms im second story « 
The specification states that thimbles in the flues shell be placed ~ 

where directed and I want some information fron some Mint officials be- 
fore IT give instructions on that point. De you think 21-0" of terra cotta 
flue lining below the thimbles in the brick chtemey 46 sufficient? The éraw 
igs show the flues in the ehimey starting in basenent,although al) Dus 
one are for ust onary the basement. | 
‘ae bar eon 70 soon an ts enn ye 


* oF 

o. 7 ; 

* al 5 . 
8 . a” - os a 
Ray =) cm P - 24 - ‘ 
es ond 5 ; > : - - < ai g4 
i $n Tint a? ate ; 
a ay aT ‘ Natl : re . 
~ La . ry ey: =" a . ; : ; 
“ ’ i ve es a a . / a 
: 4 "= _- ea . 

i re 

Wt tie of 
Syevintendent of Oftiee nf 

ree: Aa 
Smpevintendeut of Constmyetiony 
I le 4 , * wae 
U.S, Sa ABBR DS oc. 

- Diemer 16th, == fg. 

Supery: Sing Architect, Treasury Department , 
Washington, D. ¢, 

Complying With instructions in Departnent circular (int tial "g") of 
Decenber olst 1897, I have to state that progress of work to date - on the 
Foundation /Superechivtuve andi Roof Covering of the U, 5. lint building in 

tans city under contract with Mr, John A. McIntyre is practically the same 

aS given in my report of the S$0th ultimo , no work having been done so far 
this month except a portion of the riveting of floor framing referred to 
in my said report as "not vot been completed". 
Work has been performed on ten days this month . the number of iron 
workers employed per day was seven and the number of laborers employed 

per day was ten. 
Yo granite has yet been delivered from the quary fer work on the 

‘superstPucture and it is not known what progress te being made in quarry 
credible reports reccived'from there were that little 

ing thé same, The dast c 
progre . 88 Was being made. 
Respectfully. yours, 

[> 0 ; 
' if 


Ur. C, &, Kemper, 

neuey ] mA nt yi 
Chher Executive Officer, ; 

ip The 
Office of Supervising Archi tect ,?reasury Departnent, 
Mashington,D, C4 | feniticd "S*] 
) (remeut Jae aoe af 7 
aeal of ) ES 
Dot | hover $e hate u Poprugr 5238. ¢ a 77 
1 i receipt of your deviance the 12th instant (initials "W.P.P!} 
4, "Me litgre 18 Prac: fod We ee 
| advising me that the form of consent of agrany yee Fond nd « fe me ‘. ea a 
Tor change of granite, in connection with nie contract for hiperhesisiee tina 


of the Uy S. Mint building in this city me 
T Ipforers 

retary of the Treasury on the ninth instanty — , 

ir. John A. MeIntyre, 
Room 402 Qooper Building, 
City. rol levtyPraaa@ury Mgpartuent, 
Sir:- | e 
‘The department ‘afore me that the form of ¢ensent of surety om 
your bond , for change of granite in : 
superstructure, etee, of this building agp a by the. det ing Sere 
tary of theTreasury on the 9th “ee” . gn béme ¢7 JuT 

Gftiee of 

. 4% ~ A 
GREE let o¢ 
LULL i foyt of Construction, 


CO QS Teta se _{Ner), 

_.. = Deny er, Colorado, 

“<< December 16th, 449 8, 

7 <e = : WV) @ 
Fe P ~ es P o s 
To. ’ t v. 
sik @ «i “A Taylor, 
wupervising Architect, 
reasury Department, Washington, D.0, 
par sn | 
Referring 2 
ing to the | oi iron ‘phen to be ‘used ‘under Mrs F pAlb In 3 
tyre ts contract “! : ; : rome " rGitr x ‘> 
for the Foundatio: My Superstructure and Roof covering 
Of the U.8S,Mint Buitasne ay ROS Le e 
é U.S.Mint Pull dd ngs bn this City, “ft have to stab’ that several | 
Pieces of said r | ee 
e Sala pipe have been ‘delivered for ats and upon weighing al | st 
Ee a Scetiecey yours, | | . : 7 
fengtn each of the 3", 4 anal yb" as & test, t tound that the said 
lengths weighed from a half to four fifths of a a less Ber foot ¥, 
a - . _ or & % » : : ~¥, | TS 5 9 a 
vuhan required by the spécification, The pipe té endeavored by the ; S 

L.»Wolfe Manufacturing Company arid has their name and 


“extra heavy® | o 
casted on seme. It is listed in their catalogue as being of the same =| 

required by the eel 

—v 5 1. & La 

Al though the 4 zs in 

hidden the Wt of Bai wie a pip 

ba Lee aah 1 ae “or | your 4 

an ‘fa | Respect tully yours, 


nnd - not allow it to go in the buildis 


>» * & he = 
oe . ‘ “a a “ ' : << #.. 
eA 4 Pie , : : 
. ‘ —. ; » : 
wv - ~ - =< i ine ‘ 
: . es ' 
: “= : oe ioe = * j 9 
- We @ Sm e 9 
1 a? : 2 
. ' f - ; oT 77 
4 7 ‘ . P 
2 7 = 
7 1 
= . 
« ¢ 7 
- é 

meters _ e 


Office of 
Superkatensent of _@onst a 

. et ae Asth, ___, 489 % 

7 . 
Mr + J a4 Pe LJ ] Yr 

7 s 
Supervising Archites ; 
Tras eippu . 
Treasury Deartment, Washington, D.C. | | 
Ciwe | | | 
bent , eo ; % * a 

{f am*in reeeipt of a {initialed H.AsC.& f: C.P. ) a 


the 15th instant directing me to advi Mr ,John A. MeIntyre, contractor — “, : 


for the Foundation, Superstructure and | ager of the U.S Mint , 2 


tory, and that the corners of said stones should be square as indicated 

in full size detail for said work. : 2 a 

, : . .. - > ‘ 
In this conneetion I wish to inquire thether the finish shown 4s 
= o1 final , 
d 5: P je (whieh is fine pointed work) is a epted as the 
to | 
or the 5 ton _ ¢ work i If 60, it will permit tne entire work 

i . ye ard a waive the requirenent in the se 

the | stone 4 


+ mitted by him for use in the first story of salg building 4 catisfae- ¥ 
ke ” “ 

L be done after “setting, in order that 


Su pe rintond anit 
; a 




in ta 



Mr. JA McIntyre, 
Denver » Colorado. 

Dear Sire- 

I am aie pistiigor letter of the 15th instant from the alien 
ing Architect of the Treasury Department, to advise you that the | | 
of fine picked granité work submitted with your letter of the eth 48- 
stant for use in the first story of the U,S..Mint Building,in this city, — 

under your contract, is yatihties' taal and,concerning you inquiry —_, 
¢ er the corners of these stones shall be rounded,as indicated en Brawi 

or detail last forwarded! by the Supervising Ar 
myou that the Sos shall ee 


“est pte. ’ 

Office ot 
Superiutenent of Construction, 
US Wa me 
__..__Deeender 20th, SEG 


The Jacksona@eith Punt 

YVACKSON=-—Gmith Pos ofraph Company , 
7 Jane a 4 : : | , 
Industrial Building, Denver, Goleorade. 

Referring be Your proposal of December 5th, 1996,in ameyumm 


Gent lemen:- 

five dollars for making photay raphic views of tne U.S.Mint Building,in 
-ity,under my enarpe, TP have ta dmform you that authority bas. bee 

‘iven me to m*’.2 a® eipenditwre ar four dollars and seventy-five cont. ar 
Sik] ork which itewghe Gipunt ef preposal submitted by another phr 


\Omrarhers in this -c2ege 
Thankiag you fer jour kindness im submitting a proposal for 

the .wosk, I am . 
Respectfully yours, 

super intendetiee ¢ 


-in this cliy,under my 

Mr. doseph Collier, - , . | are. 
1€435 Larimer Street, | E g 
Sirs- : > ’ | | i. 

I an authorized to make an 
Seventy-five cents for two pho 

for said work and I will ‘than: you to make said views on the } 
Respectfully yours, 

+ ~yY 



Superl ntsndent of { 

San relia 

Dear Mr.Roberts s+ 
I an in receipt of your 2 
sketeh giving information in re; it 
ing furmaces at the U.S,Mint build i 
your suggestion to write to the of 
the furnaces to be used in wns 
1 thank you for your ki 
atti tt of been of muuch van tom 


ol -C.E.Kenuper, 

Acting Supervising vedi, 



ay ” 
1 an in wheeipt of your sash fai 4.0.8.) of the 17t 

,, instant granting authority to make an expendi ture ‘4 five dollars em 0 
one ton of coal (22401 bs) to be Bia ~~ office of Superintenien: 

Construction of the U.S Mint Building!) 
ure of four dollars and seventy-five , 

the work on said building» 

The quantity of egal ost eater th tng soceteenten te ag 

7th instant 1s an error, #i ¥ Sovig een oe 5 

cnaap ten gallon of ian make gn expanateure of ome 40 <5 

cents for the Halse 5 viabeh ’ a - 4 Bg 7 ‘ . a 7 ij 
i. ; aa oe | a oe 


My. JK. Pay] or, 

supervising Arcliites ; P 

| _ Preasury 3 -atiaent, We aigtingg ton ; ip. 
Cire . ; ; if 


ge OELANE %~9 Dirnyss J#.0,page "B", of the spoeification for 
Foundation, Supersiructure aud Boefscavering af the U.S.Mint Butldint 
toto city, whith relates to tae terre flwe Linkugs oud thagptes 
states that “the terra cotta, pipe a AE be built in tp Sues 
Girectedts i wish to be informed what er the said terra corte fiwe id 
4m ehimney should daponont: Plopeyst each floc? 0 ot timate. 
mm ax what sighte above the floor Line ia agement and other storic 
nota papa son shane slase 29 ston oF mS 

in este: B.8.tuut in san Prangisco the bit 

forge embers he fine at an angle sf - 
eens * whigehine furnsoee ab = : 

, style of furnaces vill a | 


‘Thos at hasenont floor for blackamibhts fore?-and at first and sgeor. 
Tliesrs for other Turnages.ete.,s0 that the escaping particles of meta 
in fumes,ete,,may be saved, 14 — doubt will réquire that all fines 
shill extend down to the cléavons doors whether they are located at 
basement or at other floors, and that borra gotta fue lining shalt 

“one down to cleanout doors ig gach floor. ‘ 
i enologa herewith,Zor your iy 3 & sketch showing 

approximately the style of the furnaces now tf weg in tho Mint buiked: 
/ &t San Franti seo,California. 
| I decive full inforngtion in these partioulars in order t 

I nay glye the contractor ptoper fastructions regarding the matters 
“go the contiaetor 1s ready’to construct thé! chimey he desires to be 
- tuformed: a® early as pomsbteys es | 

ns v . 
hye mp oe » a 
: e . 7 te ator + 
, : ~ p ~~ ; { 

ba ide he oe 


pas TiS 


alg A 
a hy 


Wikies at 
Sipevinter rhe » —— 

Be 3 aunt 


es ney x 
é F ons qeiny ¥ 
v n . p >» a a ia : : ‘, 
Bs. ee 48 COmb + > At 
De oo — ae Vi, 4 y @ 
? vw. 4 { z 
tle T ,_. ’ 7 
ono; anbLe Uy rmaey Idage, . dann po mn as oa 
oi ' 

~~ * ‘ a . * 142) tom a . 2 
“eretary of the TreasiPy, Kw a 

4 i : 4 3 , e ~ 3 +‘? - a. 

* We aningt ony Meee? MO" 4 abe ty t 

me ) 
ovprizg- fe Jets ‘4 Fs. 

7 4 a ; Gite : -_ des ) - . ‘ew = ee - ce inate fe od . . 
Tchave the honop tO APP, ror ‘ten days Doave of absence fron 
becember 22nd-te Docomber’ S151 , 1696; ineluatve. PR hg oe ele 
iy to eotat / Respoottuddy y; | 

ra a 
By’ ad KeTavlor 3 Z ; 
G ied = . 
Supervising Architect, ie A 
Treasury Departme 3 
Sir 3- y 
| T oni in geeeion and 
i> 9! & bo ds 1 whe 
stant enclosing letter of amt 
Inspector of Granite a the Pecan 
ie and ,in. accordan ¢ 

oe tn a on ae sh 

T have to acknowhgnge the | 

of the 17th instant, bgt of th 
as “Disbursing Agont of 

| BySaNint Building, in chit | 


Mr. J .KeTay) or, 

wie sing Architect, 

Treasury § 
Sir:- ’ 

+. hye 
» Washington, D.C, 
ww : 7 

sample of gray Tennessee mrble aR ed to in your letter (initial J... 

P.) of the 15th inbtant approve baled 4 eee yt teorrtns te <% 
tract for the ‘Foundation, Superstructure snd Roof-covering of the U.S, | 
Mint Building,in this attr, : ss a 
fice and my guidance in accepting | 

I have to ack 

Mh g Ketiyres, a 

Stiporyi sing Architect, 
Tronaity DopiiFinetit, 3 


I have to report ghag ir sLe. i 

structiicn | ‘of the’ Y. ‘SiMine ‘Bubbary ta is Saeaite inartied: ‘t aie + me 
VATU baie Spelt Tae eae preBeely abe: bb Abitb 6 ive ~ oettetal duties 

* tHe: “noxet? tiked: or Tour” aye” A | 
‘ “oY ali te! his death nite Fea 
Work ts in progre ds on the milding a Ve: ‘ 
shi pment: within a few days and " 

& Toree of “ame otters AR SRR vote Fee of omg 
month. . 

Mr. @iE.Kemper, 
Chiet Rxsautive Offiver, 

Ofrice of the” 


T am in receipt or ve ” 
Stant authorizing the ) 

AY UK. Tay I on, | x 

BOervising Uelinese, | | | 
Sir;. | "peasy Deurhion, Tshingten, Die. st. 

e ; 
(7 Gm in reveipt of yonr 1etc 

*nstamt velative to the. 

WE clteditgre 
 Robas Moa.408 ‘ sey Dover 

a | Peover, Borornae, 
Dear Sirs | Puy * 

Tso on rainin of 6 ante 


pers whale + 



if you will Send’ me 
Said beans in Place, 
T11LY vete® ty6 MXtter to tne Supervi sing x 
CXplain the ‘@ircunss 

noes to Him. Bmper pe hag 

1 be permitted Yo: proceed with ‘the work, but 
Lt Without knowing the oxtra cost of seme, 

Trusting that T may hae ® DEN for this vork, ¥ am 

he) # oe 




ay as oy. tan _ / 
ae ordered four beams for 
2 , > Paes sen : . ‘ . tw, 
= Te | been delivered at the site, 
: ‘ih 4 ay y . .* 
oe mf TOOK than trose imileatad 
Ls 2 - 7 / ‘ ~~ * is . ' : ‘ wr i : 
iy ee = ae ore: + 4 | _ > <? _ 
5s, 3 ops — nk ae Oe aes hi , 7 
AMAA t ek ee th ee 
ay a “ee 



~~ ‘ 
‘ee | 
No.31, POCcOttaend thie WUthority bo p v 
, 46 « . 3 


fan to have Sild beams used 
A, . Pa a , | | 4 2 
Hdd to make paynont rs then 

7 ’ “an - 
. ~~ oe 5 * 
ey i, < el ar 
* ay PGnatder that Neavinr bonne Should be used over t 
Openings, I wi1} thank you 

to inform M OF the size 
you desire and I wil} 

obtain & Proposal ror the sane and forwe; | 
it to you, . | 

HAt I be QUGhor4d 

in addition te his gr 

. 2 ot 


and weight . 

Re spectfully yours, 

= ce oa aad 

Mint Building,in this ¢ 
practically the same 48 Yeno 
the riveting in aie ! 
completed; sone 

; 433 

AD ‘xr 

4 ONS? Abe, 
it SOnSt derahls tine has beey lost in - 

Oiibi su MMASNg the qWarry, there 
om I? wth YW on “4 NeOCksity ror ine 1 
yo one Creasing the 
Ca eg force of granite 
\ur , 4 ’ ad _ cutters 
Ove} nd -OOVE the number 

empl oyed last year on + 
Was Sixty) in Order te Complete the Wo 

Le an @#h 
eC SAC COMMA G tells 
his f Which he p | 

Ais work { which great. 

rk within a reason ib) 

Fangenents to iney Or He 
ram’ «acl a ih 

romised to UO, but 50 far has mde 
and loos * m th } 

GQ it does not “ppem® that his Premise will be rudtriy 
ed, = =6T am satiag ty 

d ~ “0 S2t1sfigi tha: Lt will ré@quire 
ary 1900 to t 

~ ey 

nO provision fer 

Uuntl) December next or Jom. 
ing Granite for this 

for more than Sixty granite oy 
increase in the number of Granite 

“1d prepare the renal 
less the 

building gc : 

ACTOP provides tters, an 

cutters wild wil ReceSsitate en. bite 
ing his shied room at his Stone yard and he Should be Mlarginge his « oi 
ow , Judging fron the PPesent outlook and Plans I estimite that f+ 
Will require from rifteen months fron this time to Cnable 
ntractor te commote the work uméer contract With him on this 
building. He should Ory Oy 100 granite enttor: fy 
Amount of vouthers previously issued on secount of CONT YALts 
ak 4 a . 
is. ee I Ee Ste - 

Dll 7 
- ee ET SPER SED Ae rte ie 00 eases os ences o> en en — oe - — ae ~~~ -$62 : \ a 
ei § 
ts. ae 
2 O . a 

L vouel r issued to contractor during 
aagee tal | 

tvelve to 
the eo 

OM this time ORs 

. . 


Present month 

; a a , SAT - ia E = « 

| See tear eee 
“a Metal tc ds - 3 
Sass, , ae Jotal to GAO yr ---e v 

a) ay 
> he J r " 
a ~~ = 

> te 
inv. 3 


ir J A. MoTnt yre, 

Denver ’ Colorado . | 

relative to the terra Cotta ff: flue 

of the U.s stint Building,iy this. 

he states that the terra cota flue Uning 

lues where 
also, that thinbles for } a 
floor and for annealing | e Pha 7 
‘or melting furnaces 11 feet above 
from the floor ie contri 

the bottom of the f 

to he plastered inside with 


‘PARC "B"y0f tho specification star 
Where openings must be left for rite 

U, §. 

J 7 é ¢ 
iy " A 
Mir .J.K, Taylor, + ’ 

Supervising Amthitect, 2" 

Treagry Department, Washington, Le, bet. 
Sirs. | | a Shee — 3 
: . t . . ; 7 “iN ia 4 
I enclose herewith two photographic Views of the work On the . 

U.S. Mi nt Building,in this city, under my charge, taken on December 31st, 

lage, craxted in your letter (initial @.b 

as per authority 
L7th ultimo, 

] - 
t * A 

“a ti: ” 

Respectfully yours, i : 5 a 

. . ) — oh, , 4 y ot 4 Pace 
Superint endent. ade ‘¥ 



“lr 6 J eK Tavl or : bs 
‘ie *, , : » 
Supervising Architect, ; | 
Treasury Department, Washington. Def. 
Say" 2's . ~~ a 
ee — 
| "Gut 4m PeGeipt ie. youp Lat (atten BAC.) of the ten ee 
ultimo eon 

4ining inst ha Cc oneernt i 

é the terra cotta flue linings 
and thimbles: for tha U.S. bart Butling yiy this eity under ny charge, 

ance ‘thererithg have instructed | the contractor that terra 
cotta flue linings for chimms st ‘tat basSoment floor line and 

lett at basement floor line ( 
ings show chimney flues starting in b 

and in accord 

as the dra 

asener ) and alsiesieees hin + 7 
that it in hee: aad > are to be P. 

d el oe insite tile st floor for net - 
in ‘nig of Petes " 1s 


- sam "4 » leve 1s as peed lues: also ' 

floor for asinonini ur 
| ir om f 1 irnace s, $s: fiat tl Cs 

* ; 
i a ia 
; i , - a la 
: ple iG: iQ ¢ >a a P Do oxi mz te! 

are to “ 


‘ Pi @ 
an er - ee aren ) 't 
- ; af ~~ , = wr 3 a 7 r way , ‘ 
4 i sR . ira ee fe SN at PS oe a 
oi ote . = > bf Ww. } 
424000 Ll Oxtt : 

Mr .3.K,faylor, 
SUPCrvising Architect. 
“s Treasury Departnen: 
Sir ;- | = 
I am in receipt of Letter of deen line from the Qusc. 
dian of the y ) 

UeS.C.H,& p, 0+ yan ~ city, » 
edd building with | 
you to me on the 30 

Pipes of 

of making the changes 
Of the cost involved, ~ = ~ | 

i have made the inves 
Present plan si di Pelagic 2: of : 


Beh . : 

bite ande 

bo §tteet Putt 

ENttors peryse the de Tron 

© Yost Oerice busheans 
PF NNN DO ME to eB ) 

S8x"§ ahd covers 

the gutvors to gies 
or which world be tue 
Pould not. be vary satistaetory § am the 
gutters and would Pogtire, cutting out 

ay in bad veathor, ig I hai noticed fp the ease 
the city where the east iron ; guttops are dn use. 

A think it Advi sabpe ther ‘ore to ake coment ion tres. comm 

Pipes to storm sewer in’ brapahoo Street, as ‘por bli nerigil tune = 
the enclosed sketeh. The tod ink Linbs shor Location of present dome 

Spouts and the points where ee secs shaper the’ exter Lor rellis we 
the budléing td the adey and. ner 

spouts at the 16th Street corner of the but} 
might howe 4" drain Pipe msponted hes er 

charge in the Stregt ghiit sic the npreninas coat 
hurdyrer dollnts, This, howoyer, 

Vater woula {réere in the Lyon 
the ice about ovyery a 

in some portions of 



COM near 

Vest 16th Streets 


Misht pe: 

indteatedl ‘start “ 6 
Mviling pj . 

aug? orm corner | niaet with 
ow aD Pins vor grein bet 

ui COPney as 
anc near ~_ 

shove Toor line 

WALL fro » ALCH point 5 torre wot Pipe bs run 28 show outside 
the bul laine Sy reeeld ya the Ovtlets ef ta cast iron vr fron two root 
Rear mailing platform ne shown, thén 

torn tits pipe 
toward Arapange’ Street aha hear front cdenor r re 
cast ir ON pips fr oh two” down spouts as 

doittn sponte 
be carriea give autlet 

shown, the ar term canta, 

, a pe 1% 
a comected | with Stotn’ saver: as. in heated ' | 
t think i¢ ‘Advi sable to « 

nipe be wah to an 

rey ‘the to mins by 

“pipe fa bi beanies: 
ae of ‘the baited: hs which ‘latter 
plan would hevessitate Mecing | up potttfons: a the. art Neial ste e 

Sidewalk and B8phalt joaving of alloy and re equiv curertng the Sarre 

greater depth ih brdey to get ‘proper fatt ‘bor the tong eas of : ™ ue 
{ estimate he ebst oF ‘this Work os shown, «Aneant ing. met to 

of the exterior oN vee ws a ba about 

1 PAather th at | on the outs 

er or atv =e te ai 7 


rs. | nt 

~~ amen, Catania, 

x Last Aatnedy Sth, ates. 
| , 

ar. 8 Ke) per, 

Chief Exe cut) ye Officer, be | \ 
Office or the Supered sing Architect, 
‘a Treasury Répartuent , Washington, B.¢, 
Sirs. | | ‘ | 
; ’ ‘ 
I héraby re 

quest Authority to make 
"Ss and fj Tt’ cents ($4.50) for the 

Lbs } for USe AS Twe 

an expendture of ations 
purchase of one te of coal {22 
1 ‘in ithe temporary OPficd of the Suptrintondat at 

Constrveti om; U.S.Mingt, mama 7" city, | P 
) : an — Respegttully yours, | P 
3 | 13 ae roe 2 x: 
CSS Tee o4 | Superintendent. 
a ty aD 


Upervwis. Tir j 
supervising Architect, 

treasury Department , 

| \ 
Wa shi neton . D.C a 


’ *i - 

Your letter o2 } | f 
comer 19th 1894, (init | 
: Lal Ss.) duly © 
On account of 4} i : at hand. 

CAP. OLTi¢ce an te he Aaa from "ha Grippe 

qa HRER during Chyrhe "4 oan as sand abseree or 
mas h 5 as le | 
the quarries until gan fhe ; Hy emed advisable not te vieit | 
ing | 2698ymhore © Toree of alneted men wete work 
1s With two 6900, Pec baled large enough ¥6y any stone needed enare. 

is a derrick at the ra .ilroad track, but this I understand i 

§ not ~~. a v 
cortrol of Mir MeIntyre), tw« teams had been éngaged in hauling which ron- 

sumed six days in loading the first two cars which were standing on the 

track at Arkins,January 3 ,99; although from the enclosed letter (BXAi bit 

7 my uP) tron the contractor--in answer to which I made a vain Nn search me 
ps vi ba he wrote he sexpicted them (?) in Denver, December 81 1100s. 

ie \s At the locality opened by the contractor, whieh is some dis- 

8 we r “loca tion oman and approved by th Col Low and the 

. pe: Py i 

) Pa 


| th (Ory e gal ox in my men deliver nore than 100 fee*. 
tay, , under a: es Ree ‘tevorabl ae > ails nS 1 This patinate is 

a ne , a 
Q a A a > me a y4 “ . 1m . a q 
+ . 1a whole face . th 
rat nat in tha whe! | of 
) » uate ae 



a a = 
5 it 7 nm “oy 7 . 
‘ , } fi | = QS 

[ee one eR 



“bOVe estimate W 
Cutters, thus 

Opinion that if 

L OW and 4 

t > 
- i’ ons 
- ”* * s 
a ke Py . } i poe & Pe 

ve Ae 

(12) feet fr 

Sound stone, 

nv se] Ty 

ont (s 
the bal: 

111 provid 

etad by the contractor 1s so’ wes 

he had opens the quarry 

yan res 
ee .t 
BF « 2 

ne SAAR et mae” 

ORTH eck: ” 
‘ a.) % 

0@ bettoon x a ae 
‘NCO is. Shattered « 
© material for a tae. of forty 

1t will require four hundred (490) 


would: haya’ been no oce 

vps | 
as San — 
: t : - 
fy 7 § “sf . 
a ee te 
is os 4% - 

x fi. en 7 ai. Migs he ca’ 

anc full pr Sir ieat, 

(40) stene 
Working days te C01 
although thy appearance of the s° 
avorable, 1 am of th 
at the place examined by Cu! 

asion for aeday e 
‘Respectfully yars, 



y ‘ 


een iy 


| Ottice ot | 

Spevintendent of | onagriucttoa ——+-—— 
ok. a 


sir, John 4 .McIntyre, | 

Rooms Nos.4®6 & 404, Cooper PAE a 

Dever ; Colorado. ‘ 
| n accordang with your request of the 29th ultimo that I in- 
rorm you of my wishes and not your various forenen, T have to ¢all your, 
attention to paragraph4, page "A" of the specification f for the Founda- 
tion, superstructure ail Roof-covering of the U.S.Mint Building,in this 
city,under SORTEAGE with you, which states "no patching or hidiag of 
defects in the stonework mall be permit tod", and tO inform you that ° 
stone c-10 S of the baroumnt »designated on blue print working sheet 
rare < prepared py your Mr.Banes, has been patched. 
| ‘During progress of work last scnsainil I discovered some patch a 

work ee ts is one for the bailding and informed you at the time that when- 

iscovered patehing er hiding of defects in wy stone of the 
% ay 

eas We 

qd | ordee the atone removed,even * the | work had progresset 

+ sornie 9 line, and ipterereer to divest ¢ hat you reno e the de- 

t . 
tone L nent be ox aa a above | a Latin c ; = Dati tuto or the sane new stone 




i cree m 4 ‘ 4 . tad, Pa A. 
‘ : % 5 ‘ a 7“ 

Serious nature, I shall als 
Sit Revit 


, ; 
. é ’ - 
e iu ; 3 6 
pi : 4 ort > XY 
YOu .oO iy Wisae rt c 
_ = = . 
tica to parizras 
\ - - a . ‘ wy * ir é f a 
4 o t**. “ X » " 
Hy SU pcs: ructure and (Re 
~* 4 ~ pa « 7 . é. ' ; 
~ “ 5 ul L907 e OTT rac y ~ You, 
* ‘ 2 = J 7 : - —< . - : - 
“@Qleuts in tae-Sbenetork Wit? 



7 OW 

0 = 

at During: paogress 

ea’ a 

the. an Laing: 

“q "hrs 


es ae see ite 

0 order tia remor 
Went oft | 

Se Lent iaoat mse’ ay m _— S te ae , 
Jv O.len »QOO52 2k ef Nin ore Cc wa \ a +1 

¢ : % * : 
OS Pye 4 

wea te ig aq 
whe - aos r mdved. nantes iy 

e deve. ne 


i ee SS Fa 


nando Zi 

++, % 
oo i > > = \ 
<n ne ~y Pe - re J. > 

oF ” Maa a . 
~~ O' } , - 
Y oA 
le | 
a . y ; 
Our reyuost of thu 7 oe 
. + 
Ad om) é 
| sk: Aare 
_ ‘ 
J ‘ 2 va - 
i ee he ad + ~~ 
a Tw _ aa e 4 44 ‘ 
wWHALah~ stat 
= tere 2 ; 
ay T)¢ >" J eet 7 

> ~~. 4 ‘ " n 
4 : 
7% . : Vet ‘Ve 6 
yr] - 7 eT an 2 : i oe , 7. : 
i ora & - oe h ' . . + a ly ye 4% 
. x e 
. 1" SIP i : 
| : =! 4 “ 
- ‘ ~ 
oh d a - ’ ~ * Phd £ an 
. Ww = ‘> @ & » £6 

- © in / “ 
~ oh. 
> ney A. 

now to 


tr Ge 

<, a a 

Lir eC me ~—Kenmp 7° 9 : j ‘ | # 

| a ss 4 
Acting Supervising Architect, a b bina 

; by : 
‘treasury Department, Washington, De. 

1 am in receipt of your letter {initial §&.) of the 4th i 

_ + F Mes 
relative to the pr gress of work on the Foundation, Superstructure: = ik 
Roof-covering of the UsS.lint Building,in this city;umder contract am 

' ee Ws ) 

Mr. J sc Intyre e, in wtlch you request that «s soon as Mr.J 


to your office presenting full information in regard to any wdc 
| Hpteh may have bearing upon prompt delivery of materials in proper see 
i rence and setting ‘tho same in place as far as it may relate to : rapid 

fe * 

a > 




sinterruptod progress of work bowards completion at a proba b le 


F y in 
- cy 
a ae 

oe” “iho Soa and stated by me. eB, } 
inre ply I have $o. state that I have | . Mr.Hall 's re por 
) 4 | 

Bas s i 
vas fog rded to you on the 6th ‘instant, a ma ans also confer 

> this oh tyy whe is Pet ing gaia cronite and 

¥ Yr a Johr . 

dn ot open } ae 
’ Le y om - 
y ; a a 
: he atte . q We 0 

my Vv 

MY 0.8K onus sean 
Ml tiec. we : 
roy Papert hi rifieat of. > Me . 
P val, I cammot state why vig is : ia - to be Mr. t 
I he © be Mr McIntyre'’s 

Pisitlon to do everything a erpoeiti ty $0 tho wishes and against 

vhe judgment of everybody else, mis ¢ dea: oes ‘displayed in 

Marrying at Cotopaxi in which onea it” apne. a mari t Al? the quarrying k 
that was done prior to the visit, of Col tow was at points some distance : 
fron” che’ Dowlders aut of which the 5 le were taken and which wore. 
designated to him’ as°tho proper ori pee Which to obtain the stone; ; 
end from the reports of Myl Hall’ andthe quare contractor T om enti 
fied that it will require several isonths to properly open the quarry 
where they aré now at work ‘to ‘obtain granite’ for delivery as nocded for 
the buitas ng to comply with the tetas of “EHO! sortrnct | “ay Rett in- 
forms me that he 1s satinfiod ‘thet he -oan, by! “beginning operations at 
the polut where’ the sanple was talon and within a few’ ‘veeks, obtain a 
terial more rapidly than at ‘he point weddione are now at work ahe . 


thn f 

by operating with Lew Torces at the t two apap ea =m probably obtain 
granite sutftet ently Fupid pr Sere : 
eg have also to ri ano the ¢ tatenont “alsa ta ny Papert = 
the Bist ultime to the offect that eS RS ere oe 
¥ oneyai di in this eityywiore: the ‘stone t ste : eee 
2 in # rent dat + “SupLoyed taal re 
wt to eles fhindeoas” fan 
mon — | tor sixty’ mb a to ‘citt aid prepare the 
eturé, so that the dik: Pequi red teccamtebe 7 



My -C.B.K. ou. == wnt) 


I gonsider it Propor to Say that, 

Prompt aelivery of materials, 

80 f. 
2S I ean learn, no contract has : 

cotta, although One bidder for ¢ 

for the SAm®, accented by Mr 

78} Moen made Foy furnishing the terme 
he same showed me 2 menorandum, proposal 
“MeIntyre and a subsequent ietter cance) - 
other bidders have. \compleined of his treatment 

will cause trouble and delay in pbtaining the terre 

ing said jenorandun, and 

Which JT am Satisfied 


t understand that no 

written contract »With a reliable firm, 
has been made for 

supplying the briek for the 

superstructure, but the 
Golden Press Briok Company 

*who supplied the brick for the basenent, in+ 
forms me that a perbal agreement has been made with them for supplying ~) 

she brick and that they have endeavored to get Mr. MeIntyre to sign a 

With them but so far without suecess, and that unless he shalb. 

make c written contratt soom they will refuse to supply the brick. 4 

T have also to state that the steelwork up to the attic floor 

line has practically been delivered, the central portion of whieh is in ¢ 

place, but the steel contractor's agent inforns me that no payment has 
deen pinde to them for November or December, the first being due Decem Big 

16th, and that the contractor explained his failure to mike payment by > 

q ‘ 
. : eee Be s . 7m, =e 54 ae 
ying that the Governtient was withholding payment for november and De- — 
di saying _ * : are Snow . 
" : aa Te ase ae SS eS a (pile. 
? 7 


; ¥ ; Pe > 4 ; , i = 
sa OY ate ng teutral between the contractor and his sub-corm® * 

: 7 F - 
i . =. ae : / p a : nN 1 : 7 
Prvyer om Gees CaS@gin defense of our me | 

- tesa 4 >: a, ©. : : 

yy Se eae a. a 

ie = _ f i$ payn 

-u vey 


‘Were nade on Noven- 

cs f 7 = is 

: me, - a ca 

i. ‘ 2 — 2 

¢ e on b> + ~— - 

=" Sea Shiny w) - = ~i~e - ates . 

ie Se Ce iw? aaa | 
: s oi i 

ye | i 


ra Bw “ 

sm . oy 
in > i) Le 
Ms , ke cs ; 

ne a ye i a", 
f | ‘n ve oe 
~~ é * - . 2 4 : ae 
& SPER WAGh as corn- 
_ - Pa ; a f; 
a = ‘ \ 


ce ta 
f q ie 
i. | 
Hr CE. Kasten . | ‘ 
tractor for this pul laing, bt Ih ‘ 

no reliante in any § statement 


da 10 o statenent & i, o = @ on. - 
mee of shrewdness: on his pa to 

Q . 

can place 
appears that he would as willingly i 

thinking; no doubt, that it is an #vd 

deceive those with whom he haé aes ir 

In conclusion, 7 an sath sf Fe « it. will be . in “the tntores: 

of the Government to make such arnt z pnonts sas wild seoure oa nou COR 
a reabe td ea reliable party £ or the oo 
ih nis is ‘done {hoe sooner the work 

ty will be completed. 
a “Respectfully yours, — 

a ‘ail 

tract at this point with 
pletion of the york, and the 6 00fk 8) 
on the U.S.Mint butldiag yin this! c 

Mr .J¢hn A.Me Intyrey. | 
Rooms Nos.402 & rn aad manne, all oe 
Denver’, colorado. mt é; y fa * me GS 
Dear Sir:- Laede ELON: he 


Ur. C.5.Keuper, 
Acting Supervising Architect, 
Dronsury Départnent, Washington, D.C. 

swe in poestgw of pane Ugtnie Ganeen Babee) os 

che Sth inetabt felatave to Sl OF teerty-five daltars and eighty-fite 
conts (f25.06) from Mr .JiiMeIntyre, oontraetor for the Foundation, Super 
etrueture and Rootwnovering @ the VSadtimt Bullding,im this ebt7,ton 
curnishing ad plaging certain Limtels ovor baseuent windows Nos.24 wna 
28, in wate) you nfcina we that the contrnetor 4s not entitled So extn 
veameein toe a E 
letter, I have wrtt. 

Srey gy Pape eg eam 
if your Lepter, bet 1t aypears te He 


floor framing show’ the Sngth of 1 pee 
being Nos.382 585, $84, 581) to be 6 1agm £ thes 

drawings were appreved ia your office i sone ¢ ma enatieaiteal 
| h beams are not wee 

lie the inéide will be 

i ‘eweld require 

was authorized to furnih beams of that | 
factory as the oxtreme vidth of the window 0: 
8'-6" and allowing 8" bearing on the wind 7? | 
beams 9'-10" in length gs already stated. 

will again look ee this 

I will be plessed therefore if eae 
matter and ixform me wherein J am in ore. * 

7 *o- “ ‘ 
'e 4! ha oe) c ie ie 
[y yre . » 7 | . a Wi OF't rs ea 

ot oe ev atte. 

" v J 

Rooms Nos. 402 ¢ Le 404, Cooper "Budlding; eo 

Denver, Colorado, 

I enclose herewith, e@ copy of letter of January ‘th,*99, from 
Mr .J.K.Tayler, Supervising Aveltitect, ¥ relative to the finish of stome a . . 
U.S.Mint Building,in this city, and invite +n 


work of first story of the U 

ion of the letter which reVers to the neces=- 

after the stonework is 

stonework on the seatfold 


your attention 10 th 
sity of finishing said 
in place, os provided for 
for work included in your coupe’ 

: in will Lthiel has mot beer watved b 
va . seatiie16 in ordey to 

ve nade frie the 
mS ee om _. ' . ; ae 
oe mo ug hout the fivet story of the building, 

| Son 

in pastragh G,page % of the specification a 

which provision of the specification — or 
ut requires that the fiyal finish 

securé a uniform appearance of the a 

which provision | 

—Respaatfully yourss 


Y JK 8: 
he ey 

eZie2 A iL 107 : 
Supervising Architeot, 
Treasury Department , Washington, D.0, 
Sir; - | 
l am in receipt ‘of ‘your letter (imi tat ‘E.C.F,) of the oth 
: inst te 

instant relative to ‘the finish of gample of Granite for the first sary wel 
f the U.S.Mint Buildizcyin this city,under miy charge, ‘and th i obey 5 

have to state that I -hhayve infor red the contractor that that ‘portion or 
he specification which requires the final finish of said stoneworst to 
be meade from the iscnff[old has not béen waived but that the same will be - 

’ aE a4 3 op 2. A 

Bites apons fh ied ton ret 
eae ee orning that port iis of your letter which refers to the Me 
— son = asap le @ to ‘ebts Oftiee, T have to state that, owing ta 
34 1 sp po sit ps0 an in sth matters, ¥ an satisfied that he he wl 
ni ver , sont the f4 nak ” sa anit if it pints 3a 
rode tare ore recomend that ecshaamead or a por 

site oftise for var gutdanbe In aprroving the 

= o . 7, e 5° 
' .? - fi 
; ; — >. 


r) ‘ 
“rnervisiiy Areh? pest, 
e _ 4 f siy' bog De Ce 
freasury Dapartueni» i eet? 
yi is - "* ; 
a) - 2 4° 
bo — v c nta init ne g blank : 
i an iA Fenner. or package ! 2: i , = er P 
2 er BY 
- 1% “ 2 S eit iVy5 as p 
|) abi tendentyd dee Mint Se sd typi ee a — 
ent ing that bli me 1 authority Tor 
<i or ot ay ER « Es Eo er ole | 
eae } rusize Vouc 26" 
/ Ty — forwarded in 13 eu of Semis Bie 
wot “ektordtitives YATRA TNE Rol Tete: ti nt , 
Ret e . bel 
7 of. 3 eh werd? asked 
4 - Ss 
ed Shanes aghO=Be Gl aha TET oh At 3 nas 
Se Porm Eoyedvat 6-87 483 Pinish a ee 

re 4 


ba Be be =k 
i aie F ‘ . 
ah: » Wrist ded t ae ' fa lly yours» 
‘ Pe ~ to eee 
oe tt) sion C2. Se Go anie Office. | » STAG GOK 

Tanks rer opel 


io > an 
wy toca tn od Ug (AP + 

: “OH & - STU “i tt. trout i. iB | 
e blank vouchers Lett 

a . 
; 7 d i 

? .+ wou will hey 
PAnd desire that you’ 


4 = 
us , 8G s 
| 5 « ° » > —_. - Tt - é 
~ * - Vv ) » 

> isl 
oe ae Sino d tas ou cae OF be. oxY 

pec at 


¢ Re 
« * ne 

i. ‘ ~ 
a ee wan cir 2 
Epa cor) gimpostter,  cpek *tte 
ard - te c 
' - - =< ® Jie F] & : 4, 
;. a A. é , 
oie — os ey ei Sauriv i! "i A ; rt 
. i, ax 7) hatch ye. $9} Bt 
vy ¢ 
an ‘eref'ore p wm thet thucpaupes 7 
x J 
age ’ 4 ° s% 


7 i < ; o - 
fe ¢ 4 % - 4 & s ° a * 
i= rf =r p 
ea) @« * a « - aa, 
° j io ; | 

ny = 

Superintendent of , 
wt peeplemtowht we - Fra onat uot : 

_@. & ant {Baw} 5... ie wh 

Cie «de ne e 
i a Sesto s 
=p ippieny Path. 4 , 48G 9» 
MY od aK. Tavl or, ‘ zi 
a) . . . ; 7 
Supervising Architgct, oa : 
Treasury Department > Washington, DC. 5 .) 
Sir :- 
In aecordance with instruesions in Doper tment eireul Lar {ants | 
al S.) of Decomber 625% 10075 b have. to report that the progress of 

of the ULS.Mis 

e and Roof-covering 

Foundaté on» superstructure , 
with Mr.J.A McIntyre, is practice. 

work on the 
under contract W 

ort of the Siat ultimo. 

ly the camé 28 6 
Work has been perforned on oleven days during the current 
the average nunber ot “Laborers. enploy ed on seid aes being three ' 
> v : 

month : 

rn and it halt days» 
50 far this month, bat Sol i. 


wil one pricklayer has 
sting ha 

onl¥s s work seve 
s been cone * 

No granite cu 
e 16th instante 6ix carloads of 

ontemplated cea eh 
ae rt) se Beep de iaere to date, 

will pegin on th 
$70 thirds or & 

he first three cr. 

dad S. ate tho ihe cars whieh arrivod to-day ure a 

e pein rr < aes 

sara iy a exit ‘ ory. he = ss 
sails gy $18 the is 
RA | gard a: i us 4 ihe T Soyssl 0 ong ono 

| . alte ir 


d ‘ 

of the work enbrac ed rar : 

ng, statement contained o> 

. « 


Mr oo PGE LaQy Bich we 
Supervising Arehi tect, | 

Treasury Departnent, = Washingt on, DOs. 

T an in receipt of your Lettor ge TA.We) of the llth 
ine notice, in ‘tiptleses, to be servail upon ur. J,Aulie Tie 

oe 4 di, ‘ a = 
ins bane éziclosin } 
¢ > on 

tyre, contractor for the ‘Foundation, superstructure and Noof-corering 
Ss. >, « * * a6 

of the U.S. Mint Building, in this elty,under ay changes with ingtructions 

that-T Leave & copy of said notice with the contractor mentioned end hiv: 

him acknowl edge ats: ‘pecdtpe by making an endorsenent on the original of 
ut tHe same to. Jote T note your 1 inferuet Lone 

said notice and Hot 
EE fron the date of ernie seid no- 

that nt “tne “expiration A of Sicht ; 
rt vo bu; by Wire, the action taken by thy contrdetor. 

ihe PRE one days are exofusive of Surdays notice 
ve ne will cupire on Tuesday, the 244° , 
| ay aaa | 

a ort ‘. you din Gr wire a6 firected. af 
2 path instant, however, I I will 
Bivey sae ’ cy; * , A , 

uP ni 



' am im receipt of your eine (anttial s,) of the 13th in- 
stent velative te conneétion of down pipes with st sewer at the U. 
| G.@eurt Mowse and Post arigpon ete aaa a: 


-&G : 

— = 

Of tits 
BUIce of 

. “ycarta ng 

Pw» é & i 

Mf T *¢ 
niy are 

Ae tL fayl or, 
Supervising Arghiteqts , | 

Treasury Departnent _rashingtion a, 
t = : sie Seige. t C - 





T an in receipt of your letter (initial 8.) of the 12th in- 

or iam La) OF Rag oi. 


tant rela tive | to office letter of the ‘ith instant serving the eight 
r Gown Tires WF: stoukt sever a. 
day notice upon “Mad we McIntyre, contractor or the Foundation, Super 

Je 3 heey 3 d ¢irecs!: aaa SY, fi, aa 
strueture and Roof- covering of the Uselint builaing,in this city, and 

ec. eee We .} , (ea tier 

requesting MO, in addition to sending telegran a ‘the canary of 
| "or Oobp reas 

i. ot 3 
eight days, da amplify oald telegram by a letter addressed 

ne: ‘Or ve. 

you giving 

s ur int t a! | 
the amount of wa tical on the site and stating what arrangements ean es ¥ 
Resoret se (1 why +t gpa 

entered into by wy, Governnent with Mr .McIntyre's sub-contractors for 
also referring t the drkiza granite 4 

mates dad -and work on the building: SE iy 
: | ; » sufficient quantity,© c.f 

cle ‘ae to the po salbility of obtaining 2 a one 

et 7s ore irae ¢ 

i i, ail . 

ae a n0 sub-contract for putting we 

nia * f ee oan ; ( 
| : 
tyre oni 
wnat > his pare wots are or m- 
— | 

age 34 ) a aes | | nt, 
ee, ) to inform yu that, | 
; ss omosti = consider it gragee ms | 

Piration of the étght dale, 
cusarvi sim Asem Laer 5 

LP enen 

situetnve a7 ceva ring 1 shat “att A 

a stgaseen aie aan es , > etd : a . 

moi Ty sai é telennan by albetuer ander oi te yougl 
estes irceitet fel 

dhe eaovet of me. ei. OR tive. ete ame 

ésterek keto: by te evga aan Be 

a3 J i% By bi 4. 

oF Phy , lth, , 489 % 

Oy ” inmd ’ 
vupervising Architect, 

Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. 

I am in receipt of your letter (initial B.4.0.) of the 13th 
instant,supplementary to your letter of the 6th instant refering to 
lintels over basement windows Nos.24 and 25 of the U.S.Mint Building, 
in this city, with the information that no additional remmeration will 
be allowed the contractor for extra lintels furnished by hin,those 
originally furnished under his contract being too short. The sa ae 

tor will at once put in new lintels of the proper length, as per your 

. | Respectfully yours, 
a ae | eg Ce 
—— * 


“@ oo a 
“Pe noDert Pin dla . 

P.0,Box No.571, | The 
= : t 
El Paso, Texas. 




Tj : » ey, p a _ 
WwW . m - 3 . # ie s . : e : 
Wil) you please inform me whether any arrangements have been 

Mace by the contractor of the U, 5 building in reed py, for the 
: use of your hoist for a granite on the cars at the tracks in ar~ . ee 


kins, Colorado. If so, will” you pl ease state what the arrangement s-— 


are and what charge .you make for the use of the sane. 

If no arransements have on made tor the use of the hoist 

* dpading stone for ‘the Mint, pl onse inform ne what charce you would 

nake es case the peverumete would like to uso it for a the orani te 

to be used in the Mint, the amoun 1% of which would be 225 ‘arta, nore 
ar less. Please st tate aad car toad and owt o dump sum fo a ” the | . 

- — =! 
: . 7 
Ts ‘ * 
* haa 

hs Sie hot st : = | 


n envelope oF eh you | t 

_ . 
. ae a 


| ue 

ih 4 
| - 



Supevhitentent of Speman i. 

ee el a : 

“Sl, Wood, 
President, Board of Public Works, 

Denver, Colorado. 

De: 7? Od we @ 
oe ( ~ ‘a 
- "ee @ : — . se > "°° i” i. * ae el 22 

0 $i 2 vs 
The Supervising Architect of the Treasury Department, re + 

quests me to cbtain data as to.the alevation of.storm sewer im Arapar 

hoe Street at the U,8.Court Houge and Post Offige, building,in this 

city, 60 that arrangement s can be made for con neeting the roof dows 

trim mae sald storm sewer, and. I wi? thank you te inform me,us ac- 
ae as scavensont of the olevation of center of said stor sam 
$ forty- five (48) foet from the ine of 16th Street ask 

| “ 4 ne met nd red and seventy (170) feet from said curb 

| lon 0 2 the street curh at the corner of Arapahoe 
4 pat ains as the Office contemplates making 

eure the said points. 
nm off etal envelope which you my use 

Superintendent of “Coasts ips. ee 2" 
U. Mine. ft biccimp. 

a Beaver 20.0..— - 
See dd 9. 

nn ad om 

Supervising Architect, 

"reusury, Washington, D.C. 
A yl . : ) C5 Neb . . . p ——— 4 
Advise authorizing visit to Arkins quarry fer information pee - 

ed in your letter of twelfth. : Len ey ug > 
. er ee Uliery,Supt. Mint. — — 
‘ =. ia iste TS 
: ; one 


official Business, 
Syuenene =? rates, Collact. | | ‘ <i 

ly .d .K. taylor, 
Supervising Architect, | 4 
“Treasury Department, Washington, D.¢. Ep 
Sire . . 
ha es eit 

Referring to the last paragrap 
of the 28th inétant, Pétativ to ponies darvia ‘ivon rd Aserntyre, : 
contractor for the Foundation, “superstructure aad Roof=covering of tho : } 

U.SeMimt buiIding,in this city, in whieh you direct that should ahy s. 
change de made in the work on the building that 1 secure twe photographe = 
howing present condition of the work for the use of your office, I | | 

ne st eines 9 Sal ait 
@ tay the same which will bo forwrded to you with = 

be ragnsh ta hrs bo cit mm oStAT ae | 

atyefive sents ($4.75) a 

» f , —- 2 
. , sé , in \ 
oad “4 » : : ® X wa, 
: “7 4 e ‘ ; { 6 


Oftia ot 
Superviwtendent ot ad trueti 

| sir, -Lowr | 
| r 
imcineer, Board of Publde Works, 
Denver, Colorado. 
Dear Sir:- 

I am in receipt of your favor of the 18th instant concerning 

the level of storm sewer in Arapahoe Street at the U.S.Court House and fe | 
. , ee 


5 « . , PY 4 , ‘ 
ost Office building,in this city, and, in addition to the information 

given, I will thank you to inform me pf the elevation above datum of 


| top of street curb at the Post Office corner at 16th and Arapahoe 

Streets, in order that I can determine the depth of sewer below the : 

7 , ‘ ¢ 4 

sidewalk level. 
It was tke Intoution in my: Letter of the 17th instant to ask 



for this informetion, : 

- I peebenty did not make ny self clear on this 


© i 

rou 1 j pavanes. for the information and enclosing = " a 

i aie a ean wee in noking your mer without 
raat nave veiope uhtel ia Ou 
S35, Tae Be Nee .es 
| igs ea a" spectt Uy ours, 4,4 hs ‘3 
f  - - Respectiutiy foursys : / 
| be AP, ee a " ri ce = 

iets as 



a So a 

: | 
& ‘ 4 

cate: of 
Supe yitite ashen of . Gonat mietsiny — 
GS Midgar)». - 
-.-- Den vers » Colorado, é 
> Java: 19th sane MG %- 

Mr.’ MOL? tyro, 
Rooms Nos.402 & 404, Cooper Building, 
Denver, Colorado. 
Dear Sirc 
I have to inform you that quite a number e 5/é ineh @anster i> 
tie reds have been delivered for use. in * che iron floor constrnetion na 

for the Fou adation,ote. sof | the U. S. Mint but ldingy ts ay | 
" * § - o a P “e 

all, tie — must be- o/s inch dia nets | 

eitv, whereas. 



ich latter are algo at the site. 

I have. to. request tha you have the 7/6 inch ataneter * tic ot x 

+5 put 4m-place and the § water ones romoved from the presises as a 
Prous PLb sw? é , 

seon as convenient. © 
mat i won. 

apt, LOR. 

- wpepety tat eee 
| ae. ' ws ou _ ce v 

U. S, ite 

"od KT a: ylor, x 
Supervising Architect, |  & 
Treasury Department, _ Washington, D.C. 
Sir:- | 

In compliance with instrutti ons in your letter {initial §.) 


the 12th instant, sunplementar y to letter (initial JAW.) of the 

iith instant, in relation to serving notice upon Mr. J,A4.MeIntyre, con~ 

tractor for the Foundation, Superstructure and Roor-covering of the 

E U.S.Mint building,in this city, I have to report as follows: 
en a Tite The materials on hand are, approximately, as follows? me es 
‘1050 eq. ft. 4° terra cotta blotks for partitions. ra 
50 pieces, 2 feet long, of 13"x 13" ‘terra cotta flue linings. ee 
* e. oe nom w © 9% 13" ” ae " " ¥ - 


= ‘ 

4 ’ d ee 
co ak 

' ‘ “ e ; 

ora : te bea oa es bi x i” 
ail "| ane - aoe 

pe) ie Btn". x Sad 
ole By ~~. Bt me . 


{ 1; 
ba - ist "—% » © 
‘ Pts A 2 7 7 ys Pa : - 7 

7 ¥ 2 fi act te 
hy 31.68" c= Oo 

a _——- : J a é 
- aw t= ; ry 
fe. eh. | ee 
~~  *, ol 7 
- , o : . > 

: . 
: ita adae 2 “ 
is © as! a 
ey = 
- x P 

of y2" x 14" flues, 

¢ 20 1/2°*«x 

4Z20C LTlue linings, the tol Lowdng : 40 fee 

J"x 9" flues: B fest of Lame 154 flues, 24 fect 

eS, and about 100 pieces of outlet and inlet connect ions er 
linings Me $ 

| ee A | 
\s to tools,ete.,on the site, tuere is one boom derrick of 

¥ ad ‘ - 
~* : * 2 ; A Tee i . ‘ 7, - - ” - 
out five to seven tons eapaclty; one electris derrick, twenty tons ; 

capaci) ith a twenty-five horse power electric moter on same, one bas 

frack around the building for the eleétric derriem, and one track for 

stone where needéa@; five small forges for bleck~ 

‘o - = a = Y s* 
‘ mal i Cal 7) Cal : Lie 

4¢thing: one frame office 12‘ @ 14*, mes plastered, also 4 few shovel 

"is » , " 4 
the stoneyard, one wile from the site, the shed in FOr wi 
for foremumyen~ 

ne &Sv0ns>) 
nearly the sxme Length 12’ wide 
uth's forges with the : % 

100¢ with lean-to sheds 

rine and blacksmiths, there peing four dlacksm 

for each; one staan engine with 

psanomout ters gooks for sixty 

ow making tools for ad- 

| compressed air hoist 
necessary tools 

4fteen tons capacity, and 

from ten to = 
yerd are 

workmen: The placksmiths at the 

e 644 cubic feet of se 
s no stone his been ae 

tisfactory grantte 


iy dressed, but, “6 
te cutters who have been az 

of ciel 

r moar 
' @ fort. reegight ere: i 
» were ae off, $e-4a7 many 

Pe | 

ve vores ob 
‘irae , yf hav > ay stave thats, sO ear ae 
’ in eg eal rte 4 

pain = pers + 
7 * - th ~ ea 

at > hae i g re 
: ‘ ‘ay a » ie: ; 
Me ee rr: 

; _ 2. ; 

. 'S 

rod KA” ‘Wiow saucu catalina 

Q - 4 Q ' 4 
“ ©S Gelivers 
a the gare in this city er ks Gab chen 

aa A2V8 conferred With “Mr Chureh, representing the Golden | 
tian ie vemPeny, Wiip ) Turin shed nearly) Rll the ‘briek for the fom= 
ee on on ‘QO. Within the past Tew diye liave baan given the contract _ 
OP Supnil viw at 

“PPA¥iIng the brisy . 
“ Fick for the remainder P : the work, This firu ts 
th = Ta 2 - Cc ee . ai : : 

© lacilities for supplying the brick as needed. 

Wi S ale mn . 
‘S RO delay 

on their part in Purni shing the brick after the eon- 

crge ; _ . - 
’ iven ther Trew ¢ } 4 ae 7 
em -or the basenent late Last summer. Phey promi se 
that there wilt -} 

9€ no delay in furnishing the brick for the superstrue~ 
“Pe AS Yapldly as needed. They stete that,in case the Govornnent 
takescharge of the work, they will furmish:the material at the pri¢e 
and terms named in their contract with Mr. Melutyre. They also state 
that the cdmteagtor owes them for about 40% of the brick that went in- 
to the basement walls ana for which the. contractor has been paid. a 
they are very anxious to know when and how they are to be paid in the 
event the Goverment assumes charge ef the ‘work. “ 


So far as I asi learn, no contract has boen made — ent 


eS the terra ‘eotta for parti tions, floor seeing ‘etes, although thie 
. penis ghia mde. some time. ag0 ote “the manufac tu 

." a 
at" ¥ 

hi nil bad 7 al in. — — Ye i. | 

— = 
Saaret K.Tay] 

as it ; 

until - +t} ; 

‘© building is nearing comdetion. ‘Hayes states that his 
voncract ineludes putting the granite on board the cars at Dawson, 
Ab } ' | 
mous thirty-five miles from Denwiiuae whales Sebll ednertly been 

the Den | 
ver, Leadville & Gunnison Rad lvond, bug is now a part of the Colo- 
rado Southern, at thirty-nine cents per cubic foot, but if the Govern- 

ment takes charge of the work he will furnish the remainder of the 
stone under his contract for forty cents per eubic foot. 
The granite for the superstructure is being quarried near 

Arkins, Colorado, The quarry is loeated om land (40 acres) purchased 

by Mr.McIntyre from a Mr.Chambers who lives im that vicinity and who 
informs me that payments are to be made as follows: The first ($400) 

April,1899; second ($400) July,1899, and third ($400) in Octcber,1899, 

which payments are secured by deed of trust, and if payments ere net 
promptly wate wien due he states that he will take possession of the 
may affect progress of the work in case the Government takes sharge. 
The sub-contract for quarrying was awarded to Mr.John H.Routt who in- 
re me Saal call Govern ont takes charge of the work he will 
oon wears Sie nies Sevan nah at the pois setes taht 
wever, 1 consider it proper to state in 
a we om very little attention to the 
ts this tty ia of at = 

ial p) 
GAG not be » disadvantage if the Ae at Least, remiin unset 

These facts might receive consideration at this time as this 


: . 1 “ 

| | $ | 

3 Py 1 
Mr .J.K.Payian__ . | ¥{ : 
onl T1880 H , 
| 3 
iD Nedia - . | 
e*Pedlient to ¢Ontinue the contract with him should the work be tak- 
en in charge by the Government, 
i Bd 4. the quarry on the 22nd instant, as authorized by 

jour telegran of the 18th instant, and I subi with my report two pho- 4 

tograp hs ma rked 

POS ,marked Exhibit A and Exhibit | B, showing approximately the con- 
“Attous as they existed at that time, the photographs having been taken 
on tne 15th instant. I have marked with wavy lines,on photograph "B", 

+hea oa: bales b od . y . : ‘ 
sn@ general lines of dries and seams met with in the quarrying also the 


location of the stone (marked "G@ood") which is found to meet the re= 

quirements of the speciffeation, This you will see forms a very small 

portion of the face of the quarry and will permit the employment of but 

Wd ab 

few men at a time, so that it is doubtful if as much as one car load of 

sood stone per day can be obtained in this quarry at the point shown 

in the photograph. 
Recently I was affidavit made by Mr.E.T. Bowen, the gf 

foreman at the quarry,to be forwarded to you, in which Mr . Bowen stated we 

that he believed he could get out two ear loads of stone per day that 

would war the miqvlemagn es of the specification, yet when I asked him 

pas me ; 

ave quali! 

d obtain the stone he stated that he shoot 

here he, noe | 
ment by saying that he could get out the sto me 

fie his” state 
} and open seams. This modification f Me 

_. Lat 

‘ “a a 3 . % A 

a : “ é] : 
WwW big: not US the iad 
i - ’-.@ s 

ies .. . | fe thi ™ 
joan practionlly nothing» 

: a a ‘ a “a x ae? ine pelts 
jo). 1: el ae ee C- _ sin‘ 
en opened at a — wi ore we ray: a6 Ma isu, 
Ky , ape Ds | » 


the bo tt vo ) of th ie ray -— om 

a ‘ 
} § €) 


‘ fi 

t. Fue . er . 
ba 0 ome TAYLOPeesrsA — - 
Se .! 

on i the stone and it 

ction of nddsture om the i 
n the 

most of it by one 
n by the | markings 0 

Jisintezration as may be 8°@ 

of openine the qu | 
nt of beginning» 

quantities of stone have already 

¥) , os . a 
now approaches 

ay oetonds to about 
and the phe- 

photograph "B"- rhe work 


thirty feet camaaliea the west from the pol 

been noms 

shoy that Lmmense 

top of the quarry, tovards be we 

the rook and the bop 
6e 5 somewhat 

a distance of more 
d are re0et | and 

+ ma reyer 
¥ oF aphs : 

t, for 

Prom the 
lof the groun 

two hundred feet % 
abruptly riitec 

wv i1as j 

west of this Level portion tne rock ri 
+ venty-five feet high, and on the top of tae vise, 1 a informed ‘by 
ned which was approved bY yougend Hi 

sample Was optal 
~1lso informs + this is the P 
and My .Hall, rani te 4nspector for thi 

it the most favorable place te 7 

The suaple had ¢ al | 

» your office § 
anal inf? showed 

oint examined by Mr. - bow 

Myr Chambers » the 
5 office,in — 

ne tha 


from ¥ 
cember > Last; and that 4hey considered 
tain caiistactory material: 

yuarry to obta 
e other iets iit 

open the q 

ready peen 

gatis efactorys 

there wer 
aebicelly the § 
h had peenm ope 

taken out and 

tone from pt 

Live § 
e stone yen 

on my examinations 1 found ti a 
| point to be sound and generally ‘gat isfactory flor, tha AGE a perk 
a Re tie it yw that this was the piace considered — favoral ee 

oe | Me rave were : aoe ‘ os i governaent it ows that at 1 , 

otton of the 

cc a - ° pen the qua 
ae 9 liable to be 

ry at the » 
are" prom the. 

rept re ais PERS - 

eit aah, = : 
cas sor eet said ¥ i . %, 
> > ot a nail fe bs : | ery ‘ : 4 ba “7 me ae i = i Rce _ s° 
ner UP on the hh , sere at ae Oe waite 
i “aT - oo, 7"  & 7 he ti a, 

Sa ; one pis = —_ 
a a : < , 
ae | a a ee 

oC sy! 0). % fg : a -o s A « 

we | 4 : 7 
-- ——- o : < ~ hy oa 4 
“ rae) 

r °y ; ve aig _ 

V i m4 / C3 . 4 
’ aA ’ ( : 
Sil! GUArT? ¢ 

silo ine A 
TyAHnE Was Not ber : 
eghn where the sample Wis siilaed: mu mie sues 
restions as to vy . 
S48 tO What . , 
aourse he should pursue. He i mit diateny ~ 


he wouid proceed | 
ceed at once to open the quarry t the pod 

Teet rom where 
from where they are now wortpiatl and sa é that it was his opinion 

nt two hundred 

it the quarry should be opened here and so informed the N 
He states that he will take the nape of quarrying ec } 
: J 

originally thi 

quarrymen. © 
to his own hands and quarry ‘at both places. | 

the opinion that + sufficient quanti ty of ee 
be obtained from the Arkins aMarrYy 


I am of 
this building can be 
vequirenents of the specification as to qu 


tory -granite To 

the same to fuifill all 
d yelieve that if work is begun where the sumple ‘ 

energy at that place and at 

texture,color,etcr, an 
arrying carried on with 

that the stone can be quarried sufficiently rapid 

y Loads per day. It should re - Se _ 
quarry at the point — | 

was obtained and qu 

the present point, 
robably two or more ca 
tine to open. the 
to supply the oranite from thet 

ag at presents not to 

to furnish P 
more than one month's 

quire not 
ete necessary 

named, furni sh derricks, 
pint; work of quarrying is 
point; put if the — y 
— eed one car load per day, there being something more. | 
Pas es, i. age required for the superstructures you i 
se sect te me the sto | 

+ doast taht m 

ar: = ’ 4 ‘ : @ we 1 fo ¢ ‘4 , f 3 il " 
} m i + > , aS 
os sr. p é 

than. ad : 

» UF . ~{ 
- @ 

y mine pig <8 State tha’ when I Visited the quarry they 
ae | vr toads of granite ready to ship whieh it requir- 
°e efCht days to quarry, notidthatanddie ghe quayfyman 's affidavit tha 
he believed he could quarry two car loads por day. : 

I found that eighteen men were at work at the quarry, me 
tuat much dissabisfaction prevadled becausé of dolay in making payment 
to them for their services. They wore paid on the 22nd-instant for 
work done in Decenber, I was informed by parties at the quarry that 
the workmen had not worked with will owing to this dissatisfaction, 
and that if the present éontractor continued in charge the same Sparé* 
vould no doubt continue which will likely cause delay in getting out 
tre material. Weither Mr ,MeIntyre nor his sub-contractor Ur Routt seen 
+o hnve money available to carry on the work and make payments, as they 
There ars two derricks at thé quarry of pro ably fram Five 

biaeksmith"s shops forge and todls and quarry 
and tents for the vorkmen, 

atone on ae 


to.ten tons eapaelty, 
tools for about twenty MeR, also * sheds 

gee ag 
ry eh AS — 


‘ail City at = Sime si a a — ag with Mr .MeTn-~ 
ie - “-l¢ POSSibILIty oF obtuining the ahaiat’ Wii tee Aamaes : 
uniN not w anaes he 
i Co 

> at CMa? ry h; ; . ’ 
: informed me that after the examination of that quar 
Ty ‘1 2f. T ~ 2ee “ am 3 bd 
: x Oh eli gtr) BY’ ei ia > ; 
| nd Hall in September, lasty = large ‘dowlder from | 
Sami was Bi 7 
pie Was taken was opened and showed stone free from all 

hat he 1s Satisfiea that nals enough | material for the 

tuperstructure of the Mimt cun be obtained frou this bowlder and the 
rom two other bowlders within 

a ae 

. wie 

- 2 a 
»~ " ' TB, ang 

rest | | aA. | 
f a oF Teet of it, all of which he 
is certain are of uhiform cpler ant Will meet the requirenents of the 

As statements thus made gamot always‘ be relied up- 
@, it is not known whet her the material from said bowlders \ ~~ 
‘ 3. Ss more 

atisfactory than that rejected by » Government representatives. : 

hive, —— considered it proper to tonfer with the railroad bier 
who e state that the rate whieh they cove to Me Metntyre roe. 



stone: to ‘th bis” city 1 seven cents per hundred Weight, and if the Gow 

‘ “a ment = 2 3 on take charge of ti work and use the Cotopaxi stone, — . 

are still rea re | to dgliver Saath st YI€ eat t pate 
" of. : 

ene Pla’ es » Cano ~aee ares ait quar ry wa from whi cae 
ne ae bas! wich the at 

mm —— Ve : y a eo ¥. a> ; 

seme’ wide Fon si trea, 

. P . 
‘ai ay i? * 

AKON, mig 
o EL a 


~~) aa 

| | : 
ficiently | 

Large to permit the quarrying of two car loads of granite 
per day. The quarrying of the granite last’ year for the basenent, 

about ten thousand cubic feet, required froa about: the middle of June 

to the last of October, and unless the work. could be carried on nore 
rapidly than it appears possible to me, it would , 

to get out the forty thousand cubic Test tor the Ng The 
stone being course makes it difficwlt vo ou it” with required arrises, 
and owing to the fact that the stone has very little tenacity, same ar- 
risos were easily broken in handling. I am ourey theréfore, that it | 
woulk be difficult to prepare the stone as eqired “for the superstrue~ 
tnye including the mouldings» modi Lidéns) servi 
same satisfactory; whereas the Arkins stone 16 surtieiont strength 
to mable this work ta be done satisfactorily. 
concerning the marble for the Uy 

that the contract has not bess finally consumated, but that it i 
ing made with Frederick P Bagley & Co., of ChicagoyIJlinoix, which x 
yany has n0 répresentative in this city, henewT have been. vnhle to NY 

| gone ean be sah sithiNAaeiNy the nin 
b Me’) 

Sh waa 


ey 4 

nay i) ee 

| ATS 

The #1 LottsHeraog Wsoutasturiy 
has the Sub 

“COntraet for Turnishing the tipo, 
ali be 

which has praptieally 

that there is a aay sontrove 

en delivereg except the roof f 
in this City informs me 

firm and Mr 

‘McIntyre as to whether certain itens are or are not included 
in their contract. ~-Be has been out of the ebty! for some days but re~ 

turned yesterday and stated that he had ne doubt that his company would 
be willing to furnish the material te the Government at the same rates 
as furni shed to Mr.MecIntyre, although it vas too; late then to obtaim a 
statement from the firm. He states that Mr.MeIntyre owes his firm 
nearly eight thousand dollars ($6,000) for steel now in place and for 
which Mr,McIntyre was paid in November and December,last. His company 
would 11ke to know how they will be paid for this, majerial if the overn 
wment takes charce of the work and completes si 


The Sayer-Newton Lumber Company, of this city, are sub-contrar= 
‘tors for furnishing the Red Diamond Portland cement for me work and 
they inform me that they will praenntee a suffieient supply of cenent 
to carry on the work should the Government take charge, and will tural sb 

the sine at the rates which govern their contract with Mr .Me:! 

rning the various pale eareese for the work, 5 

etors have prefer | sotto show Hor contracts ot 
‘i will when required to ilo wt "4 
pe ¢ uo so at ae 

re. aye 

Mr .J.K.Tay) on | ) 

.8C ond 

‘leer framing, being about a | the photographs 
“re made on the Slst ultime, This Peay ‘eonpletion, of the basement 
wells ana Placing of stone caps on same a at 


enent floor line, ¢on~ voR~ 
stitutes py Aactically all the work that as teen done at the bullding 
this month, 

and forty-seven granite cutters working six and one half 

Stitutes all the pranite cutting that has been done for this 
building since October 1898. | 

gays con 


I telepraphed you to-day as t Low x "Delay continues. Prob- 
ably no work on walls this month; Lit Le net. Contractor promises in- — 
Said t bai 15 amplified by the state- 
ments herein contained which I trust wil -Bive 8 you ‘bite information de- 

creased activity hereafter", 

sired concerning status of the ¥ 

Me .J.K.Taylop. 



tle next. 


Sing Architect, 

e ee _ — -— 


Ur I.E Paylor, | | 

7 | 
Supervi Sing Architert, | 

Treasury Department, son pO, 

tam in receipt of Hou letter (imi etal a 
»enclosine copy of letter from hed . aBy tt 
Company, sub-contractors under Mr, 7 

his contract for the Foundatio : 

in aks Lester rar a to te 
cision as to the petai a 

company, relative ts det ade of Poor) sre 


U.S Mint building,in this city, 

‘struct the contractor of your a 

Lir ew “AMeo Int yre ; 

Rooms Nos 402 and 404, oe mnie, i ‘; 
Denver, Colorado, jer, y | ee 
Dear Sir, 

turn is herewi ty Cnclased. 
Company, &8king for certal; 
‘raging under your Contract 

Root-covering of the y 

Tormation doing 

\ Bore in the order in 

. Tt a 


angles, si web alli undir bean 
ais, | See 
addi ti. pete pinto, ee e 

las f Pthree eighh = i 
mt: i 7 | , s 7 | ‘ a o> x 
i ri 3 : : 

4 2 = ers a wih, 

Fovernment ‘vo 


Tactory to the 

the proposed common $ 

pita ek 
Stpervising 4 Pere » Rg, 
called Pop by Drawing No.36, . “Te ‘ 

6. Beams in 

34 and O6, and the 

2Q" J beans, 

T suggest that you hii the. 
Company “eer 

Y Quart¢ermast 


ar Colorado, 

‘ . 

C84 ans 
ws. 3 


| hetee Hii pe 
vith a notige wo the sorting 
shat one box of “stone | addressed t | 
ot in thi 5 oityy, andy a6 I unders ie 
de with your of: Leestor. tho smiiead at 
, i will thank ‘ou tot - | 
carliost somvenioneee 

I encloses 

Railroad to the «6 

is av their freight 

Yah — 

Pasi ements have eye ney >} 
ireicht in this 

to this office au 4 



Seeiol's a 
rtendent ot. prea > Roig, ee 

OS Mat (ar i 
ae 55 ieee -" ‘ 

a asi 

| ~ 
ev oD ean YLOr, 
> i. 
“Uperyig : e] ee 7 4 ¥ 
, q m dil » SC vy 
a “y Dopartmert, Washington, D.C. ; 
« : : : tal 
+. ae | > é | . a I , 
Cl OhRrith 2 Specification for dtadnage of 
sGation Greenage of roof dow 

UtS at the U «Si 
House and Post Office butl@ing, in this eity, 

Which 9) cificati ona. 
ee Pes Cirneted gp Prepares by your Letter (initial 
Jeo O41 + 1228 13th ing} 

.¥ i. J of ’ ; .% o. 7 

Re spectiully yours, 

* tet allay: So 
. Las “Wipsriatanteng | , 
, @ ; ad 2 «“ ; “‘ o 




= eee 
ee ; 

floors: ths wells 

Mr dK, Paylor, : at J z ie : Set! fs . 
Super Visi hitect, | a 
. @hury eee 38 Washi ncton, Del's | . 

me Rigi 

: instructions in Doparinen citonar 1s 
S.) of _Decesiiie: 2687, yf eee de Haron that tire progress . * 
she Four th Me “WHE Roof -cover ine of the we. 

In + 2CCOnmmeri t) : 
SeMint Bia | y? : | 
e,in ict syytnae ieetade. esas MrT AeTutyre, cons or 0 


5s & 3 ' 



stots in the compl gt Por the pagenant walls. to first floor Line; 
first Lloor “a pote: tron coluans 26 atte, floor line; the 
wexzunine floor and | cena portions of second and. attic | a 
ot at £1 ei asta | 

sanitary sewers ; oa io pie tty sewers, and thie: CARETINE oe 
ney to Bete two fet | 

a z . " 4 


. or" : 
a 4 bo 
- a ‘ 
» . , 
} ) 

ay S “ —- 

year at least ag £) 

i . James BL Rodges,. 

Disbursing Agent, U.S.Mint Building, 
| Denver, Colorado, 
Sir; ' 
T enclose herewith y 
ing to Cight dollars 


oucher,in dupli cat 

O,in ny favoy,amount— 
and fifty eente ($8.50), ror traveling expenses 

CCl. .¢ction With 

“16 US MMinit Building,in this eit 
cmd I will thank you tO. forward me A check for the above anount at 
your convenience. | : ; 
Respectfully yours, mf 
Ae (a eS ee 


Y,Under my charge, 



it Me el 


ee ———— ll ee 

EE ee ee ee ere eee ey 


Lee Ss CAT “alr Geers etapa sce 4 ee